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January 04, 2011

Shoe Years Resolution

Isn't the title of this post soo clever? One of my New Years Resolutions is to live up to my closet. I've fallen into a uniform of dingy grey sweatshirts and polyester dance skirts I pick up at the thrift store. I'm in a rut and I'm disgusted with myself. The nice clothes in my wardrobe aren't getting the circulation they deserve and neither are my shoes. Here are some of the shoes that are going to get the love they deserve in 2011!

These were sent to me by Peter Som, they were a part of a Peter Som x Charlotte Olympia collaboration. They're a little big for me, but doable with socks. And if I can't wear them, my mom will! These shoes deserve to get out.

These Emanuel Ungaro branch heels are amazing, even if they're a little treacherous to walk in. I'm not going to wimp out on these shoes.

The Prada Mohawk Shoes...they look Nordic sea monsters on my feet. I've worn them with tartan wool socks a few times, they're super cute that way.

These Miu Miu spectator pumps may look sweet and harmless but they are actually real toe crunchers. Like I said, I'm gonna pump up my pain tolerance in 2011. 

This collection was one my favorites of all time...for shoes and clothes. When I was in Tokyo I saw a girl who had them in purple, wearing them with a crinoline, pedaling down Omotesando.....they looked amazing.

These half-n-half Margielas were a very lucky find at If's boutique sale. They must have been 90% off. Whenever I do wear these they do attract a lot of stares....

So I've resolved to show some of my shoes a little more love in 2011, but I think I should also pay tribute to the shoes that have served me faithfully throughout 2010. Here are some of the shoes that I wore day in and day out over the past year.

The proportions of this Alaia hiking boot have got to be the most eye-pleasing in footwear history, and for some reason white leopard seems to go with everything. I need to take it easy on these beauties or they're going to get filthy....

I love this picture because it looks like my feet are dislocated from my body. Something about this shoe is so animalistic... the pitch of the arch + the elfish point of the black leather is perfect.

Don't your eyes go nuts trying to suck up all of the detail in these Proenza Schoulers?

These Miu Mius have put up with a lot of abuse. I love them for that.

The best perisodactyl shoe design in my closet....it's so great how the platform of this shoe is perfectly rounded like a horse shoe. That's why all of the knock-offs of this shoe failed so miserably, they didn't have the wide hooven bow in the toe. Thank you Ann Demeulemeester for not being afraid to make girls look like horses! This shoe wins the Man Repeller award of 2010....

I've got a lot of packing to do, I'm leaving tomorrow for a photoshoot in New York and then I'm going to Vegas to speak at a Kodak conference. Going to try to live up to my New Years resolution....good luck with your resolutions in the New Year, whatever they may be!


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