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August 05, 2009

'Chairity'-for Branded

My mom showed me this sofa in Australian Vogue Living a while back, and we both thought it would be a great idea to copy. How easy would it be to buy some old furniture, have it redone in canvas, give some kids some sharpies and let them go crazy on it?

My mom and I both quickly realized this project's potential to be a very fun way to raise money for many different charities.

We immediately got in touch with my aunt, Sidney Aldridge, a pediatritian at Cook Children's Hospital here in Fort Worth, Texas. Dr. Sidney Aldridge initiated the idea that Cook Children's Hospital was in need of a Palliative Care program at the hospital, and now that this program is well under-way, Sidney is very involved with it's fundraising.


We were not aware of what exactly a Palliative Care program was at first, so here is Dr. Sidney Aldridge to tell you in her own words...
There are now many little patients who are living longer and better because of our advances in medical technology  but they do live with very complicated medical problems, and many will unfortunately still die at a young age. As you can imagine, this is a very difficult journey for these little children and their families.
A new specialty has emerged in Pediatrics to help these most special patients called Palliative Care. The Palliative Care team would like to provide support for a family at the initial diagnosis, then all along the course of that child's life, and finally, help the family prepare for their child's death.
    The Palliative Care team helps the child with symptom and pain relief, and also provides much needed psychological and spiritual support for the child, their siblings and parents during these very difficult times. The team consists of physicians, nurses, social workers, child life specialists, psychologists, and spiritual leaders, such as ministers, priests, and rabbis. The Palliative Care team wants to help a little child live as well as possible for as long as possible, and then help make the end of that child's life be as pain-free and peaceful as possible.
As you can imagine, it takes very special people to be able to practice Palliative Care.  This kind of treatment requires hours and hours with each patient and family, and is not adequately funded by insurance companies.  We rely on wonderful charity organizations such as the Careity Foundation here in Ft Worth to provide this much needed care.  The Careity Foundation has an amazing charity event, a Western-themed Gala called "Branded" here every August to raise money for our new Palliative Care program here at Cook Childrens Medical Center, and they have provided us with immeasurable support.
The project got more exciting for us when we were invited to the hospital to bring our chair to the kids.

The chair in progress!

We even got some unexpected help from a pony on roller skates.

The final product looks great, as you can see! 
We put four coats of lacquer on the chair to seal the scribbles. 


My mom and I have both been so excited to share this fun project with our readers-my mom has also posted about this on her blog Atlantis Home
The chair will now be auctioned off at the annual Branded event. 
For more information, visit their website. 
Again, thank you Dr. Sidney Aldridge for helping us get involved in this event!

We look forward to doing more projects like this-in fact, we have three more chairs in the works! 
We plan to auction some smaller chairs on eBay in the near future-we'll let you know more as this project develops.


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Photo of Megan

Awww that is soo awesome!!!
Good luck with making a lot of money for the charity! Its good to see people doing things for other people :D

Photo of Michelle

That's really thoughtful of you and your mom!

Photo of DUSKIN

This is a great idea, and looks amazing! Congrats!

Photo of carteblanche

what a great idea! hope it's auctioned off for a lot! what's the starting bid?

Photo of Andrew Jones

Awww what a great idea guys! It's always nice to see when people give back :). Tried looking on the site, but do you have to be present to bid/win?


Photo of Vee

Great idea. The chair would look good in my appartment :D

Photo of Natt

Wow that turned out really good, great idea

Photo of Dominika

Wonderful action, when I look on this chair's pictures and colurs I fell ... well happy ( this word can't show my really emotions :p)
You and Your mom must be really great personalities.

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

it turned out pretty well.
and it's great to do anything to help out kids :)

Photo of Brooke

Amazing, both the cause and the chair! Such a fun, creative way to raise some money for charity.

Photo of Cris M.

Wow, this is a beautiful project, great idea, so generous and sweet.. congrats :)

Photo of AGNE

what a wonderful idea, the chair looks amazing!

Photo of quelle

wow it really turned out great! i actually love it more than the sofa! i'm happy to hear that you'll continue this endeavour. :)

Photo of Kelly

Great idea, Jane! I am in charge of fundraising at a non-profit in Fort Worth, and we so appreciate when people in the community get involved - especially with unique ideas. I love your blog, keep that passion alive...Branded is such a great cause, and maybe I'll see you there!

Photo of Tara

What an incredible idea -- and it turned amazing!!!!

Photo of Becca

This is such a wonderful idea for such a great great cause. Not to mention that that chair looks fabulous!

Photo of Romi

This project is amazing! I really wish you the best of luck with it

Photo of Raji

Thats such a lovelyyy idea and amazing of you and your mum to organizee
Looks great tooo :)

Photo of The Lady

The chair came out absolutely beautiful and what a sweet and thoughtful way to donate to a cause :-D

Photo of Leia

This is fantastic!

Photo of Barbro

This is just awesome! I love it, thank you for sharing it with us!

Photo of Hannah

what a beautiful project! i love the organic nature of childrens artwork. what a whimsical peice, perfect for any playroom or living room!

Photo of TR

I will be thinking about this beautiful chair all day and wondering what you and your mom will come up with next. I love the chair and would like to try this technique sometime!

Photo of maria

This is such an amazing idea.

You and your mom are such beautiful and giving people!!

Photo of KatB

This is so awesome!
I was wondering...
Can you still use the chair to sit in after it is lacquered or would the pressure make the finish on the canvas crackle and peel?
Thanks for sharing!

Photo of Kylie

That's so cute! It turned out so perfect, and for such a good cause! A really great a idea, I hope it brings in a ton of money for the program. The kids must have a lot of fun too, they're actually ALLOWED to draw on the furniture!

Photo of Brittany

This is actually Gorgeous. Wow.

There you go, Saving the world.

Photo of marieta

I have fallen in love with the chair

Photo of Amalie

what an amazing job, the chairs looks awesome!

Photo of Davina

What an excellent idea!! I love how creative the chair looks, with added touches from each of the kids. You and your mom have such big hearts! : ) Keep it up, I'm sure the children truly appreciate this!

Photo of Annie

it's awesome to see you guys doing this! the chair turned out great!

Photo of Sarah

This is such a beautiful and unique idea- one that I would love to recreate in my own area! I'm actually a founding member of a fashion club at my school, and although this doesn't have too much to do with fashion, we are always looking for new, fresh ideas to raise money for organizations and charities. Thanks for sharing, and good luck!

Photo of Anna

What a fantastic idea!! Such a great cause, and I bet the kids had fun doing it too :)

Photo of Anna

That is actually very pretty! Lovely idea!

Photo of alison

what a great idea - i love how you saw something, you were inspired by it, and made it into a great cause!

Photo of Simone

that's just brilliant. that chair looks absolutely lovely! the kids and the pony must've been so happy to have that chair to decorate.

Photo of Brigadeiro

What an absolutely brilliant idea! And the chair looks magnificent!

Photo of melanie

that chair is 100000x times better than the one in vogue! The kids are so creative and so colorful! I hope it gets auctioned for a ton of money! It would look amazing in a playroom.

Photo of kirsty

Such a great cause. You guys are doing great stuff xoxoox

Photo of joe

how weird, my aunt has a room in her house where the decor is very similar to this! I think she had it "professionally" done though because she only let me put my initials on a canvas stool. :/


Photo of Katie

that is an absolutely outstanding idea and the chair camp out beautiful!!!


Photo of Isabel

It looks great! What an amazing job you guys did. I'm really glad to see that apart from being a style icon you're also a very sweet person. Congratulations!


Photo of HarbourMaster

A thoughtful project and a beautiful result.

Photo of  Midge

Sweet! Good cause and fun results! :)

Photo of sayin'

congratulations on finally doing something for other people with yr money, time and privilege.

Photo of Cooper Tee

This is an AMAZING project! I love the chairs and helping a good cause!

Photo of bbb

amazing. i admire you and your mother very much.

Photo of trisha

oh that just breaks my heart :( that was great of you, though, and the chair looks amazing

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