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November 19, 2009

YSL & MOSCHINO...also, losing my comment section!


Vintage Yves Saint Laurent leather jacket with gold plates...exquisite. Worn with Prada skirt and Christopher Ross fox belt buckle.
I want to get a serious collection of Yves Saint Laurent going. I got an amazing vintage peasant dress on Tuesday and I am so happy.


Vintage Moschino leather jacket with gigantic gold lion buttons & links..worn with a Christopher Ross belt

My Dolce and Gabanna face wedges finally got here. They are incredible and I feel so lucky to have them.

I may never wear them because if they were ever damaged I would be devastated...
I'm getting to be like that a lot with my clothes...I never want to wear them because they feel too special. So I probably wear like 10% of my wardrobe now....
But people who collect stamps don't mail letters with them...what's the difference? The important thing is loving what you collect. Anyone who collects something can understand that.

Did you know that scientists have identified the brain region that controls collecting behavior? Interesting..

I guess some people are just born with the compulsion to collect...

Well, on another note I'd like to share something I've been thinking for a while.

I'm turning my comment section off for now...as much I appreciate hearing thoughts from my readers, I have never seen the point of a feedback system on a personal style blog
 Whether people are telling me that they love my shoes, or that they admire my photography, or that they think I'm too skinny, or that they want me to stop smoking, or that my blog is a reflection of the cupidity of our generation, or that my life is going to be a vacuum of tragedy ....none of those comments are ever going to affect the content I produce for Sea of Shoes.
It's not that negative comments get under my skin..besides, the majority of my comments come from very nice readers, some of them other bloggers I admire. But it's creepy to think that a few real people pour so much energy into investigating my personal life and spinning it into something negative. I've always had a 'no delete' policy for my comments, so anyone could leave any untrue thing they want about me in my comments.

There have been a lot of really weird incidents over the past couple of months that have left me unnerved by the level of scrutiny I've come under since I started this blog.  And it's not just me--my family and friends are affected by this too.

But there is no reason why it should be that way! Comments aren't necessary. The only reason I started this blog was to share my passion for clothing, and I'd like to keep doing that for a very long time..and I can do it just fine without any comments...maybe I'll turn them on later, maybe not. It makes no difference to me.

If you have something to share, you can always shoot me an email ( though I get lots, I can't promise I'll respond) or tweet at me.

xo Jane

RIP Daul Kim...how tragic. My thoughts go out to her family.


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