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April 09, 2011


I've always had a weakness for circle skirt with big costumey square dancing crinolines underneith them. I picked up both the vintage crinonline and bandana skirt in Tulsa. Worn with a vintage off-the-shoulder ruffle blouse and some of my mom Roberto Cavalli shoes from ten years ago.

April 07, 2011


My mom and I are doing a little shoe closet cleaning! Some of our shoes are for sale on our site. If you're a 9 or a 10 you may find something you like!

How cute are these Brian Atwoods??


April 06, 2011

Sketched By Amy

Wow!! It is beyond surprising and flattering to be the subject of Tibi designer Amy Smilovic's sketches. No words! How cute are they?? Thank you so, so much Amy--I love Tibi and I'm so excited you follow my blog!! Heads up, Tibi has a blog you should check out. I love the photoshoot they did with Leandra (the Man Repeller) recently!

Here are the outfits Amy's sketches are referencing--wow, I feel so old combing through my archives!


April 04, 2011


Spotted calf-hair Marni's I got at Jeffrey's sale last January in NYC. The shape of the heel really makes this shoe for me!!


April 01, 2011


I've been watching a lot of old films lately and I am fascinated by the bambi-eyed makeup so many of the stars wore. They painted on inky socket lines to give their eyes depth and left the rest of the eye light to make it really rounded like a babydoll's. I like Edie Sedgwick's heavy-handed approach.

Beautiful Sharon Tate's eyemake up was always exquisite. What a knockout.

Can't leave Twiggy out of this.

The above picture really shows what a throwback this kind of eye makeup was to that of 30's film stars like Greta Garbo. 

Greta's deep, expressive eyes were enhanced with this same kind of makeup--you can even see it in illustrations of her.

A semi-Harlequin 60's Dior beauty ad scanned by Beauty Is A Warm Gun.

I like the way Anna Karina surrounds the whole lid with black.

I'm trying to perfect this doe-eyed look. I have very shallow eyelids so it's nice to fake a little bone structure. Hope you enjoyed the makeup inspiration! Thank you to the contributors of TFS for the scans and links to these pictures.


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