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October 12, 2009

Lazy Weekend

Is everyone else in North Texas sick of this gloomy weather yet? It's been wet and grey for two months now. It's starting to affect my mood...but at least this weather provides a good excuse to crawl into bed and watch movies.

This weekend I watched A Room With a View (because I love Helena Bonham Carter) and Paris, TX (because I looooove Harry Dean Stanton..even if this movie was kind of lame)

Went to Chili's with my best friends on Saturday...


Wearing an 80's sequinned angora sweater with jeans purchased from V.O.D., and Balenciaga ankle boots


Then on Sunday morning I went into town with my mom and sister to check out some furniture at Again Design Studio in Dallas. My mom is a big fan of both of Leslie Pritchard's stores.



I wore my favorite patent Alaia platforms and 80s Claude Montana pants.

Hope everyone had a great weekend...for now I have to pack and catch up on correspondence before I leave for NYC tomorrow. I'll be back Thursday!

Thanks for reading :) 


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Photo of Meg

Your weekend definitely sounds like my own - movies and grubby yet yummy food with friends. Beautiful Alaias!

Photo of MaryJane

That sweater is adorable!!

Photo of Kate

loooove those jeans!

Photo of Andrew J

First off, yes I'm SICK of this dang weather. Did we skip fall and go straight into winter?!?

Love the jeans with the zip pockets. Looks like fun times for you this weekend. The owl pic reminded me of a really awesome store I stumbled into this weekend called the Antique Garden. Great clothes and really awesome French antiques. I'll post pics tomorrow.

-Andrew J.

Photo of yifat

I like so much your sequin sweater!

Photo of Krizia

That sweater looks amazing on you!
Have fun in the Big Apple!


x Krizia

Photo of monika poppy

amazing shoes*


Photo of Mary @ StyleFyles

omg, I'm addicted to homemade popcorn...that photo is not helping. =)
I love those jeans....they are amazing. Helena is awesome....how excited are you for Alice in Wonderland??

Photo of yo

I agree with you, terrible weather here in Dallas :(
And it is not just the gloomy days, but also it is in the 60's...
so, movie time!!!

here is one that I think you might like
Innocence from Director Lucile Hadzihalilovic


Photo of Sai

How often do you go shopping? When do you ever do schoolwork...

Photo of Lilisfashion

I love you mums jacket, so wonderful. The outfit that you wore out to chilis was excellent. Am a bit envious of your Balenciagas though....


Photo of Noa

homemade popcorn is the best!

love your black pants!


Photo of frl.laut

oh I WANT WANT WANT these pants!!! looking wonderful...like everyday.

Photo of frl.laut

i mean the black ones! unfortunately they're vintage, aren't they?

Photo of Sara

OOH JANE!This blue jacket is perfect,where did you get it?!

With love from Brazil

Photo of Phoebe Rose

Those Alaia patent platforms are stunning! I adore them!
Love that fluffy red cardie too :)


Photo of Gon

I love that red angora sweater! Have fun In New york !


Photo of amy

that owl drawing is so sweet
i love the textures in the picture of just the shoes (2nd to last)
is that a mural painted on a wall?

Photo of sophie

yuck everyone can see your nipples wtf is wrong with you

Photo of kamila

i love you red sweater! and a room with a view! george=hot

Photo of Brooke

Have fun in New York! That red sweater is great, and I love those chairs!

Photo of Mara

love that furniture! i can't wait to have my own apartment and decorate. Have a great time in NYC!

Photo of Corks & Caftans

wow is it just me or have you gotten really skinny lately? Burger it up, Jane-o!

love the pants :)


Photo of Liana

love those jeans and the last pants, but uh you're way too young to have your nipples showing through your shirt.....

Photo of Serg Riva

"I wore my favorite patent Alaia platforms and 80s Claude Montana pants"

luv this bit...

Photo of cindy

omg, everything about the first two pictures of you in the red is so 80s.. i am in love.
new york! i'm assuming you'll be very busy, but if anything frees, twitter msg me :P

Photo of The Cheap Girl--Canada's Budget Fashion and Beauty Blog

I love your silk jacket and Montana pants!



Photo of lisa from london

those Alaia platforms are so amazing. also love that sweater. you have some amazing 80's clothes. is ebay the best place to look? do you have any other suggestions in finding 80's gems?

have a great time in NYC-can't wait to hear about it!!

check out my blog at

Photo of Meadow

Jane you look absolutely amazing in red...especially with that new hair color. Love! those Claude Montana are amazing as well...

Photo of Dithy Rambe

Autumn equals hot chocolate in bookstore window seats(with a stack of european art magazines) and gorgeous, gorgeous coats! Coats that you can keep open to show the rest of your outfit, then button up when it gets chillier! What's not to love?


Photo of Nathalie

love your jeans! and those patent alaias are fab..

Photo of Jesse

Oh lord....god-fabid, nipples! Everybody has em, expressing your distaste for the sight of them just makes you look uptight and puritanical.

Oh, and I felt the same way after seeing Paris, Texas.....way over-hyped and kinda drawn out and boring.

Photo of Isabelle

On a super strange moment; I also watched A Room with a View yesterday and wanted to go frolicking in the streets looking like Helena today.

Photo of Roz

I actually like gloomy weather,as it means I have a reason to stay inside and read books,or like you said,watch movies! But I suppose that only applies every so often for me.. I'm glad it's not like that all the time (but probably will be soon- I live in the UK, renowned for rain!)
Great outfit choices. I really like the blue kimono jacket you're wearing in that one shot. And that furniture shop looks so amazing! There's something I find really attractive about interior design and furnishings and all that. That owl image (is it a painting?) is beautiful.


Photo of Elizabeth

wow i'm really in love with that blue jacket you're wearing! it reminds me of a short kimono. lovely platforms by the way.


Photo of Amy

awesome photos again

Photo of amber

question: are taking a break from school? How do you get to travel around so much without getting behind?

Anywho -LOVE the platform/pants combo. And the red sweater outfit is AH-mazing! so cozy and fun.



Photo of Ramonies

you look georgous on the first photo!!

Photo of Carola

Aaah, your favorite Alaias, right;-)? The last picture is awesome. I love the outfit! Have fun in NYC but check out our Paris pics before;-)



Photo of Laura

you're getting rather thin, jane...

Photo of The Photodiarist

Great jeans from V.O.D. Who makes them? I would LOVE a pair.

Photo of dannie

those jeans are pretty siiic

and i love that look with the platforms, sooo simply chic, those shiny plats are gorgeous, like a doll!!!

Photo of Mathilda Kirs

I just LOVE your blog and every photo in it! You really inspire my (You and your mom!) Keep up the amazing job


Photo of candice chu

your alaia's are to die for.

beautiful post.


Photo of friendinfashion

Loving the Claude Montana pants + platforms - gorgeous!

visit me @ http://www.friendinfashion.blogspot.com

Photo of Karina

I too am tired of this crappy grey weather. I think I live close to you (also in the Dallas area) and I can't tell you how badly waking up to nasty greyness every morning affects me...at least we have good shoes to brighten our moods, right?

Photo of sofiasophie

I loooove your last outfit, these shoes are crazy and the C.Montana pants are very trendy!
you look beautifuk!

Photo of Cheyne

This weather is hitting Tulsa too. All gloomy, bleh. At least I can start wearing sweaters and tights and cardigans galore.! (:

I was just curious, what kind of camera do you use.? The quality is very nice and I'm considering buying a new digital camera around Christmas time.

Also, those trousers are divine.

Photo of evangeline

i love love love both the shoes in this post!
the weather is just as cold and gloomy here in Chicago...have fun in NYC!

Photo of Alison

personally, i am a fan of a little nipple exposure (just to balance out some of the previous criticism.) for fucks sake, we all dress to be sexy now and again...and tight pants and cleavage are...blehh. As long as jane isn't abusing it like jennifer aniston, who the fuck cares.

the red sweater and jeans are a win. I won't comment on shoes. Obviously you've got that situation handled from the start of this blog until forever.


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