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March 22, 2010


I had a great four days in Austin during South by Southwest...saw so much great music and had an amazing time with amazing friends. I didn't bring my camera to too many shows (they can be a little touchy about bringing big cameras sometimes) but I did snap a ton of pictures at the Helloooooo.com day party on Friday.

Really cute, really stylish band called the Happen-In's. They got everyone dancing.

The lovely wife of one of the band members, whose name I am sorry to have missed. Coolest mom ever.

This is her daughter, Echo! Adorable, and I love her dress!

With Dad.

Florene also played-and got way into it.

My dear friend Ronald was in town for South by Southwest of course, with Neon Indian! I saw him play three times while I was there. Yes!

I think Ron told me his shoes were from Topman.

Gilberto and Shok.

Dustin made all of his own jewlery...he also took this picture of Ronnie and me.

This is a photo of Alan Palomo that Helloooooo took during one of Neon Indian's performances.

Jonathan looking way too tough!

Dustin looks good in my vintage sunglasses I got in Austin last summer.

Jessica Six-a band made up of three former members of Hercules and Love Affair-played at the end of the night. They were SO GOOD-I love Nomi's style.

They're actually playing again here in Denton tonight so I'm about to get ready to go see them.

Amazing party, Hellox6.

Oh and I've got big news....



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