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October 28, 2009

Rainy Day on South Congress

I had a great time in Austin with my aunt and my mom these past two days..we stayed at the San Jose Hotel.


Maybe all of these plants liked the rain we experienced on Monday, but not me. We didn't let the crappy weather ruin our short trip though.

A slice of apple pie at the Woodland Cafe, my favorite food on South Congress. It reminds me of Twin Peaks. As Agent Cooper would say, "This must be where pies go when they die".

Right down the street was Uncommon Objects at 1512 South Congress Ave. You can spend hours in this store..and I think we did.


A trip to Austin isn't complete without a trip to Feathers-I love this store. The owners Emily and Masha are so sweet. It is extremely well edited and they're always getting new stuff! Mom and I came home with some things we love.

Eventually the sun came out, and I was able to debut one of my purchases-a little 70's navajo-style vest I picked up at New Bohemia.

These pants are 'new' too. I got them a week or two ago in New York at What Goes Around Comes Around. I am obsessed with vintage Yves Saint Laurent bloomers and I finally found myself a good pair! I was totally stressed out when I got to New York, but then I found these and the trip was all worth it. I love them. 



These Pradas were the only shoes I brought on the trip-they are from fall 2006. These are some great shoes. Prada Fall 06 was one of my favorite seasons for Prada ever!

Coming up next...my favorite store in Austin! Expect a post soon.


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Photo of Lauren

The vest is so unique and the Prada shoes set it off perfectly!

Photo of Carole

Love the pants. Thanks for the addresses :)

Photo of Carole

and i LOVE the shoes.


love the vest and shoes! Great photos!

Check out all my designer shoes at www.fashionsnag.com!

Photo of Eleanor

Totally coveting your pants right now.
What a find!

Photo of Rosie Unknown

Wow, I adore the bloomers! And the shoes, obviously, as you have impeccable taste in shoes.

Photo of Brooke

That hotel looks amazing. Also, I love your outfit. You look so pretty :)

Photo of Ella

The hotel is just beautiful! & your outfit is simply stunning! Only you could pull off this look. Ahh you are a beautiful girl! :)

Photo of Lisa

oh my gosh i am dying..gorgeous photos!!!! what camera do you use?!!?

Photo of Valncami

Wow, I must say your trip looks like it was wonderful! The hotel looks so quaint and I loved your apple pie post about Twin Peaks and all. I bet it tasted amazing.I want to see what you got at that boutique Feathers, it looks like they have great stuff.Maybe some day I'll get to Austin:)


Photo of Ava

I totally agree about Fall 2006-- that is probably the singular season that made me fall in LOVE with fashion. I mean... Prada? Balenciaga? Just about everything was SO yummy back then!!

You look gorgeous as always!!


Photo of deb

LOVE Uncommon Objects. Got a fabulous chair there a few years ago. Actually, I love everything about SoCo.
You and the bloomers are a sight to behold. Well done, again, Ms. Aldridge.

Photo of The Cheap Girl--Canada's Budget Fashion and Beauty Blog

Lovely Fall colours. It makes me want to visit Austin. I love your Pradas! XOXO

Photo of kate from dallas
kate from dallas October 28, 2009 at 06:55 PM

hmmm toy joy?

Photo of lauren @ lapetitefashionista.com

oh my gosh that hotel looks absolutely amazing. its making me want to drop everything and take a vacation, like right now.

can't wait to see all your shopping finds! that navajo vest is exactly what my fall wardrobe is craving. :)

Photo of chantele cross

Loving the bloomers and the uncommon objects shop looks awesome, defiantly could spend hours in there too.

Photo of The Photodiarist

Wow . . . when you give us a post, you really give us a post. This was a great one. I love that you wear your older shoes. I remember those Pradas and agree that they are just an attrative shoe.

Photo of Brigadeiro

LOVE your cute pants! Where are they from? :)

And that pie *drool* sure looks like a slice from heaven...

Photo of God's Favorite Shoes

you are so adorable! Love the pants on you. You have such style!

Photo of Ganymede Girl

That apple pie looks SO GOOD. The plants at the hotel are lovely!


Photo of fashion tidbits

yummy apple pie! and you've prob mentioned this before but what sort of camera are you using? your shots are unbelievable!

Photo of Miss Head Over Heels

nice pictures taken. the pie looks so delicious.

anyway, i love your pants. so cool!


Photo of Shannon

Wow that vest is gorgeous, I love the print on it. Your outfit is flawless!


Photo of Girl in the loft

you look stunning! your figure is awesome and i love the shoes. the hotel looks very cozy and so does that slice of pie.

Photo of amy

gosh! those pictures are really lovely :)

Photo of Julia

The shirt is beautiful against your skin. Truly stunning.

Photo of Jennifer

Oh I love all the shops on South Congress ESPECIALLY Uncommon Objects! I've always wanted to stay at the San Jose! Mr. B and I should really do that some time!

Photo of Kelly

Looks like a beautiful place, too bad it was rainy!

I love the southwest style top you are wearing!


Photo of Evangeline

Seems like such a fun little trip! I loved Austin when I visited there!!
I love Twin Peaks!! It's good to see another fan out there!

Photo of helene

austin is one of the raddest cities out there. i can (and have) spend hours on end in lucy in disguise with diamonds or feathers! and TOY JOY! thats my favorite part of town, that little spot near toy joy and that really cool place.. just love austin!

Photo of Vie

those bloomers are amazeballs


Photo of Style Odyssey

the YSL bloomers...what a beautiful find! any idea what year they're from? the silhouette is very similar to a velvet pair i had in the 80s in high school (they certainly weren't YSL, though). so if i had to guess, i'd say yours are early to mid 80s....

Photo of kat

amazing pictures! what a pretty hotel! cool outfit, too!

Photo of Christina W.

You pull things off so well! Those bloomers look fantastic on you, as do all your other outfits.

Photo of Taler

The boutique looks fabulous. :D

Photo of Michelle

reminds me of those bloomer styles . except that it's a modern twist on the style !
the first picture blew me off . the composition and the warms colors are just too perfect to be true ..

lastly, i always love ur shoe collection .
these pradas are a classic .


Photo of Kim

wow, amazing illusion of proportions in this outfit! when looking at you straight on, I can't tell how big you are until you see your waist! Love the outfit!

Photo of Sarah

Oh this post make me feel like painting with all that lovely art work!

Nice :)

Photo of Rosa

I really love your outfit. Where did you get that shirt? So cute!

Photo of Rosa

BTW, how tall are you?

Photo of Murr KKK

those shoes look like they came out of the wardrobe of She's All That.

Photo of Emily

amazing pictures, what type of camera do you use? your pictures make me really want one sooner than later! i'm not buying anymore clothes/shoes until I have enough for a DSLR

Photo of alamode

i love San Jose it is my favorite hotel i stay there every time I'm in Austin its nice to see that someone else likes it just as much as i do

Photo of twitter.com/crissgoo

you are going to appear at THE CITY eppisode next tuesday! i saw you at the preview yesterday

Photo of tate

I LOVE Uncommon Objects. I always go in it every time I visit Austin from Louisiana. If I could, I'd buy so much and have it all shipped home in an 18 wheeler! I have done a few photo shoots at the San Jose Hotel - it's such a stunning tiny motel area. Gorgeous design.

Photo of Tayler

that boutique looks amazing! and you can actually pull off any look, stunning <3

Photo of Olivia

That shop looks gorgeous! I love well put together vintage stores, they just seem so much nicer to shop in than op-shops that have things that will never sell.

Photo of CC

I love feathers too!!! My dream would be to open a vintage store like theirs!!!

I see you two made it to Uncommon Objects..another one of my favorite vintage/antique stores in Austin!!!


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