March 26, 2011


My mom, my sister, and I have been long time collectors of Serge Lutens inventive fragranes--my sister and my mom hoard Five O'Clock Au Gigembre. I'm more of a Fille en Aguilles and Dam Blond girl myself. They're so full-bodied and rich.

We were recently sent a bottle of Jeux de Peau and it is my new favorite--caramelized and warm. The cute bottle with the girl on it is Nana de Bary and it smells as good as it looks. My boyfriend likes it too. We have all been wearing Byredo Accord Oud--it's very woodsy and leathery, my favorite kind of scent! Thank you so much for the sweet gift Meredith!

I've been wearing Cannabis Santal by Fresh for years and get compliments on it wherever I go--and no, it won't make you smell like a musty hippy. 


My mom and I picked up this unusual clutch at an antique mall last month. It's very old. We've been calling it the kabuki clutch. The chinese character necklace is my new favorite piece of jewelry. My friend told me it meant 'strive for happiness'. The split-toe Celine flats are my mom's--agh, jealous.

I've been enjoying the nice weather by playing with chalk outside--my neighbor's kids like this spotted chalk I got at Target.

Can't have a favorite things post without plastic animals. They're having a Hello Kitty tea party! My mom and I found this tea set at an airport toy store.

This is called a Tijuana dog--a hotdog wrapped in bacon garnished with pineapple slices, roasted jalapenos, and topped with sour cream with lime zest. Now you know--our neighbors introduced us to them!

This is a 60's trompe l'oeil t-shirt from Vintage Martini--it's from Neiman Marcus. It's so funny to imagine something so wacky hanging in Neimans.

My mom and I found these cool Monster High girls at Target and I love them. Remember the shaving Monster High doll that made headlines last week? Well, duh she has to shave all the time--she's a werewolf! Party poopers. We would have gotten the teen werewolf but they were all out. Anyway, we got the zombie and the vampire. 

I'm in Tulsa this weekend--hope to update you with some pictures of our finds soon.



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