August 31, 2009


So many great shoes this season!


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Photo of Andrew J

Great picks! The Givenchy (which I think you have to get lol), Zucca and Haider Ackermann are my favorites. The "foot" shoes are cool but kinda creep me out lol. Not sure if you like Tory Burch or not but I got an email today of some of her new shoes one of which I'm really in love with. I'll post it later today or tomorrow.

-Andrew J.

Photo of Noelle + Kendall

the YSL and Calvin Klein are my favorites!
great collage


Photo of naiyana

You've got great taste, i couldnt agree more! those givenchy's are so beautiful, and the chloe's are just dead on chloe. i really love your blog, and i wonder how u'll bring all ur shoes with u when u go to college!

Photo of Style crusader

LOVE those Alaia, any Alaia shoes really..


Photo of andrea

Where did you find the Zucca boots? I love them!

Photo of Flavia M.

Love Zucca & YSL for a night out.

Photo of GB2112

Belgian designers ftw! A.F. Vandevorst & Haider Ackermann!
The YSL's and Kenzo's are TDF!

Photo of WJ

This season seems a little repetitive of the last but I am loving the quirky CDG brogues, or the Zucca and Vandevorst boots for their completely directional designs. Always look forward to your 'picks' and can't wait to see which one of these you will actually purchase. I don't recall you owning a pair of Manolos so that would be a change...like your first pair of Loubs, I suppose.

Photo of Midge

Mmmm, I was just drooling over those Chloes the other day! Now I'm obsessed with those Kenzo boots... great! These are some good lookin' shoes here...

Photo of Christing

ah i love the ysl pair and the alaia!! so many shoes to lust after!


Photo of Nahal

Omg these are amazing!
I love the chloe shoes
too good.
thank you!

Photo of klee

love the Alaia & Chloe!
fab collage

Photo of Ebay Fashion Addict

That Zucca pair is really doing something for me!

Photo of fashionista

they all look gorgeous.. i need those red YSL's

Photo of Elizabeth

good god, i would kill for each of those shoes. the chloes and calvin kleins are drool worthy.

Photo of M

So many shoes, beautiful shoes.
I love the kenzo shoes.

Photo of lisa from london

those comme des garcons are amazing!! when in paris i managed to check out the incredible store. love the alternation to this shoe for this season!!
check out my blog at

Photo of sara

love the calvin kliens

Photo of Jaime

Amazing pics- most are not my style, but I appreciate none the less! The CDG noes have such a sense of humor.

Photo of thischicksgotstyle

Love love love the chloe, kenzo and alaia ones!!

Photo of Mckenzie Dowler

Kenzo=Phenomenal. YSL=Show Stopping. Chloe=Perfect. Docle & Gabanna=Stunning!

love, love, love!


Photo of Kelsie

Love the YSL shoes!

Photo of Jayne


Photo of lisa @ luxe

OHHHH, I so need those Miu Miu wooden clog booties!


Photo of Brooke

Okay, I think I NEED the Givenchy's.

Photo of Pearl Westwood

Would have to be the D&G ruffled ones for me, but those CDG are so amazing!! Ive jsut been posting on the new season Ann D's thought you might have had those in there! Look forwards to seeing which you and Judy do choose x

Photo of Little Red

Absolutely fabulous shoes! They all look amazing!

Photo of Amber

Those Zucca boots are amazing! Great picks!



Photo of dreamsequins

YSL + Zucca + Miu Miu = yes please. Thank you very much!

Photo of Tara

The Dolce and Gabbana are AMAZING!!

Photo of fashion roadkill

I like most of your picks...the Alaïas are my "Fixation of the Week" on my blog :)


Photo of Heini

WOW, absolutely gorgeous.

Photo of Corrina

i'm not too crazy about any of the apparel this season, but the shoes definately beat my expecations. they're just great.

Photo of Jane

*sigh* I simply love your taste in shoes Jane.
I've had my eyes on those Chloe shoes for a while too.

Photo of Melissa

Ackermann & Alaias & YSL's for sure! Love them! :)

Photo of Carola

Great, Jane! We've been waiting for your seasonal "shoe report";-)! I just LOVE the Alaias! They are soo cool yet kinda classic. Let me know what u think of these: http://fashioncoup.com/coupinesstyle/black-n-blues/#more-343.

Was thinking of u when I bought them;-). However, I think u already got the best of this F/W season: the Miu Miu booties!

Love from Les Coupines!


Photo of Punkie

dear god, send me the money to buy all of this fab shoes!!!

Photo of Noo Yokah

I would say the YSL and Alaia ones would look super cute on you.
And maybe Zucca for something more edgy!

Photo of Ballad

I would pass on a few of those (particularly the Zucca boots)... I vote the Alaias and those gorgeous Haider Ackermanns!

Photo of Talk Pretty To Me

Love the picks. But the Chloe's steal my heart.



Photo of japke

the kenzo and haider ackermann boots are beautiful!

Photo of Ayah

Oh, how I love shoes!
I think that the YSL red pumps and the Kenzo boots are inresting, very beautiful.

Photo of Samantha

I love the Haider Ackermann boots!

Photo of Linz

Oh wow I absolutely LOVE the zucca boots ;__;

Photo of Zoe

In love with the D&G!

Photo of Jules

I need to own those YSLs and the Haider Ackermanns....

Photo of Pedro Herrero.

Beside the beautiful Comme des Garçons Shoes, I really love the ones from A.F. Vandevorst!

198, Butterfly: Design, Fashion and Architecture:


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