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August 11, 2009


Comme des Garcons skeleton jacket from Fall 2008, Margiela cut-away boots

Beautiful (but admittedly, painful) snakeskin Loubs atop a Helmut Newton photograph of Gianni Agnelli

Junya Watanabe flight jacket from Fall 2006, necklace by Assad Mounser, Henrik Vibskov dress

Bags: Faux python laptop tote, Y-3 felt feather bag, Prada Dino Bag, Miu Miu tie-dye bag, a beetle-like backpack, a coin embellished purse from Morrocco

Shoe wall

Yellow Margiela ankle boots with some friends from Tokyo

Two favorite toys

Drawing (badly) in bed, copying from a Newton book

Shoe boxes make great storage

More of the plastic animal collection-plus a little pony from Mexico

Some favorite plastic toys

A dragon necklace, a sea turtle necklace, and a Whiting and Davis snake bracelet recently given to me by the boys at Helloooooo...what an amazing gift!!


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Photo of Dominika

LOVE ur shoe wall! I also love ur skeleton jacket and those pink and yellow heels! AMAZING!

Photo of Lip Gloss and Mane Toss

1. Your shoe was is great! I'm working on one of my own.
2. I've been looking for that Henrik Vibskov dress, but its sold out, uhh EVERYWHERE.
3. Louboutins, signature soles, signature blisters...but pain is beauty. I'm obsessed



Photo of Loreen

WOW your shoe wall is incredible !!
How can u have so many designer's shoes ?

Photo of Josephine

That skeleton jacket is sick; by far my favorite. Really unique piece.


Photo of Donna

Love your shoe wall and all of your little toys. I'd die to go back to Asia again and buy so many cool, but pointless toys :)

Photo of valerie

those necklaces are delicious! i'm checking out the site now... i know, you have AMAZING shoes, but i'm seriously always in awe when i visit. xo

Photo of Christing

you have the most unique items! and your shoe collection is worthy of a fashion museum :-)


Photo of deana

i know its none of my business.
but how do you afford all these things?
so expensive..
i cant even afford a 40 dollar sweatshirt from AA

Photo of Ruby

Soo amazing! All of it!

Photo of Lilli

Your shoe wall is amazing! I love how you have plastic toys all over the place.

Photo of Kieran

You have beautiful shoes! But the heels on your cut away boots are dirrty, you should clean them

Photo of Jennifer

Ooh, I'm in love with all your shoes and your jewelry. Just wonderful! Those snake Loubies do look killer!


Photo of Anna

That's the shoewall in every girls' dreams!

Photo of Mira

You shoes.. wow! You have so many gorgeous platforms :)

Photo of Julie

I'm crazy about your shoes wall ! All are beautiful! I'm so jealous !!!!!!

Photo of Brooke

Absolutely amazing things! I'd seriously love to live in your closet/shoe wall. The skeleton jacket is especially drool worthy :)

Photo of victoria

Gahh. I think you should just start charging people to visit your beautiful closet.

Photo of Michelle

Your shoe wall makes me so envious!

Photo of becca

Dear Jane,

I absolutely adore the cupboard/shelf (in the 11th picture) with your favourite plastic toys. I love the rough, scratched wood and the peeling paint. :D I must myself somewhat guiltily admit that I love to hunt for little treasures in garbage piles that people put in front of their houses. I've found soooo many lovely little things. I love the whole hunting process. It must be the whole prehistoric urge, you know what I mean? ;p But as they say, one man's junk is another man's treasure. Well anyways, I love the shelf/cupboard thing(Goodness, I have no idea what you call that thing. I know there's a word for it!). I would love to hear its story and you know... the whole discovery process. :P

Yours truly,


Photo of Roz

These are great pictures.. No wonder they're you're favourite things! I really like the picture of all your shoes.. You have such a stunning collection. And those yellow boots are really quite stunning too!
Lovely shoe boxes,bags,toys etc etc. And I really like that first picture too.The back of the jacket is really quite amazing. Its kind of one of those ideas you wich you'd come up with youself! Do you ever feel the urge to design, out of interest? (;
And the louboutins, although being a little scary, are really stunning.


Photo of Lauren

i love your shoe wall! it reminds me of the post you did last year when you had readers choose a shoe and then you and your mom wore outfits inspired by the shoes. i think you should do that again soon. :)

Photo of Ashley

I love these pictures! So cute. And the shoe wall - *swoon*!


Photo of sara.notarobot

i love all of your little nic nacs :) so cute!
and i agree, shoe boxes are amazing for storage.

Photo of Alexandra

The shoe wall, I've seen it on your blog before,
but this time it stopped me dead in my tracks with
its... power. Hah! Love the skeleton jacket. I am
also interested in how you afford everything, is
it just because your parents had good jobs...
or... somethin?
Much love.

Photo of Mckenzie Dowler

How do you capture such clear and vivid picutres on your camera??? They are fantastic! Wish my camer was that AMAZING!

Photo of Jenny

Those Louboutins are beyond incredible!
Haha, beauty is pain :)

Photo of Adeliet

WOWWW Awesome shoe wall, Jane! Love the clothes too!!! And those cute toys!

xx Adeliet

PS: Those yellow Margielas new?

Photo of Elle

Oh god I love your shoes, your bags and your draws.
You draw so well


Photo of samantha

super jealous as always. love the octopus toy and your shoe wall

Photo of KD

Everything in this post is amazing, but the Loubs especially make me ache with envy. ;-)

Photo of k604bc

You take beautiful pictures of your lovely. precious, to-die-for things!

Photo of Karoline

Oooh, I LOVE your shoe wall! <3

Photo of heart-in-a-cage

I'm reading 'Laughter in the Dark' right now! What a coincidence 8)

Photo of Michelle

Margiela boots -simply AMAZING but most importantly i love your toys.

just as a sidenote - http://jesuismichelle.blogspot.com/

Photo of alison

lucky, lucky you! what a fun assortment of goodies!!

Photo of miranda

All the things are beautiful

Photo of strawberry fields

you have a beautiful collection of shoes. i'm uber jealous

Photo of B

A more detailed post in the skeleton jacket please!!!!!! That jacket deserves it's own post! Has it ever been featured on your blow before? I really would love to see how you style it/ a front view xo b

Photo of Pearl Westwood

Hi Jane,
Ah I wish I had a shoe wall, instead I have a rather dangerous couple of stacks of boxes, I swear they will one day topple and be the death of me!
Did we spot some shoes there you haven't worn on the blog yet, someone mentioned above, when you and Judy did the shoe challenge, that would be great to do again - selfishly just so we get to see more shoes!
Lovely post though, I am always intriegued by what people have as there favourite things xx

Photo of lmnop

i see you, isabella rossellini and dash snow!

Photo of Sara

Please give me that shoewall :)

Photo of The Aesthete

I love Helmut Newton's photography. That book is filled with some amazing pictures.

Photo of thumbelina

I LOVE your top in the 1st picture. and your shoe collection is to die for!!!

Photo of Brigadeiro

Oh my! Your favourite things are simply AMAZING! Hadn't seen those yellow Margiela's before, LOVE 'em! And your shoe wall always sets my heart a flutter :) The Miu Miu tie dye bag, JW flight jacket...oooh, could go on & on, thanks for sharing! :)

Photo of jameson ruth.

are you aware that every person who reads this blog is salivating over that shoe wall of yours? ugh, it's unreal.

Photo of maria

I'm drooling over your collection.

Photo of Isabelle

Hi, I have a little question for you: Do you always wear these fashionable clothes and makeup? Every day? Don't you ever get tired of the whole thing? Just wondering how you can cope, I wouldn't! Well, maybe I would if I had your closet :)
//Reader all the way from Sweden :)

Photo of Style Scientist

Great stuff! Your photos are getting better and better everyday.

Photo of Crystal

The photo of your shoe wall....heavenly. sigh

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