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December 14, 2009


Sorry for the slowdown in updates!

Things have been kind of crazy but it's been a wonderful two weeks since I got home from Paris. My boyfriend came to visit, and Lucrecia from Fashion is Poison stayed for a few days and we had so much fun.

The meetup on Thursday at Guess was wonderful and thank you so much to the readers who came out! It was so nice to meet all of you and please stay in touch! Thanks so much to Guess and Harpers Bazaar for having us.

Unfortunately there has been a camera tragedy...it was stolen...with my favorite lens on it. I'm really upset about it. A replacement is on the way. Good thing my mom and I have back-up cameras. For now I had fun trying to cram my whole body into my 85mm lens...NOT!  I can't wait to get my new lens. 

I felt kind of festive today...here are some outfits I may or may not wear to Christmas parties or whatever.


My mom got me this 50's pleated taffeta skirt from a flea market. Isn't it beautiful? I can't get enough poofy, girly skirts. What I need right now is a bigger crinoline...going to order one on eBay this week!

Worn with a F21 lace top, a vintage velvet bolero, vintage belt, and Chloe midcalf boots.

Had to take a picture of this necklace...isn't he cool?

He is jointed and everything! I wonder if you wore him long enough, would you start to hear his song...

Finally got these Pradas! My mom has had them for two months, but I waited till they went on sale...they're so pretty. Great shoe for jeans!

And for tonight I wore one of my favorite outfits...vintage Kenzo floral print velvet harem pants with a Koos van den Akker shirt, Prada pumps from Fall 07 and a Razza elephant necklace.

Wow....I always said if I could have one pair of shoes from my moms closet, it would be these. For some strange reason they are too small for her now. So she gave them to me. They're Prada from Fall 2006...the best season for shoes ever.



Expect more updates as soon as I get my camera situation resolved...which should be soon. For now I need to get to bed, I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow...

xo Jane

P.S. Many readers have asked for details on the beautiful Adler necklace that I wore at the Crillon Ball.. Here are the details: Bracelet  in white gold set with 17 cts of white diamonds and 8 cts of black diamonds.

 Thanks so much to the Adler family for their beautiful jewelry.



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