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November 13, 2009






Couldn't resist getting this 70's poncho out again ;) Its so breathtaking...

Oh yea, I changed my hair again-put some blonde and red in it.

Worn this time with Herff Christiansen dress, Lucky Jeans hat, and Barneys Co-op Boots



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Photo of Emily

it really is your favorite!! love your tights as well

Photo of Annette

incredible style :)

Photo of Isabella

i love your blog & your sense of fashion. you & your mom are incredible. just can't get enough of your blog. can't wait for next post. greetings from poland ;)

Photo of Brooke

These look like professional editorial shots! You look beautiful :)

Photo of Aurora



Photo of Christing

amazing vintage piece!! looks perfect with the boots and hat!!



Oh Jesus I looove that fur, I loove it!


Photo of Roz

Gorgeous light in these photos.. It works really well to compliment the tones of the outfit.
And I love that hat! There's something so nostalgiac about wide brimmed hats.
Oh and that hair coloyr does really suit you. Especially with the colours in this ensemble!


Photo of The Guiltless Purse

I love your posts, I check this blog all of the time!
You rarely include bags in your posts. I would love to see what bags you dig and what accouterments you add to them!

Photo of patuxxa

That's lovely and it looks so comfy! Also it's perfect with your hair :-)

Photo of Michelle

Very pretty as always; however, I can't wait to see your adventures in Paris in Chanel haute couture! You've inspired me to blog about the joys of international travel.

xo Michelle

Photo of saharu(poland )

hello , I love your blog is cool, i dont now what i'm saye .

Photo of Gon

It really is a fantastic ponchoo !! You look great in it !


Photo of ray

jane i just came across this beautiful camilla d'errico painting and it is TOTALLY YOU! octopi and multi-colored nails and all!!

take a peek lady love,


xx have a great weekend

Photo of Eli

Love the golden tint to these photos! You look so warm!

Photo of ray

jane i came across this beautiful painting by camilla d'errico, that just SCREAMS YOU!

there's octopi AND multi-colored nails

take a peek here


so you, so cute - have a great weekend lady love!

Photo of Francesca Robertson

wow i am in love with that poncho. fur poncho!!!! wow!!


lekisskiss.blogspot.com <-- two girls blogging fashion from nyc and chicago!

Photo of Cecilia

You look so good in floppy hats!

Photo of Kaylyn

Love your new hair! And that poncho really is divine. Oh and those tights are sweet!

Photo of The Photodiarist

Great poncho. And REALLY beautiful photographs!!

Photo of Beatriz

the poncho is one hell of a piece (actually, pieces of fur). always anticipating your posts! cant wait for the next one!

Photo of Åse

Oh, the weather looks so nice! here in norway it's snowing and friggen freezing.
And the outfit matches the surroundings so well!

Photo of Hayley

I love this! Seriously, these photos (all of your photos really) wouldn't look out of place in a fashion magazine! Jealous!
Your hair looks really great by the way! Chopping mine short tomorrow and dying it blonder next week - so nervous!
Oh, and the poncho is AMAZING.


Photo of Marie

The pancho looks great with the hat... Nice tights!!


Photo of sara

love the hair, and the make.

Photo of Alice D. Millionaire

you're just breaktaking, lady.
would it be alright if i reposted photo 3, of course with links back & you're already on my sidebar, hope you don't mind.
also, you're gonna be so lucky when you turn into your mother; she is so beautiful. i must know her skincare routine! :)


Photo of Alina

your hair & makeup looks beautiful, lovely : )

Photo of ++MIRA++

i like your makeup in this! and i like ure hair with these curles better than streaight. i just dont love the hat with this. ADORE the poncho,it is one of a kind.

Photo of Kyra

where are the rest of your austin posts? i have really been waiting for them...or have i misunderstood and there are nothing more?
sorry for my bad english
love from finland :) you are awesome.

Photo of dodi

i usually love your shots and sense of fashion but these last two poncho ones have been hideous bad taste! i have to be honest in saying that poncho looks like one of the 70s dated in a bad way furs you see in a vintage shops. opinions on the ethics of fur aside, i truly believe that this is not a chic piece at all-it just is a poor taste example of 70s fashion rather than some of the glamorous styles of the era. ditch the poncho and chuck it up to a fashion faux pas like we all have

Photo of Jasmine

you wear the hell out of hats!
just sayin...


Photo of Nina

That poncho is something special.

Photo of Lizzy

Pretty sure I trust your sense of style more than the person who commented above me. You look great, love the hair, it is much more autumnal :)

Photo of Midge

These photos are so beautifully romantic!

Photo of Le 21ème

Beautiful, Jane! I love the golden light!

- http://21arrondissement.com

Photo of Pearl Westwood

I love the setting for these photos and the whole 70s style with the hat and boots, not really a fan of the poncho tho!

Photo of kirsten

this is amazing! love these pictures!

{uninhibited fashion}

Photo of Christine

That poncho is so sumptuous in every sense of the word.

Photo of Ganymede Girl

The second and third pictures are so gorgeous, and that poncho is incredible out of this world.


Photo of Silje Kae

Really like your boots and the leggins your wearing.

Photo of sabrina

this outfit is amazing!i love every single piece!

Photo of Tiffany

That is an AMAZING poncho! Also loving that hat! One question though- who are your tights/fishnets by? I really love them- and they look awesome with the boots and dress:) Have a fantastic weekend!


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