October 21, 2009

J. Aldridge by Sea of Shoes for Urban Outfitters Holiday Collection

I am excited to announce that the second collection I did for Urban Outfitters is online now!

These pictures were taken by the talented Shannon Sewell as part of a photoshoot we did last week-it was so much fun and Shannon is so sweet. I can't wait to share the rest of the shots!

Thanks for reading! xo Jane


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Photo of alison

wow, just gorgeous!!! you are so incredibly lucky!

Photo of J.

It's interesting how you've never worn a pair of your urban outfitters shoes on the site. Nor has your mother.

Photo of Sandi

i love those brown wedges. great job jane!
and i hope you are beginning to get used to your hair because it looks just lovely :)

Photo of geri

congratulations! i cant wait to go scope it out!

Photo of Roz

Gorgeous! I love the look of the black ones, have a kind of archaic cintage feel.
And you're right. The photography is so gorgeous! I was thinking its a litle Tim Walker-esque. That black and white shot with your sketches in the corner is particularly nice. You must be so lucky getting to work with all these photographers and organisations!
I'd like to say a massive thankyou for replying to my email (I'll send one back but thought I may as well mention it here too.) I really appreciated it that you got back to me so quickly... A great surprise for me!


Photo of Amy

I die for those shoes.

Photo of Little Clementine

The photos are magnificent, and I love the oxford wedges. I realllly want them (:

Photo of Magdalena

Those wedged boots are totally some Chloe-esque shoes I can actually afford. Thanks!

Photo of renu

"Producing leather—whether by chrome/chemical tanning or vegetable tanning—comes with a host of problems. It heavily contributes to global warming, land devastation, environmental pollution, the depletion of valuable natural resources, and water-supply contamination, not to mention the spread of disease and the abuse of billions of animals.

From start to finish, the amount of energy required to create a leather hide is 20 times greater than what’s used to produce a synthetic material." (http://www.ecouterre.com/4041/can-leather-be-eco-friendly-ever/)

If Stella McCartney and Elizabeth Olsen can make shoes which are completely leather-free, then there are no excuses anymore not to do so.

Photo of Olivia

those pink booties are ADORABLE. Wish we had UO here.

Photo of Brooke

I LOVE them, and those photos are great. You are so talented :)

Photo of alisha

I wish they fit me I wear a size 4 haha TOO TINY.. :(

Photo of Fashion Intel

The photography/idea is really great. Maybe they can get a photo of you swimming under water wearing a pair? I'd love to see that. This collection is quite cute!

Photo of sara

congratulations!!! they re amazing.
i hope im lucky enought to get my hands on a pair of those lace boots!
and i love the ones with the bow but cant seem to find it on UO's website. are they available for purchase?

Photo of Style Odyssey

congratulations, they're absolutely gorgeous! and it's nice to get a glimpse of the sketches...sweet.
i love those two-tone brown wedge ankle boots.

are you getting accustomed to the hair? it's quite flattering on you. it's taking me a while to get used to my darker color, too, but i'm very glad i went for it. i look in the mirror and forget i've gone darker...a bit of a shock sometimes, but what the heck, it's fun to change things up!

anyway, best wishes on continued success as a shoe designer, or whatever your pursuits may be!

Photo of Monika

wow, you are such a talented girl! Love those shoes, especially those black ones with the bow. Look so Chanel'ish:)

Monika from J'adore Fashion

Photo of Maria

Are the UO shoes unavailable for customers in Europe? :/ I can't find them on the European site.

Photo of Style Odyssey

not sure what happened to my comment. i'll try again...

congrats, they're absolutely gorgeous! i especially like the two-tone wedge ankle boots. well done! nice glimpse of the sketches, too...sweet.

have you grown accustomed to the hair color? it's quite flattering on you. it's taken me a while to adjust to my darker hue, too, but i'm very glad i went for it. what the heck, it's fun to change things up once in a while!

anyway, best wishes for continued success as a shoe designer, or whatever your pursuits!

Photo of Bargain Bex

The tall wedge lace boot is just adorable! Wonderful, wonderful world we live in when surrounded by such pretty little shoes ...




congrats jane! Cute photos!

visit me at www.fashionsnag.com for lots of designer shoes!

Photo of Cookies&Milk

I want to have a better look at the pink one!!! Show please!

Photo of Isabelle

I want those pink booties so much! I can't wait to get my own pair, such an awesome job you did!

Photo of stephanie

Congrats Jane! How involved are you in the prototyping? Do you get to see and critique prototypes & samples?

Photo of Heather

They look so lovely, congrats on all of your success Jane!

Photo of jamie clare

the brown wedge boots are absolutely amazing! i seriously have to have them. i just started a new waitressing job, so guess where i'm going with my first night's tips once my restuarant opens? to buy those babies, mmmmmhmmmmm.


Good for you! It must be exciting to have your name on shoes at such a young age. :)

Photo of Ale.

Congrats! The pictures are just lovely. Your haircolour is amazing too.


Photo of hannahlizabeth

this must be so exciting for you, congratulations! the photo shoot is gorgeous.


Photo of Mel

Wow they look great! Congratulations!

Photo of Gillian

ooooh they're goregous!

are they going to be available in the UK? i think it might be a bit expensive to have them shipped over haha...unless there's going to be a new collection by April because i'll be in Florida =]

Photo of The Voguette

janeee they are beauuutifull!!! and as are you!!

<3 the Voguette

Photo of keren

It must be amazing to see your designs in stores! The shoot looks beautiful. ♥

Photo of evangeline

oh my god!! those shoes are absolutely gorgeous
you must be sooo proud of them :)

Photo of Miri

lovely, you're like the beauty I never found.. hmm the shoes are just extra.


Photo of Nadia Simple & Funky

damn! is there a way to get them in europe?
I love them ALL

Photo of Meadow

LOVE the black booties Jane. I need! Soo swag.

Photo of ZabaChic

OMG Congrats! This collection is amazing...I want everything!! Have you heard of this new site (its like gilt.com) ZabaChic.com. You can get cute stylish clothes for cheap $$$ sea of shoes fans...check it out!

Photo of girlcreeture

Well done!

Photo of Kate

Those photos are gorgeous! Very creative and I can't wait to check out your new line...

Photo of Becca

congratulations!!! Can't wait to check it out!

Photo of valesca

i adore the one's you are holding in the last pic...didn't find them online...hopefully they will be up soon...would love to have those...they will look great with the vintage items i sell

Photo of sandra

nice job ripping off your chanel bow booties :)

Photo of amy

i must have those brown wedge lace ups! very beautiful designs :)

Photo of ava

Hi Jane. They are beautiful. I want a shoe tree. I'm proud of you. xoxo Ava

Photo of Cj

I love the shoes hanging from the trees.

It'd be great if you can wear/style them on your blog. It'd be cool to see how you wear them.

Photo of Cheyne

The Satin Bow Heels....I just died and went to Heaven.

Photo of Gabrielle

I love the Chloe-esque wedges and the bow-tie booties in pink ! They're like your beautiful Chanel peeptoes ! I really want them now, HIGHLY CONSIDERING ! :)))))

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