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October 03, 2009


Hey guys, I've been taking a little time off from blogging while my boyfriend is in town...but I'll be updating more soon! Thanks for reading.

Mom on the left, me on the right...

My mom and I always end up getting the same shoes! So nerdy. But I guess you like what you like... When I saw these shoes at the Neiman Marcus sale I couldn't help myself...I liked the bloated shape of the platform. Don't these shoes look pregnant? Something about the shape reminded me of african fertility art.

Not to mention the bronze is so pretty with the blond wood platform.



Not to mention they are comfy enough to wear around the house, if you are so inclined...and you know I am. Mom and I both wore our Gucci's to work on an exciting upcoming project of ours!

Worn with Hanes tank, vintage cameo necklace, brocade trousers from Fur Fur, and a scarf purchased in Morocco.


Mom wore hers with a recently found herringbone skirt.....I have to borrow this skirt from her sometime!

Denise really knows how to work the camera...I was cracking up when she decided to make a guest appearance in this picture.

More coming soon! 

xo Jane


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Photo of fawn

That is a photogenic dog, indeed.

Not super fond of the shoes, for some reason they remind me of the Wizard of Oz. But hey, to each their own. Love the scarf you're wearing.

Have fun with your boyfriend this week!

Photo of Mode Junkie

shoe twins! ;) i wish my mom had the same taste as mine. have fun with the boyfie!

Photo of Azn Glow

You are so pretty and I love your shoes! Does your boyfriend have as wonderful a style as you do? You should make a post of that sometime soon, haaha.


Photo of Andrew J

Full length picture of you is great! Hot shoes too.
I'm really out of the loop on my SOS I guess, I didn't know you had a boyfriend ha. Hope you're having a great weekend Jane!

-Andrew J

Photo of monica burnett

those shoes do look pregnant - they have the pregnancy glow!
so gorgeous!

love your blog!


Photo of Girl With The Bow Tie

If only I could afford two pairs of Gucci shoes...

Photo of tanya

dude he's your REAL boyfriend?
i thought it was a joke...

Photo of david

Love the brocade pants.. Reminds me of this picture of giovanna battiglia in a similar pair.. Haha I remember shamelessly trying on those gucci shoes on at a shoot
D- http://thestandingpass.blogspot.com

Photo of http://fashionnotvictim.blogspot.com/

I like the cup your mother is holding. Great size for tasty capucchinos now when heading autum..:o)/ Cristina

Photo of Kate

looking good :) i really like this outfit. and me and my mom do the same thing but we share...which gets a little hairy sometimes!


Photo of Carola

WOW! Looks like you guys are REALLY into these! They look cool with the socks...U can totally pull it off, Jane;-)! These pictures remind me of the S/S Burberry campaign. Don't know why.Maybe it's the colors! We'll be blogging live from Paris next week. Check it out;-):



Photo of H.

nice pictures ! I love these shoes !! have great time with your boyfriend.

Photo of lisa from london

amazing platforms. can't wait to hear more about the project!!

check out my blog at

Photo of Melissa

Truly spectacular shoes! And Denise steals the show, yet again!

Photo of Kailee

beautiful shoes, very nice with the brocade pants!

wood+metallic is so great, love mixing natural elements with glam.

Photo of Jennifer

So cute that you and your mom have on the same shoes! My mom's taste as well as mine is nearly identical so I totally understand!


Photo of Mel

Those shoes are beautiful, and the colors of your outfit are really gorgeous!

Photo of Kati

Whoa, I just bought those same shoes yesterday at Nordstrom! Hella good deal for Guccis (and they are so comfortable). Great minds think alike!

Photo of Ophelia

I seriously just did a little dance when I saw that you had updated! I'm living vicariously through you so when the updates are slow my life always gets just a tad more boring. Sad, I know! Anyway, the shoes (and you for that matter) are gorgeous! I would love to see a picture of your boyfriend if he's not too shy.

Photo of Sylvia

I love seeing how you and your mom both played around with the shoes! It's cool seeing each of your different takes on how to wear them. I don't know if you've answered this before...but are you guys the same shoe size? That, I'm sure, would come in handy!

Photo of Julia

amazing shoes =)


Photo of linda

perfect photos, perfect looks, perfect shoes.
I must have it :DD

Photo of Pearl

These are such gorg shoes, I love the metalic and wood combo! Really loving all the autumnal tones, which look great especially with yours and Judy's darker locks! I love the contrast with the grey in Judy's outfit, and the gold tones in yours, the brocade pants are stuning.
Now you do have us wondering though, how stylish is your Boyf!
Have a great weekend Jane,
Pearl x


Photo of twitter.com/badnewsbears

Yay we are shoe twins (triplets?) ! I bought mine because I was trying to hunt down the Gucci Imans with no luck, but they are probably far more comfortable anyways. :)

Photo of Catherine

Those are so so beautiful!!


Photo of thiiiiraaa

They do do look pregnant!! ^^

Photo of Ofelia

You look like made of china ?

Photo of lisa

What is your mom working with? She must have a lot of money if she pays for your shoes too..

Photo of Monika

Upload a picture of your BF! We wanna meet him! :p

Photo of Style Scientist

Very nice shoes! I love the gold color and the way your mom wears them with socks. Very cute!

Photo of Libby

Gorgeous gold theme going on here! Is your bf fashionable, do upload a photo!

Photo of S.I.Q.

love the shoes! but most of all i love the dog!!

-most inspiring stylist of our generation: Panos Yiapanis

Photo of KD

Oooh, they're lovely, and I love your outfit! I'm obsessed with your pants!

Photo of Maeko

I love that you and your mum dress up whilst in the house just working on projects and stuff. I've yet to come to this, but maybe someday...

Photo of maladroite

Fantastic shoes; what kind of wood is that? They look incredibly sexy.
You have a gorgeous dog.

Love from Toronto!

Photo of Elizabeth

those are beautiful. i love the platform and how shiny and sleek they look. your brocade pants are awesome, by the way.

Photo of daphne

I love love love that shawl you're wearing. It is so special!

Photo of sade

How can you afford these shoes? Your'e very young and have very expensive taste.

Photo of Brigadeiro

Absolutely STUNNING outfit! LOVE your Moroccan scarf, and it's SO cute that you & your mom are shoe twins! :)

Photo of JacquelineRose

I love that photo with the dog in it. Adorable =)

Check out my chanel necklace, giuseppe zanotti heels, and gucci belt @ www.fashionsnag.com!

Photo of Pearly Leather

Now that you mentioned the man in your life... we all getting curious, I guess! Show him, please! I was always wondering what kind of spouse you would have

Photo of Erin

i love those shoes! I think they look really good the way your mom wore them with the socks.
Denise is so cute!

Photo of Rosie Unknown

I love the lip colour you are wearing! And the shoes, but I always, always love the shoes.

Photo of Tori

Honestly, at first glance I thought they were different shoes because you both rock them so differently. I love that your blog shows the versatility of a pair of shoes or a single piece of clothing. It's fantastic, especially in these financial times.

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

i love those platforms, jane!
i always adore your style and your mom!


Photo of Sarah

Love the shoes. Although it didn't look Gucci to me at all. Still I think you always manage to pick the most extraordinary shoes.

Also, I love your makeup esp the winged eyeliner tips!

Photo of amber

good heavens!! those shoes are amazing. And, as always, I am still very much in love with those pants. What an amazing find.



Photo of remy

u shud totesss post a pic of u and ur bf!!!! ur so intelligent i bet ur bf is just as gr8!!!
xooxo remmsss

Photo of Samm

Beautiful Shoes.
Beautiful Outfit

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