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September 23, 2009

Monday at Chanel

'Stairway to Heaven'??
A small peek inside the Chanel Haute Couture fitting room at the  31 Rue Cambon store...it was very large and beautiful, with mirrored walls and tall ceilings...when I walked in, a very famous hair stylist was sitting in the studio..his name escapes me now. He looks just like the male model with the beard in the H&M campaign this season!
edit: thank you to a helpful reader...it was John Nollet! He is so handsome.


.........some of the dresses I tried on.....

A very beautiful, stylish, and sweet girl helped me during the fitting. I loved her outfit..especially the shoes!

We were shoe twins...I have the same shoe in white tulle. So great in black satin too.

The whole experience was unbelievable...I had worked myself into a panic in the weeks prior to the fitting. I was almost more anxious than excited by the time I arrived...as soon as I met some of the haute couture team my nerves dissolved. Everyone was very laid-back...of course I enjoyed every second of the fitting!

The gown is so beautiful....

Part of the day was spent getting pictures taken for a press package for Le Bal...I got to see so much of the city!

"I can totally do that!"

Maybe not as well as the photographer could...


My mom and I at the Place de la Concorde..
I wish I were still in Paris!!
I will be back in November for the Crillon Ball..wow, I cannot wait!


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Photo of geri

unbelievable! congratulations!

Photo of pear

1st! beautiful!

Photo of gracie

AMAZING! You look stunning.

Photo of Andrew J

Jane that is incredible! Thanks for giving us a behind closed doors look into Chanel :). I'm sure 99% of your readers will never have such an opportunity so thanks for sharing!
Such an amazing experience, and you looked incredible that day. When you find what you're meant to do things just have a way of working out... I'd say you've accomplished that :).

-Andrew J.
Me & Marisa

Photo of amy williams

Gorgeous gorgeous pictures!
Must have been the most amazing experience - cannot wait to see the dress.

Photo of Marisa

wow jane....this is surreal and i wasn't even there!


ps: love your scarf

Photo of Tiffany

That sounds amazing! Hopefully we'll be able to get a picture of you shortly in the gown!!

Photo of Diabolina

A total and utter dream. Big kiss for all your success, my dear. And just think: all of this is how your story BEGINS!!!!!!!!!


Photo of leiann

truly an astounding opportunity! thank you for sharing your great pics & experience as sadly i'm sure most of us would *never* have this chance :( envious but not meanly so...you are a beautiful & stylish girl!

Photo of Mckenzie Dowler


You are one lucky girl! So, so, so envious of you.

As usual you look stunning and have phenomenal photos.

Paris and Chanel looks good on you :)

Love, Mckenzie Dowler

Photo of la chauve-souris

youre looking so good! excited to see you at the Ball! I might be going also.. I have a friend who is doing it!!
It's such a hudge experience... 2 years ago it was lily Collins who was wearing Chanel, last year Tallulah I think.
You should feel quite honor!!


Photo of Sandra @ debutanteclothing

what an adventure. this is one of the things on 100 things I must do before I die - go to the Chanel store in Paris and buy something. I can't imagine how you must feel!

Photo of ediot

youre so beautiful-amazing complexion.
and what an journey!must've been a true dream

Photo of sandi

It looks like you had an amazing time; I'm so happy for you!
and i'm loving your outfit as usual :)

Photo of marjan the lion

was it john nollet ??!!!
btw you look gorgeous :D

Photo of Wikifashion

That's amazing, congratulations! Her shoes are absolutely divine :)

Photo of Nini's Style

Looking so fabulous Jane! I'm so happy for you.

Photo of hannahlizabeth

sooo jealous that must have been incredible!


Photo of G G

Chere Jane,
J'espere que je sache que tu va aller a Paris so I could tell you some great little hidden places to go.
Now, I am sorry I do not comment more on your site... in any case, merci pour sharing les photos. I hope you and your belle mere got to eat at Les Ambassadeurs or atleast the Jules Verne while you were there, if not, when Crillon you shall (please make rsvp now or have someone at Chanel do so for you).
Very excited for you, for your fittings, for your premiere (first of many, j'ai la confiance!) voyage a Paris!

Thanks always for your wonderful posts and sharing your news. We are so happy for you and your wonderful luck! Poo on WSJ, saw you in ELLE (us) also, tres bien, Cherie, your star is very very bright!


Photo of Brigadeiro

Wow, what an incredible dream-like experience! Glorious photos! Hope we get to see a pic of this dress ;)

Photo of sofiasophie

Amazing pics
amazing experience isn't it, seing chanel from inside must be very exiting and I understand you were anxious....

did you try the macarrons?


JEEEEEZE. As if we weren't already dying of jealousy. Your life is just too much.

Congrats! :)

Photo of maladroite

Wow, tes photos sont si belles! I am in love with your boots as well.


Photo of Squill

That looks like the most incredibly experience. Everything looks so elegant and beautiful-- you and your mother, of course, look so chic :)

Photo of Sara

Oh jane im so envy!You had a fabulous experience at chanel haute couture,i wished I coud ever go to the rue de cambon store.
p.s.:those booties are amazing,I have to agree

with love from brazil

Photo of afrockaday

What an incredible honor to be picked for the ball! And everything about your Chanel/Paris experience looks so heavenly. You are having the adventure of a lifetime that most of us can only dream of. Glad to see that you're enjoying every single blissful second of it. And thanks for sharing it with us.

Photo of Becca

wow - what a surreal and amazing experience it must all have been! I look forward to seeing the dress!

Photo of Rebecca

And so it begins!

What a beautiful experience! May this be the first of your many adventures on your way to success! Thank you for sharing the photos, I can say that almost ALL of us are living vicariously thru u at the moment! i love that you continue to do everything with the same grace, wonder and excitement that you have been doing with UO, Sea of shoes, etc.

We are cheering you on!

Photo of JacquelineRose

Thanks for sharing this Jane! It brought back memories of Paris and that was my favorite of the many Chanel stores there. It all looks the same as it did and I definitely need to go back there!

Lovely photos!

check out my Jimmy Choos abroad in Barcelona, Spain at www.fashionsnag.com

Photo of Jennifer

LOL You match the fountain!

Photo of Roxanne

Oh what a wonderful experience! I'm so so happy for you Jane. You look so fantastic! It gives me goosebumps look at your pictures! What did you end up getting from Chanel?
Keep blogging i love your pictures.



Photo of Shannon

Oh god, those pictures of the Chanel store are amazing. And so are the pictures of you, you look beautiful as usual. I want to see a picture of your gown from the fitting!


Photo of Michelle

Wow I couldn't be anymore envious if I tried, but I'm glad these amazing opportunities are being given to someone who can appreciate them. Have fun when you return to Paris in November, you're going to look smashing!

Photo of crochetingiseasy.blogspot.com

That's fantastic! It must have been so exciting to be there... When do we get to see the gown?

PS how in the world did you decide what to wear? I would have been absolutely paralyzed!

Photo of addictedtoysl

Have you seen the documentary Signe Chanel? (It's on youtube in a couple of parts.) It featured some couture clients trying on stuff there.


Photo of Eva

Oh My God !
Wow ...

I Hate You Right Now ! :)
your so lucky .. wow.
congratulations btw the photos are gorgeous !

Photo of Jenna

JANE! You look absolutely stunning. I couldn't be happier or more proud of your accomplishments in Paris! The world is yours. Lots of love, J

Photo of anastassia

Lucky, lucky, lucky! those boots look hot in action!!

Photo of Pearl

What a dream come true! You look terribly chic with your black outfit and toting your chanel bag! Looks like you had fun too! I am in love with the bow booties, fingers crossed they go on sale! x

Photo of Daniella

You are so lucky, it's not even funny! Seriously - SO lucky! I would love to have a fitting at Chanel... congrats!!!

Photo of Isabel

This is too cool, Jane! I'm quite envious.

Photo of Kate

must have been an experience of a lifetime! :) sounds and looks ah-mamzing!


Photo of Fais

Le bal des d├ębutantes!!!!
Crazy! Can't wait to see the pictures!
Kisses from Paris

Photo of Heather

Jane, you look so stylish and lovely. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful pictures of Paris and the Chanel boutique. You are very inspiring and I admire you quite a bit.

xoxo Heather


Photo of Pretty Portobello

What an amazing post, you look beautiful and so happy in pictures.

I am glad I have come across your blog is fantastic!

See you soon.

Photo of S.I.Q.

you are such a lucky girl!

-NASA & disney
-fashion & cartoons
-Marc J

Photo of daniela

i am wishing i were u right now! Chanel! amazing.

Photo of Nicole

I'm excited to see what's going to happen this year with your adventures! Paris and Chanel are the dream like experience, I hope to see more of your pictures! :)

XO Nicole


Photo of Tara

You look SO lovely! I can't wait to see the dress :D

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