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July 21, 2009

Living Room




Wearing a Kaylee Tankus leather jacket from BuyDefinition in Austin
a Jelly Garcia skirt I purchased in Laforet in Tokyo
Miu Miu studded ankle boots

:) This was fun to shoot-it was raining, so my mom and I just dragged some lights out and shot each other. Took my hair a few shades darker when I went to the salon this weekend too...I like it a lot!


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Photo of the Six Six Sick Girls

These pictures are beautiful, and you really make that Kaylee Tankus jacket look good. Makes me wish I had ordered one of their leather jackets when I was working at the showroom!


Photo of Fitz

Give me your hair.
No wait, that's a bit creepy.
Keep your hair. You look better in it anyway.

Love this outfit, specially the skirt.

Photo of Cruz

Wow your outfit is beautiful. I like your hair darker!

Photo of veronica

i love the darker hair!

Photo of quelle

perfect outfit. love the darker hair.

Photo of Nahal

this is incredible!
I love your look, and the pictures are amazing!

you look like a porcelain doll!



Photo of Rebekka

Your hair looks really good a few shades darker!
Love those boots.

Photo of The Stiletto Effect

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Photo of Denise

I really LOVE the first picture!

Photo of Christine

Your hair colour makes you look alot more mature!

These photos are so gorgeous and great outfit as always.

Photo of stylecrusader

I love the drapey-ness of this outfit, and the hardness of the boots. Very nice!


Photo of cindy

can you please tell us if that is a corgi in the last pic???? what a cute dog!

Photo of Jacqueline

Those Miu Miu studded ankle boots are amazing!! Love the new hair color :)

Photo of alison

this shoot is AMAZING!!

What camera lens did your mom use, and what type of lighting? i want to re-create a shoot like that!! Please do share!


Photo of Annie

I like the new haircolor! It makes you look more mature somehow =)

Amazing outfit as always. I love the different textures and the whole romantic feel. So beautiful!

Photo of flora

i love the colours, the lighting, the clothes and the dogs.

Photo of Rachel

Ooh - I love this shoot! Colours look great together. Like the hair too!

Photo of Justina

Loove the new hair!

Photo of ava

I LOVE the skirt AND the jacket And the boots And the pics! <3 Ava

Photo of stylefyles

love the way this outfit is put together

Photo of tara

Wow, loooove your new hair colour!!

Photo of brittanijoy

that warmer blonde looks sooooo pretty on your skin tone

Photo of Michelle Elford

wow!! gorgeous pictures and jacket!! and i LOVE your AND your boots :)

Photo of fashion roadkill

Love your hair! And the first picture is amazing..the outfit is perfection espesh those boots!!


Photo of Kashaya

Amazing pictures and I love the outfit, especially the shoes!

Photo of Michelle

The darker hair is very flattering!


Really like darker hair on you! And ahhh those boots, I'm smitten.

Photo of Leia

I love your new hair color! And those Miu Mius are just to die for :)

Photo of maria

Stunning photos. The lighting is so lush!!

Your new hair color looks amazing on you!! Perfect for the coming season.

Photo of Jade bath

love the darker color on you, and the jacket is exquisite.


Photo of Nadia

i like the hair . looks like lauren conrad .

Photo of Thomas E.K.

That jacket reminds kind of John Galliano's fall 2006. Looks incredible with the skirt.

Photo of Kelly

everything looks amazing together, great pieces!


Photo of lisa @ luxe

great boots! and like the darker hair, better contrast with your skin.


Photo of Andrew J

That jacket is absolutely amazing! You have such a great eye for finding pieces.

As always, love the shoes and great choice for fall with going a little darker with the hair. In the third pic down you look so much like your mother. Great post!

P.S. Not sure if you or your mom shot the lights and twigs but that shot is beautiful.

Me & Marisa

Photo of Nora

i love your outfit as usual! saw your vogue editorial when it came in the mail, love everything you and your mom was wearing!

Photo of Cari

your hair looks darker, i like it!

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

i love how mix black and nude and of course texture. the new haircolor looks amazing on you!

Photo of bee

this hair color is amazing for you. much warmer. love it.

Photo of Lake

your hair looks fantastic!

Photo of jamie clare

love the hair, the outfit, the shoes, the lighting, the room, the everything. you are truly a stunning beauty, miss jane. amazing.

Photo of The Tart

The Pups are adorable .. Bet they are happy to have their family back home!!

The Tart
; *

Photo of (always)alanna

i absolutely love this post. that outfit is fabulous! and i love the decor!

Photo of AL

Your skin always looks amazing in the photos. Do you use any make-up? If so, what brands?

Photo of amy

really like the hair color & the shoes...& the jacket

Photo of Vanessa

The new hair color looks lovely!

Photo of em

was gonna say your hair looks darker it looks great!

Photo of Kate

ok wow. sheesh does everything you do have to be perfect? :) haha cuz it is!
i got to like the 3rd pic and i was like gasp! her hair! looks good ;)
living room was amazing, love the outfit, everythings great!!


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