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April 25, 2010

Packing for Tokyo!

I leave for Tokyo on Wednesday-that's three days from now! I decided to pack a little early. It's always a disaster trying to pack the morning of your flight-you always end up forgetting the important stuff!

I guess this could be a little much for a week long trip. I swear it's not as much it looks like though!
Okay, I might narrow it down to two pairs of heels and two pairs of flats. Hmm...

I can never travel without toys, of course.

Isn't the mini Fendi bag the cutest bag ever?! My little sister found it at Neiman's Last Call but she never, ever carries it. I'm going to have to barter with her if I want to bring it to Tokyo.

The hardest part about traveling is camera equipment. This time I have a backpack to carry around with me. How fashionable! Oh well...I'm excited to take pictures!

I do have a small question to ask some of my readers out there. What are the best toy stores in Tokyo? I love Kiddyland but I know there has to be more! I'd be very appreciative if you emailed me any recommendations  you might have! Thank you in advance!


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