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March 24, 2010

MARFA: Food Shark // Rock Shop // Squeeze

One of the things that I was told that I had to do in Marfa was eat on the 'Food Shark'. You order your food from a Ford 1974 delivery truck under a pavilion and you eat it on the school bus parked by the railroad tracks. That is, if the dining car isn't at full capacity. You might have to eat on the picnic tables.

Dad ordered the lamb & pea curry.



One of my favorite things I saw in Marfa was this rock shop. At the time it was closed, but they still had all these rocks laying in the yard. There must have been thousands of these rocks. Some of them were heaped into many buckets and baskets, some of them placed on shelves and tables, and a lot of them were just lying around without a home.

All of the organic repetition and texture in this place was making my eyes go crazy. I took a lot of pictures.


If you're looking to grab a coffee or a delicious breakfast, Squeeze is the place. Super homemade and the swiss hot chocolate is delicious! The communal seating makes it a great place to meet Marfans or other people pasing through town.

Sitting outside Squeeze...wearing my new Martin Margiela 'Marfa' boots. They suited the scenery of the town so well.

More to come! Geez, I took a lot of pictures. Marfa is so photogenic!


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