August 18, 2009


I was invited by the beautiful Katie Nehra  to be in the fall lookbook for her clothing line Simone. I was super excited and the shoot was a lot of fun! 

Here is Katie-wearing a sick leather mesh vest she designed!

Mirror pic behind the scenes ;)


Pretty shoes!!

I got my own personalized leather jacket-so cool right?
Thank you so much Katie for having me out, the shoot was a blast!

It's been nice spending time with my family in LA and I look forward to my upcoming trip to New York!

I'm sorry if I'm behind on correspondence-my email situation is absolutely out of control right now and I do not have enough time to respond to all of them. It's become very stressful but hopefully I'll have things sorted out soon. If you absolutely need to get in touch with me, please abel the email as urgent! 
And to those who have friended me on Facebook, I am sorry that I am unable to accept your request, I found out that there is a limit on how many friends you can have on Facebook...haha.


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Photo of Suzanne Lindenburg

This is awesome! Your leather jacket is great! I wish I had a personalized one!

Photo of Fitz

crimpy hair, crimpy hair, it looks good!

Photo of Ava

Wow-- you look incredible in all of these!! That leather jacket is amazing!!!! Have fun in LA and New York!


Photo of dea basori

I love it!

Photo of Carol

You look gorgeous - I love the embellished ivory crop blazer.


Photo of Little Red

Great photos, Jane! You look gorgeous! That leather jacket is awesome!

Photo of Sophie

I love your hair crimped! Clothes look amazing...and those shoes!

Photo of Scarlet

You look amazing - what lipstick are you wearing?? It's perfect and I love it. LOL

Photo of Adeliet

AWESOME PICS, Jane! Love them! Her clothes are stunning! When will they be available? Love that white studded crop jacket you donned on! ;)))

xx Adeliet
lovecoutureluxe @ wordpress

Photo of Fannah

I love it so much! Everything! Especially the pop of red lips drew to me.. (L)

Photo of Brooke

Awesome clothes! I love both of the jackets. I also need her leather vest...

Photo of jay

Those clothes are so you. She picked the right person.

Photo of MIA

OMG! Lucky you! ADORE the jacket!


Photo of Josephine

What a great jacket. Looks like fun!

Photo of Ashley

Are you by chance heading to New York for Fashions Night Out?

Photo of Pearl

What a great opportunity, love your hair in the bun! The leather jacket and white crop jacket are amazing, I will have check out that label! x

Photo of Patricia

You are absolutely adorable. I love how you pull off bold red lips so well. Congrats on snagging such a great opportunity!

Photo of Annie Spandex

She is very beautiful and I love the vest! Also, the stripes and zebra dress.
You are looking more and more gorgeous than ever--blossoming into a young and all that, I guess. Lol.. I freaking LOVE!!! your hair all crimped and volumey. Your funny face pics are so cute..

Photo of Annie Spandex

Uh, oops I mean young woman obviously... And also your custom jacket is boss :)

Photo of amber

OMG! How exciting!

Congrats girl!!



Photo of Akay

All the clothes looked gorgeous and the shoot looked quite fun, gotta say you're one of my favourite blogs :) x

Photo of alison

you look like perfection!!! always the prettiest pictures of you!!

Photo of Carola

WOW, the pieces look awesome! And just like they were made for u...Incredible styling! We featured u on our blog recently: http://fashioncoup.com/coupinesstyle/sub-trend-leo/. Check it out;-)!

Photo of Suji

looks like a lot of fun!


Photo of william

I always forget how ridiculously photogenic you are - can't wait to see the actual photos.

Photo of kirsty

that all sounds very exciting - you look great in these pics xoxox

Photo of Sweet Chic

Great photos... almost can feel the environment... fantastic.. loved it

A chic wish...

Photo of thischicksgotstyle

The clothes are INCREDIBLE!!

Photo of Ofelia

Na, na na! Jealousy!!! :D

Photo of Rizza

you look wonderful! love the lipstick you're wearing.

Photo of amber

Lol - btw, that self portrait in the mirror is awesome.


Photo of Kate

all of it is fantastic!! especially the personalized jacket :) i got a new motorcycle jacket and iv been dying to wear it!


Photo of Rianna Bethany

wow awesome jacket! you lucky thing!
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Photo of Cathrine

Wow, you just have this undefinable beauty about you. Especially in the picture with striped shirt. Gorgeous!

Photo of Kathlene

You've outdone yourself again! Every time I visit your blog I just become more and more envious of your life! I wish I had a personalized pleather jacket...

Photo of Jess

oh wow, what a nice opportunity. Simone is so beautiful, as are her designs!

Photo of Jess

*oops, I meant Katie

Photo of ava

Hi Jane!!! You look beautiful and I love this clothing! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this jacket with your name on it. <3 <3 Ava

Photo of Zoe Rosenberg

I love love that dress you're wearing where you're taking a pic in he mirror! so cool!

Photo of Jennifer

Wow, you look absolutely amazing! What awesome outfits!

Photo of Noelle + Kendall

That leather jacket is truly something,
lucky you!

-N + K

Photo of fashion roadkill

You look sooo good! The pieces look very '80s inspired.


Photo of jamieofalltrades

The zebra dress reminds me of something Shelly Long wore in Troop Beverly Hills! Love it.

Photo of Rosie Unknown

You are so lucky! You look gorgeous, and the jacket is awesome!

Photo of Little Clementine

Wow! That's so cool. I'm sure it was a blast.

I didn't know there was a limit of friends on Facebook either!

Photo of Prêt à Porter P

i hope they let you keep the jacket!!

Photo of WJ

That second picture where you a shooting the mirror...holy shit, what are you wearing! Whatever it is, I'm just about dying for it right now. Awesome lace cutout bodice thingy...come to mama!

Photo of Isabel

Cool! So nice to see you doing so well!

Lovely pics :)


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