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October 04, 2009

QUICK OUTFIT POST-Herff Christiansen


Thank you Herff Christiansen for sending me the vest I'm wearing in these pictures...taken quite some time ago when my hair was still red...I'm wearing an Urban Outfitters poncho over the vest, cut-off corduroy pants and Jil Sander asymmetrical sandals.



Borrowed my mom's Omega Seamaster...and wearing my Antonio Palladino octopus ring


Lots of people asked about my boyfriend../here he is....


Amit is wearing Rick Owens leather jacket, Acne jeans, Jil Sander bag, Spring Court shoes...and I'm wearing a Herff Christiansen, a Zero Maria Cornejo sweater, and Proenza Schouler lace up boots.


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Photo of K

lovely. & your bf is a cutie!

Photo of jameson ruth.

i wouldn't expect him to be in anything LESS than a leather rick owens jacket if he is YOUR boyfriend. haha, nice catch, he is an attractive young fellow.

Photo of Samantha

I've only just discovered your site, and it's entirely spellbinding and inspiring.
You seem to possess much of the world's beauty! At least, in terms of clothes and shoes - but then again, what else is there? ;)

Photo of olaitan

u look love-stricken, or awe-smitten...or cute-faced...or facing d cutey;)
who's amit's red jacket by?

must-av proenza shoes in blk and red...lets design them.k.thats all.


Photo of Rebecca

what a sweet, tender photo of the two of you!

lovvveee the asymmetrical sandals, and Amit's red jacket is stunning, too.

Photo of Erin

aw you guys are so adorable! I love you Proenza Schouler boots!

Photo of woolgathering & miscellany

i love the mood of these photos.

you guys make a really great couple! how long have you been together?

Photo of Wikifashion

Awww what cute photos! I love the octopus ring :)

Photo of Midge

Loooove the Jil Sander shoes... so hot. And what an adorable couple you two make! :) All together now... awwwww!

Photo of Rebecca

by the way - I love the really warm, rich tones on all your photographs. do you edit the photos at all, or is it the lenses you're using?

Photo of Ava

Those Jil Sanders are so mind-blowing!! And it looks like you've found a boy just as fabulously stylish as you are-- ADORABLE!!


Photo of Little Red

Lovely photos! You look fabulous, Jane!
You and your boyfriend are so cute together!

Photo of Erika

The last picture is so adorable. :-)

Photo of Nathalie

You two are so cute together. I'm digging that octopus ring too!

Photo of Jay Strut

great look!!
that ring is amazing
You and your boyfriend are a great couple!!

keep us swimming!!! in your sea of shoes :D


Photo of esther

oh that is cuuuute! <3 love your blog :D

Photo of Flavia M.

I'm in love with your octopus ring, is an amazing piece of art.

Photo of Emily

I love following your blog, and you and your boyfriend look so happy together! :]

Photo of Jannette

The two of you look so happy in the last photo!

Photo of oliva

I love the pic of you and Amit. He is super stylish too and I want his jacket :-)



Photo of Corks & Caftans

he's a hottie, Jane! nice work ;)



Photo of Jessy

L O V E that vest! You and your boyfriend make an adorable pair.

x www.wideawakethoughts.wordpress.com

Photo of Emma Robinson

So cute! And love the octopus ring <3
xoxo Emma

Photo of Azn Glow

Wow, your outfit looks so cute and your boyfriend is adorable!


Photo of pink horrorshow

Those sandals look like a bitch to walk in but they're cool!

Your bf's outfit is so cute! How did you guys meet?

Photo of Nubby

Aww, you two are soooo cute together! SO CUTE!

Photo of amber

could you two be ANY cuter together? I think not. Such a stylish couple!!!



Photo of Cecylia

Where did you get your octopus ring? You have a gold one too! Very cute, 2 fashionistas!

Photo of amber


Photo of Nathalie

you look stunning as usual, you two make such a cute couple!!

Photo of Rosie Unknown

You look gorgeous, and your boyfriend is stunning!

Photo of Libby

Ah, you two look so cute together!!!

Photo of Tayler

Love those shoes! i really like your hair red :)

Photo of Isabel

Aww, you and your boyfriend are so cute together!

Photo of the Six Six Sick Girls

WHOA Jane! What a stud! And he dresses well too. Will he be your date to the Crillon ball?!


Photo of isadora

adorable! i think i remember seeing him in one of your pics from the tokyo posts, not sure though.

Photo of Kay

Seriously stylish couple. :)

Photo of hannahlizabeth

wow is he naturally that stylish or did you have to persuade him?

love the octopus ring and the proenza boots <3


Photo of Simone Renee

That last shot is gorgeous. Looks like something out of a magazine editorial!

Photo of Kelly

OMG you guys are adorable together!!!! Such a stylish couple ;)

love love both of your looks!


Photo of Naray

Oh my god he is hot...
Oh my god he is hot...
Oh my god he is hot...
Oh my god he is hot...
Oh my god he is hot...
Oh my god he is hot...
Oh my god he is hot...
Oh my god he is hot...
Oh my god he is hot...
Oh my god he is hot...
Oh my god he is hot...
Oh my god he is hot...

Photo of Isabelle

I cant get over how stunning that ring is, it's not even my style but I think it's beautiful! You & your bf look adorable together and I must say I miss the red in your hair, you were born to be a redhead at least a few times in your life ;)

Photo of summerTeeth

talk about a well-dressed couple??? jeez. you guys are too young to look this fantastic?? haha, love those proenza booties. and i have that uo poncho. you rock it welll.

Photo of Ane Silveira

oun, so beautiful!

Photo of Style Scientist

You and your boyfriend look so cute together! I love your octopus ring! So awesome...

Photo of maryelle

he looks definitely worthy to be your bf! i love seeing stylish couples.

Photo of Vanessa

The boy is sooo cute!

Photo of Jen

How did you meet him ?!

Photo of Simone

Oh gosh, you know how to pick them. You two just look lovely together.
I am SUPER jealous of that ring as well...
+, I never thought I'd say this (well, excluding my grade four years, shudder), but your poncho is gorgeous.

Photo of Libertad

You look gorgeous, I love those sandals, they're so original!!

And what a lovely couple!!

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