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October 10, 2009


My small tribute to some of the BEST SHOES OF SPRING 2010!


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Photo of Andrew J

Jane! These are soo cool :)!!! It reminds me of the cover of Confessions of a Shopaholic or something ha. Hope you're having a great weekend!

-Andrew J.

Photo of BobbinTalk

Haa! Nice tribute!
I hope it works! Go get those shoes girl!!!

Photo of Olivia

Adorable, you've got me wanting those pink platform mary-janes!
- StyleStruck

Photo of Roz

These are great. I like the style of your drawing.. Do you do alot?
Very humorous, and you can draw shoes especially well (funny, that!)
Favourite is definitely the last one.
Talking of drawing, did you ever get the email (or previous comment) about the drawings of outfits I did, inspired by you? I'd be interested in your opinion if you have time.
It's nice to see some of your drawings.


Photo of mr. freddy's mom

cool post, jane!
did u create those sketches?
you're so creative!


Photo of Michelle

love it! still, I think the best shoes of S/S 2010 are Alexander McQueens insane shoes..

Photo of Nubby

So awesome!!!! I could see you on a street corner with a 'Will Work For Shoes' sign. ;)

Photo of Rina

love pictures, they are great!

Photo of (always)alanna

you drew those?! they're amazinggg, and the shoes too! and i agree, alexander mcqueen went nuts- i love them all!

Photo of Maroushka

Too cute.
The 1st 2 are my faves.
Keep up the good work.


Photo of Ava

Jane!!! I love, love, love these drawings. I wish you could make me a blog header. <3 XO Ava

Photo of Robyn.

Wow! Are those your drawings? Adorable!


Photo of Margrethe

Oh, nice!I love, love, love them! You sure have some talent girl:)

Photo of Heini

Have you made these? They´re so cute :)

Photo of Cadmiumgold

Lovely Art! :D I love shoes too!

Photo of Rachel

fucking adore this!

Photo of Delia

Very nice work¡I adore Miuccia.
Your blog is fantastic¡
I'm a follower¡
Kisses from Spain:


Photo of Kate

spring already! im sure your excited but right now im satisfied with fall!


Photo of Caroline poland

i'm waiting for your new outfits ! love you jane

Photo of Eva

oohh so pretty !
love the first picture :L its so charming :)

Photo of Grace

Hey! I just started reading your blog - Really love the first two and the last one reminds me of a mishmash of Earl Oliver Hurst and Takashi Murakami.

Photo of kirstine

these are awesome!

....and lovey shoes.
no girl could ever refuse a floral platform.


Photo of addie

such a cute drawing!

Photo of Amy

Amazing drawings!
I love mui mui too!


You are a good artist. Love these drawings. You should do more posts like this! Great work, love them!



Photo of Miss Cavendish

Nice lines--you've got the shoes just right!

Photo of Linnea

Love the last one! You're really talanted!

Photo of Phoi

The last one is absolutely adorable.

Photo of Connie

Gorgeous! I love these kinds of posts because they're so creative and fun!


Photo of japke

those are so cute! what a original and lovely way to tribute!

Photo of Pearl

H ha I know the feeling, currently I pray to Herr Largerfeld to let me walk the streets in his name and promote the fabulous ways of his talent - erm will let you knwo when her caves! Love the drawing, there is something so satisfiying about felt pen!

Photo of Natalie

Haha, very cute. Miu Miu makes the heart sing :)

Photo of Intrinsically Florrie

My very favourite shoes are Prada. Posted them on my blog today actually, they're so pretty and make me happy!
Miu Miu accessories are always wonderful. Awsome post. :)

Photo of madeleine

this is so great! i absolutely love prada shoes, but you can never go wrong with miu miu.

check on my post on heels: http://thingsidontwant.blogspot.com/2009/10/juliet-tortoise-patent-leader-midheels.html

Photo of Gon

Great post ! Very funny drawings, but best shoes of spring/summer 2010 are Alexander Mcqueen ahahahah!


Photo of The Cheap Girl--Canada's Budget Fashion and Beauty Blog

LOVE The illustrations! I'll work for free shoes too :-)



Photo of Zoe

I love these! Especially the first one, I feel the same way. You always have great posts! Keep up the good work.

Photo of Kathleen

I love your drawings! "Will work for shoes" LOL, my life story.

Photo of Hannah

They're great, aren't they? I particularly love the cat print ones!
Great drawings, by the way :)

Photo of dithy rambe

There's something very Pucci about that last image... I think there should be a series.

Photo of Zoe

Great drawings and great tribute! So cutee (:

Photo of Style Scientist

Yep, Jane, Ms Miuccia Prada is probably one of the greatest of the greatest designers of all time. I always love her design, be it either RTW, handbags or shoes. She's intelligent and is always ahead of time.

Photo of hek

Love them! The drawings I mean;)
(shoes to of course)

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