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11 posts from March 2010

March 31, 2010

My mom at age 20

This is one of my mom's modeling head shots from when she was about 20 years old. I love this picture of her.

(I remember the first time I saw this picture, I thought it was me for a few seconds. Freaky! )

March 29, 2010

APOCALYPSE NOW -Tatsuyuki Tanaka

I have never worn this fanny pack on my blog before! Which is crazy. It's very practical...I wear it a lot to concerts when I don't want to lug around one of my enormous purses. But functionality aside, it's one of the most bad ass things I've ever found.

I found it in Tokyo at Le Grand Bleu last summer. I like it because it reminds me of some of my favorite post apocalyptic animes. This belt/bag looks like it could have come off of the pages of some of Tatsuyuki Tanaka's illustrations. His illustration and style are so breathtaking...here are some examples of his work. Most of these are from his book Cannabis Works.

I wore my L.G.B. belt satchel with a Guess dress, Zara lamb fur vest, Barney's Co-Op over the knee boots, and vintage 'barbaric' necklace. 

The bangles are from Elements here in Dallas.

March 26, 2010



March 24, 2010


Wearing Junya Watanabe aviator jacket from Fall 2006, silk pink scarf, Madewell jeans, and Martin Margiela Marfa boots.

We went to the Chinati foundation but it was closed on Tuesdays. Better luck next time. You can see Donald Judd's concrete works in the distance here.

Wearing a vintage Chanel jacket, Y-3 wool pants, Zara scarf, and Chanel wedges.

I love these Chanel wedges, a bit of a Schiaparelli feel, don't you think?

What do you think 'Fancy Pony Land' is? I never found out.

After a long day cruising around town, my dad and I checked out one of the two bars in Marfa...it's called Padres and it was a cool place. Excellent people watching. I will also note that there are some pretty hot guys in Marfa-that was a pleasant surprise.I ate moon pies and pickled eggs while I watched the cowboys mingle with the art types from out of town. A wonderful way to end my day in Marfa.

MARFA: Food Shark // Rock Shop // Squeeze

One of the things that I was told that I had to do in Marfa was eat on the 'Food Shark'. You order your food from a Ford 1974 delivery truck under a pavilion and you eat it on the school bus parked by the railroad tracks. That is, if the dining car isn't at full capacity. You might have to eat on the picnic tables.

Dad ordered the lamb & pea curry.



One of my favorite things I saw in Marfa was this rock shop. At the time it was closed, but they still had all these rocks laying in the yard. There must have been thousands of these rocks. Some of them were heaped into many buckets and baskets, some of them placed on shelves and tables, and a lot of them were just lying around without a home.

All of the organic repetition and texture in this place was making my eyes go crazy. I took a lot of pictures.


If you're looking to grab a coffee or a delicious breakfast, Squeeze is the place. Super homemade and the swiss hot chocolate is delicious! The communal seating makes it a great place to meet Marfans or other people pasing through town.

Sitting outside Squeeze...wearing my new Martin Margiela 'Marfa' boots. They suited the scenery of the town so well.

More to come! Geez, I took a lot of pictures. Marfa is so photogenic!

March 22, 2010


I had a great four days in Austin during South by Southwest...saw so much great music and had an amazing time with amazing friends. I didn't bring my camera to too many shows (they can be a little touchy about bringing big cameras sometimes) but I did snap a ton of pictures at the Helloooooo.com day party on Friday.

Really cute, really stylish band called the Happen-In's. They got everyone dancing.

The lovely wife of one of the band members, whose name I am sorry to have missed. Coolest mom ever.

This is her daughter, Echo! Adorable, and I love her dress!

With Dad.

Florene also played-and got way into it.

My dear friend Ronald was in town for South by Southwest of course, with Neon Indian! I saw him play three times while I was there. Yes!

I think Ron told me his shoes were from Topman.

Gilberto and Shok.

Dustin made all of his own jewlery...he also took this picture of Ronnie and me.

This is a photo of Alan Palomo that Helloooooo took during one of Neon Indian's performances.

Jonathan looking way too tough!

Dustin looks good in my vintage sunglasses I got in Austin last summer.

Jessica Six-a band made up of three former members of Hercules and Love Affair-played at the end of the night. They were SO GOOD-I love Nomi's style.

They're actually playing again here in Denton tonight so I'm about to get ready to go see them.

Amazing party, Hellox6.

Oh and I've got big news....


March 18, 2010


It has been a long time dream of mine to visit Marfa. Never heard of it? It's a little town about 500 miles southwest of Dallas and is something like a gritty west Texas cowboy art colony.

I went for a day trip with my dad this week between the NX35 and SXSW music festivals and had an amazing time-I cannot WAIT to get back to Marfa.

We stayed at the Thunderbird Hotel, owned by the same owners of the San Jose hotel in Austin.

Of course I brought six pairs of a shoes for a day trip. (and at the same time managed to forget to pack ANY shirts)

I was only there for a day and a half but I managed to take 2000 photos. I can't wait to share more!

For now, I've gotta get ready for South by Southwest. See you in a few, Austin.

March 11, 2010


My newest obsession is Taro Gomi coloring books. I bought one on Sunday and I spent the rest of the day coloring and watching movies. They're cool because they aren't boring coloring books where you just fill in the lines....it gives you challenges like 'draw a tiny elephant walking across the dinner table' or 'draw a water-breathing creature on this shirt'.

Actually, my favorite prompt showed two elephants who appeared to be in distress and asked, "These elephants have a problem. What is it?"

So these books can keep you entertained for hours. I'm in a big hurry to get my work done today so I can spend a long time coloring tonight.

I did sneak out to buy another today while out to lunch with my mom.

I brought my coloring book to Mi Cocina (favorite Tex Mex in town).

Here is an ocean I filled in with monsters and divers and swimmers.

Here is a cool guy lumberjack...you can't see but he is struggling with his pet owl.

This is my friend Ronnie. I think it's a pretty accurate portrait and he agrees.

While we were eating my mom pulled out these swatches from her purse. She is working on a project with StyleSwoon. I'm excited to see where this is going! I

I wonder who did this!

Today I wore a long vintage sequined tiger print kimono. The label is Jeanette for St. martin. Pretty cool! Worn with tee from ??? and jeans from Madewell, Alaia sandals, and a Burberry bag.

I have to say that I exert the same physical energy just carrying this bag to lunch that I would taking my bullmastiff Denise for a walk. It weighs something like twenty pounds, even when I have nothing in it. But it's a really beautiful bag and I found it for 90% off so of course I have to carry it, right?

Today I wore a vintage Kenneth Jay Lane fish necklace (stolen from mom's collection) and my vintage ankh necklace. I love these pieces together!! I'm very fond of the fish.

Wow, my hair sure is red now. I had it colored yesterday.

I was on a mission for another Taro Gomi coloring book. This time I got the 'Scribbles' coloring book, because I already had 'Doodles' and "Squiggles'.

You should definitely get a Taro Gomi coloring book of your own! It's very good exercise for your mind. I'm planning another trip to Tokyo at the end of April so I hope I still have lots of blank pages for the long plane ride.

If you have a Taro Gomi coloring book of your own, I would love to see your drawings! Send them to me.

Till next time,



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