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July 10, 2009

Holt Renfrew Windows-& back from Tokyo!

I am very honored to have been featured in the fashion-blogger window display unveiled at Holt Renfrew last Friday-thanks so much to John Gerhardt, HR's creative director, for organizing this-all of the windows look amazing! I wish I lived in Canada so I could see them in real life. 
Thank you so much to the kind readers who sent in photos of the windows-including K at Such Fun Things, Tricia Campbell, who even posted videos of all of the windows. Check them out at her blog.
Other windows include The Sartorialist, Jak & Jil, Garance Dore, Bryan Boy, and Anita Clarke. What a privilege to be featured among my favorite blogs-thank you again Holt Renfew for paying tribute to bloggers!

I'm back from Tokyo-it feels AMAZING to be back.
I really appreciate all of the feedback from my readers during my stay in Tokyo-I am so pleased to hear so many of you guys enjoyed it's photo documentation!

Some parting images from Japan (wearing this insane top & cardigan I bought from Fur Fur)

If this post is brief, its because I'm preparing for a cookout with my friends and family tonight...I missed them so much while I was gone!
xo Jane


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Photo of connie

That's amazing!It looks just like you.


Photo of connie

and the cardigan is beautiful

Photo of Style Scientist

Congratulations, Jane! You're a celebrity in the blogosphere now.

Photo of Eli

thats so awesome!!!
you must be thrilled!
god i'm so jealous i'd love that to happen for me

Photo of thischicksgotstyle

That's great!!
Lovely outfit as well :)

Photo of Nahal

you are so amazing!
the window looks awesome


Photo of Andrew Jones

Congratulations on the window display! So glad to see you're back from Tokyo. Totally been missing your blog posts!

Me & Marisa

Photo of coin-operated ninja

Woah you look ultra! ;) And congrats on the window display!

Photo of chloe

great for you! you look amazing!

Photo of Sheila

Wow, they really captured your style and I love how they played around with the name of your blog. I want the skirt and the black satchel behind her! Love your cardigan too :)


Photo of mr. freddy's mom

welcome home, jane and judy!
oh boy, that top is absolutely beautiful!

Photo of Benji

You dress a lot better than those mannequins!
Some of them don't look like your style of dress at all :(

Photo of Ana

i wish i had my own window! i'm so jealous!
you look great in the last picture! nice outfit.

Photo of Megan

looking forward to future posts :)
congrats on the window!

Photo of Belinda Visag

Wow!! that's really amazing!!
Nice outfit!!!

Photo of Pearl Westwood

Welcome back Jane! Wow isn't it a bit freaky how they made the manequins look like you! How absolutely fantastic!!! - please tell us more about fur fur x

Photo of Lindsay

I love that window display for you! They really got your style right there.

Photo of kiah k.

Is that in Vancouver, or Toronto?

Photo of k604bc

YW Jane! I think that's a sign that you're next destination should be CANADA - Vancouver in particular!

Photo of ava

Hi Jane!! I LOVE the top and cardigan AND the store windows. I am glad you are back. <3 Ava

Photo of alison

what an honor - you deserve it! your blog is such a pleasure to read!!

Photo of bc chloe

ahh i'm going to canada on sunday and will SO look out for your window display!

Photo of millie

you deserve it! your style is fab, as well as your blog.
i was looking at older posts, and the stuffed siamese cat was one of my favorite things to see in the photos, haha.
keep it up :)

Photo of sd

wow i love that top!!
and that's so exciting that you got featured in a window
...wonder if they used the shoes you designed? haha

Photo of patricia

What an AWESOME top. I'd love to more pictures of it to see all of the details!

Photo of Carol

Welcome back to the United States! The cardigan looks amazing, as does the window displays!! Enjoy the cookout!

Photo of joe

welcome back and congrats on your amazing accomplishments. The windows, urbanoufitters, magazines, webpages etc. You're onna roll! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK Jane.


Photo of Jennifer

The Holt Renfrew windows featuring YOU look amazing! Holts is my
store for designer goods and contemporary wear. I was planning on hitting
Bloor St., on my next trip to Toronto in a few weeks. I hope the window displays are
still there. I was planning on wearing the vintage Dushante pants I bought from Atlantis Home.
I'll be sure to take some pics!

Photo of maria

That's so amazing, what an honor!!

It's so nice to sleep in your own bed after being away for so long.

Photo of Brigadeiro

The Holt Renfrew display was SO cool!

LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit! What shoes are those? And have you changed something about your makeup while in Japan? Absolutely loved it! Especially the eyeliner & fresh-everything else :)

Photo of Style Odyssey

i am nearly speechless over that Fur Fur top and cardigan. to say it's gorgeous is an understatement. anyway, i just adore it, especially with the white Ann Ds, which are so versatile in white- i have them too. : )
the window displays are incredibly eye-catching. it must have been surreal to first see the photos, the way they've depicted the blog and your various looks- very, very cool. the visual merchandiser(s) & creative director did an outstanding job, it appears!

Photo of Winnie

That window display is amazing, what an honour and how lucky you are!

Also that cardigan is so beautiful! I adore it!

Photo of chris

i loveeee your top!

Photo of maggie/noirohio vintage

CONGRATS! the window looks awesome. welcome home

Photo of strawberry fields

that is an amazing cardigan jane!

Photo of Kate

wow the window is pretty...awesome. :) congrats!


Photo of Kay

OMG, I have to check out that window! I noticed the Sartorialist, but I didn't see you!

I'll take another look.


Photo of Kelly

Amazing display! You always look great ;)

Photo of Sophiemei

im so great u back home now
thank u provided many photos to our life from Tokyo
and i really like ur window in HR
all about Jane's style
then HR has really really amazing idea too!!!

Photo of Isabel

That top is incredible it must be super hard to picture it outside a store and buy it!!
congrats on the display, those glasses look just like yours!

Photo of Kristin

I'll be in Vancouver next week, can't wait to see this.

Photo of Tallulah

And the RICH keep on getting RICHER.

Photo of grace

wow, that's so cool!congrats!!The top is amazing, so intricate.

if you could take a look at my blog, that would be GREATLY appreciated!

Photo of Annie Spandex

Wow, the mannequins really look like you!!! Incredible... Just shows what a signature you have :)

Photo of Emma

wooohooo go canada! That is so amazingly cool that you got to be in one of their window displays.

Photo of Hannah

what an honor! im insanely jealous of your trip to japan - it sounds amazing! i hope you have a good time getting over the jet lag.

Photo of AK

oh my goodness that jacket/cardigan is beyond words- LOVE IT!! Also, a window display! GIRL that is fantastic congrats!!!

Photo of gennie

the window looks amazing! and the last shot of you is so gorgeous :)

Photo of Alyssa

It's time to take a trip to Bloor/Younge!

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