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October 28, 2010

5 days in New York

Sorry for neglecting Sea of Shoes--I had a busy 5 day trip to New York with my mom. We spoke on the blogger panel at Teen Vogue University. It was such an honor to be included on such an impressive roster! I also got to meet some of my favorite bloggers...pictured below are Hanneli and her sister Tirill, and Phil Oh of Street Peeper. We had such a great time with them!! Thank you Teen Vogue for inviting us.

Hanneli and Tirill getting snapped by Phil

We also had the pleasure of visiting What Goes Around Comes Around's warehouse in New Jersey to pull some pieces for the event we hosted there on Tuesday. 11,000 square feet of heaven.

All my outfits in New York were kind of weird. I am the worst packer. I need to go to the Anna Dello Russo school of packing because I feel like the only place I dress up is at home.


In love this these Pucci embellished Levi's!

I was super happy that my trip coincided with my boyfriend's never-ending tour schedule. Hey, can you make a nice face for my camera for once??

Love this picture of my mom--her vintage fur sweater is on my to-steal list.


A random outfit when I was out grabbing an early lunch. I picked up these Levi's at the WGACA warehouse. I borrowed my mom's fur trimmed shawl a lot--it was pretty brisk in New York this weekend.

I got these Celine criss-cross platforms in Paris. Gorgeous, and very teetery.


I ate a loooot in New York. How does everyone stay so skinny there with so much good food? Coming home to subpar tex-mex was a rude awakening. My spinach enchiladas this afternoon were like cardboard served on a bed of cat puke.

Thank you to those who came to the event at What Goes Around Comes Around on Tuesday--it was so nice to meet some readers and see friends!!

It feels amazing to be home...I love travelling and have done a lot of it this year, but the best part is always coming home. I always miss my New York friends though!! I've got two trips coming up real soon, so I better enjoy home while I can.

I can't wait to see blogtown is cooking up for Halloween...I better try to pull a costume together. If I don't wuss out I'll take pictures! Hope everyone stays safe this weekend. I know the roads in Dallas on Halloween are about as treacherous as they are on New Years.

xo Jane


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