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November 03, 2009


I have been sooo excited to post these boots...I got them in Austin at Big Bertha's Bargain Basement..they were so out-of-control that I had to have them. Even if they are too small for me.

But looking at these boots I can't help but think that they are directional...I can totally see this shape of boot for fall 2011. If a YSL Tribute boot dropped acid at Woodstock and got knocked up by a cowboy boot, then maybe their offspring would look something like this.

Wore these last week with Hysteric Glamour jeans and a Jelly Garcia lace tank top & jacket I got in Tokyo.


Borrowing a Pamela Love necklace from my mom and a Mr. We cross.


On to this crazy 70's poncho...I am sad to say that it is not mine. My mom let me borrow it for this picture. This poncho is so painfully beautiful-there must be at least 10 different furs on this poncho. The best thing about this poncho is that it has hand-painted flowers on the inside of it.
 It belongs in a museum. 

My mom got this poncho at Archive Vintage here in Dallas...talk about the find of a lifetime. 




*I am not in any way endorsing Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are. I thought it was a pretty depressing movie. My best friend cried the whole time when we saw it together. 
 This post gets it's name because when my mom was taking these pictures, she asked me to do my best WTWTA reenactment. Pictures of my really good impersonations are not included in this post to preserve my "dignity"..."dignity" that was totally lost when an astounded passerby caught me in the middle of my "wild rumpus". Sigh...at this point though, I am pretty used to embarrassing myself in the name of beautiful clothes.


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Photo of melissa

looks so warm

Photo of Gloria

I like fashion but i do not agree using furs not even when they make this poncho that deserves to be in a museum after killing animals for making it.

Photo of Emily

great pictures, love the movement and how wonderfully your camera captures every moment! fab boots too!! Did you see where the wild things are?

I did a mini review about it on my blog http://emilypanda.wordpress.com/2009/10/19/where-the-wild-things-are/

Photo of you don't need to know
you don't need to know November 03, 2009 at 12:02 PM

10 different furs on it?! then you should know tht 10 different animals DIED to be worn on your shoulders. you should be ashamed of yourself!!!

Photo of Teresa

That is an absolutely amazing poncho! Maybe a little too warm for Texas weather though. :( I will have to stop by that vintage shop the next time I'm in Dallas.


Photo of shoppingsmycardio

those are some kick-ass boots, for sure. and i agreed with you about the movie...way too depressing for a "kid's" movie!

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

those boots certainly have a lot of character.
i like the overall styling you did.
i only vaguely remember the book, so im skipping the movie, plus the animals are just too "weird" for me to see in a movie, though that little boy is adorable.

Photo of edgynesss

AMAZING....the poncho is a piece of art in itself... luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv it !!!!

Photo of Tiffany

love this post! By far one of the best! Awesome boots and what an amazing poncho!

Photo of Tiffany

love this post! By far one of the best! Awesome boots and what an amazing poncho!

Photo of the versastyle

this is so YSL Tribute meets cowboy... love the pics!

Photo of Christina

I love this post because it's so animated. :) The shoes are definitely worth the pain of being too small. :)

Photo of sanne

great look en great boots, but your feet look so big in it! :p

Photo of T.L

I thought I would never even think of those kind of boots ... But you made me want to wear them ! With your outfit - looks perfect :):) http://feellikemakinglove.blogspot.com

Photo of ediot

hi dear. these pictures are so adventurous. i love IT! and the boots are so much fun. theyre like an fairytaile of its own. i bet theyre worth the pain :)
have a great tuesday take care xx ediot

Photo of bloomingvogue

Now you only have to sit a the campfire =)

The picture are so awesome! It seems to be warm and cozy!

The boots match perfectly to your coat!


Photo of Jill

The whole look is outstanding. I'm so fucking jealous about those boots. I had to hide my WTWTA book when I was a little girl...many moons ago. It scared the shit out of me. Finally I threw it away.

Photo of rona

I love the boots! But I really hope that poncho's made of fake fur.

Photo of fashionbyhe

WOW thos boots are awesome

come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


Photo of monica burnett

those boots are madness! and i love it!
+ that poncho just may be too much of a good thing, the little hanging tails are incredible.
your blog never fails!


Photo of Aurora

God Jane, I wish U'd always stay outdoors! your hair goes so well with the nature!


Photo of valesca

i DO NOT CONDONE killing or breeding animals for their fur...this is a circa 1970's vintage piece and i do however believe in recycling clothes..and the poncho is a piece of art!
check out this amazing vintage mongolian lamb fur coat i have listed in my etsy shop:

Photo of Ore

Aren't you JUST the coooooolest! Love the necklace



Photo of Skye

Those boots are absolutely stunning? I realize they are vintage, but wonder who is the designer? Is there a name on them? I have never seen anything like them! You look great! Thanks in advance.


Photo of Corks & Caftans

Love the boot analogy. I love to imagine what would be inseminating what's womb in order to give birth to some thing. In fact, I wish I got paid to do it. p.s. they aren't boots, they're hooves.


Photo of www.mionkaa.fbl.pl
www.mionkaa.fbl.pl November 03, 2009 at 12:47 PM

i lile you i love your photos .! :)

Photo of cindy

too gorgeous jane.
that poncho is so amazing, i'd cry if i found that.
i felt the same about wtwta.
so sad. a little boy beside me actually asked his dad if the sun really was going to burn out, heartbreaking. i think it's kind of too scary for kids.

Photo of Heather - Closet Cravings

This post and pictures made me laugh. Loved - "If a YSL Tribute boot dropped acid at Woodstock and got knocked up by a cowboy boot, then maybe their offspring would look something like this." =)

Photo of The Photodiarist

I love the poncho but I ADORE the boots. I think that you scored the "find of a lifetime" with those!

Photo of ana

I hate that poncho! here in Europe we have a better concience about killing animals for that purpose. Please acrilic hair, not animal.


Photo of Daniela

so cuuuuuuuuuute!!
i looooove the boot!!

Photo of MissAmy

BA-NANAS! (As Rachel Zoe would say.) That's what popped in my head when I saw the first pic. I am also dying over the Pamela Love claw necklace. I oggle it every time one of you wears it. Love your blog, dear!

Photo of ava

Jane!! Beautiful and exciting.I thought the movie was upsetting. <3 xoxo ava

Photo of Dominika

omg, those boots are to die for! i'm not suprised that you love them ^^!
i also LOVE your poncho, it's simply amazing!


Photo of Cj

tehahaha! Dignity. You look like you are having fun, and that's the only thing that matters right?

Those boots reminded me of hooves. They are a killer.

Photo of Hanene

Oh Gosh !

This Boots are just AMAZING
love , love , love them !

Photo of Jesse

Amazing poncho!!!
Can't believe anyone is up in arms about vintage fur. A useful, amazing piece of craftmanship, made of real, sustainable materials should rot in a closet because it comes from death? If you eat food grown in a field, live in a house made from lumber, or god forbid eat meat or wear leather, your hands are just as bloody as any fur wearer.

Photo of Emily

those boots are soo 70s!!! i love them!! and the toe area definitely has a YSL tribtoo vibe!

Photo of Mel

I think you look very natural and at ease with those candid "Where the Wild Things Are" pictures! I love that poncho and the boots! They're so outrageously cool!

Photo of walkthesand

Great outfit, I especially LOVE that necklace!



Photo of alysse

whoa, i am surprised you didn't like the movie...
it has an awkward demographic, i don't think it's intended to be a "kids' movie", nor do i think it was meant to be a drama
i think jonze did a miraculous job of presenting the emotions of loneliness and hurt through the eyes of childhood (a lot of people remember the sentiments of being a kid, but forget how different pain felt back then, and how hard it was to cope with it when you didn't know how to express it, or felt that no one understood)
cinematography was excellent, costumes and effects were excellent, and the story is classic, and well adapted. not to mention a great music score.
everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but i think a lot of people missed the point, and just didn't "get it"

Photo of howhappyisblogger
howhappyisblogger November 03, 2009 at 01:34 PM

You were spot on with the YSL tribs and a cowboy boot's love child! Haha, immediately what I thought!!!!

Photo of Eva

Um, exactly how small are they ;)

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