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October 16, 2009

Will someone take me to prom??

This morning my mom called me from an antique mall here in Dallas and said, "I got the most beautiful 50s prom dress!! You have to see it!" So an hour later it was here and I've barely taken it off since then...I love it so much!







Worn with patent Givenchy pumps from fall 2007.

*Yes, my hair is much, much darker. I did not mean to get this dark...my hair dresser said he was going to do the same thing as last time. My hair dresser is a liar. 


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Photo of twitter.com/Frooshh

That is so cute, I totally love it

Photo of patty

The color looks great on you. My prom dress was completely boring compared to this fabulosity!

Photo of Andrew J

Great dress!!! (and shoes of course)

And I think your hair looks bomb actually. I was like "Did she change her hair again?" but seriously, I like the darker auburn on you. It contrasts with your skin very, very well!

-Andrew J.

Photo of Meg

wow I LOVE the dress!!!
And I love your hair too, its really pretty dark! :D

Photo of Ashlee

Wow!!! I like your hair dark! I am in love with the dress! :-) beautiful! xx

Photo of Marisa

these pictures are seriously some of my favourites

i love the balloons and bleachers...and of course the dress.

i would prolly never want to take it off. lovely jane!

Photo of Alison

So cute and what a great photo shoot with the balloons! Xox

Photo of alison

So cute and what a great photo shoot with the balloons! Xox

Photo of jamieofalltrades

You like a Texan homecoming queen!

Photo of l e


Which antique mall in dallas?

Could you possibly list some great vintage stores as well, that are here in dallas?


Photo of HiStyley

It's a really pretty dress and the colors are wonderful!

Photo of Sinead

You are so stylish!

Photo of Carolina Rodrigues
Carolina Rodrigues October 16, 2009 at 06:02 PM

You're looking GORGEOUS with this hair!!! :)

Photo of S. Alison

The hair is perfect for fall. Like a cheerier version of the colors from the latest Givenchy show! You're beautiful, hope you grow to love your hair :)

- S

Photo of Ava

Hi Jane..L-O-V-E!!!!

Photo of Chloe

Oh, that dress. I am dying from the jealousy- it's so unbelievably pretty!

And your hair! I love, love, love the darker hair on you- so sophisticated and it matches your skin tone flawlessly.


Photo of Marcia

Oh wow the dress is so lovely omg

Photo of Feelmore

look how tiny your waist is! loooooove that color on you.

Photo of santina

i never comment on these. but my mom is a hairdresser and i really think your hair looks great that color. makes you look really unique.

Photo of Bee

The dress is amazing and I really, really, really love the dark hair on you - you should keep it!

Photo of Brigadeiro

That dress is absolute magic!!! Too cute for words, love the darker hair, and the Givenchy's breathe a little fresh air to the whole look. LOVE IT!!!

Photo of Isabel

Wow, you look absolutely spectacular. Like a cupcake!

Photo of Laura

He might be a liar but the color looks great.

Photo of M. of 2985pieces

omg. that hair color is amazing on you. at first i thought there was something very different about your aura, it was beautiful then realized that your hairdresser made it darker. it's pure genius! i love it!

Photo of twitter.com/jfritsche

That dress is amazing...I love love love the details.

Photo of alyse

this dress is beautiful :)

xx. A

Photo of Cristin

I love your hair dark. Makes your skin look like porcelain


Love the dress on you! Great retro feel =)


Photo of Sarah

Wow, that dress fits you perfectly. Score!

Photo of Leia

Jane, you look like a princess!

Photo of Valerie

First the dress. It is gorgeous! I love everything about it and the puffiness of the skirt is wonderful. I would spin in that dress all day long. :D

Next, your hair. I have to say that I love the color! The dark hair looks great with your skin tone. It makes you look brighter, if that makes any sense.

Photo of Amalia

This is so Molly Ringwald. These pics make me as happy as you look in that dress. I just love you!

Photo of Sarah Khan

god that dress is gorgeous... and don't fret over the hair, the contrast it makes with your skin tone is amazing!

Photo of Vanessa da Silva Miranda

Do the dress doesn't make my genre, i must agree the photos look amazing! you're photos always look like perfect and professional editorial. I do have a fashion blog but my camera is not very good and must of the time i don't have anybody to take me pictures with my outfits. keep the good editorials and please do visit me at vi-wonderland.blogspot.com & pump-fashiondiary.blogspot.com!

Photo of Amanda

Sooo cute - love it!!

Photo of Claudia S.

Very pretty in pink! ;-)

Photo of . s h e r r y *

GORGEOUS dress. And I love it with the balloons. I think your hair looks nice dark too! :]

Photo of Jennifer

I like your hair darker. It looks more mature.

Photo of Zoe

The dress look so gorgeous on you! Only matched by the hair color!!

Photo of Anna

What a gorgeous dress. Has your hair become a darker shade of red?

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

that dark hair looks good on you though. love the balloons with the dress

Photo of Ashley Heaton

that dress is quite possibly the most beautiful thing I've ever seen; what an amazing find!

- Ashley

Photo of Morgan Ashley (Fashion Lust)

oooo Lovely dress, great details, and tiers!!!!!

LOoks very Promish, but also can be worn to some fancy event! Great photos <3


Photo of The Photodiarist

Love this dress on you. Could your waist be any smaller!!??

Photo of Isabelle

Bella! I LOVE this dress, reminds me of when Prom was held in gyms not in hotels and girls didn't dance unless asked to.

Photo of Paulina

You look absolutely beautiful!

Photo of stylefyles

I love these photos
(and your hair is perfect!)

Photo of Rosie Unknown

I love the dress!!!!!

Also, the hair looks great!

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