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July 01, 2009

Hanging Out with Nao

First things first, a big thank you to the reader who reccomended Brown Rice Cafe to me-it's my new favorite. I've grabbed lunch there the past two days with my mom. 

An exciting find right next to Brown Rice Cafe was the Crayon House-a kids book and toy store, which also has an organic cafe downstairs. 


The kids books there were sooo cute...wish I could read them.

I'd like to know what this book was about...can't read japanese but I'm pretty sure the title is Satan Rides the Big Queef.

Loved this one about a kindly furry turd monster.

Upstairs at the Crayon House was the toy floor(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Mom and I were wanting to bring all of these cool toys home and then we saw this big siamese kitty......

and suddenly kitty was the only thing that mattered to us. We were getting so lonely without our pets, this kitty was the perfect solution. It was immediately decided that the kitty would be our constant companion.


We've only just picked out a name for the kitty: her name is Nao.

Went back to Brown Rice Cafe yesterday-with Nao in tow. 

Nao likes to ride in my mom's Prada bag.

Yesterday I wore a men's tee from Urban Outfitters, a skirt from a japanese label I can't seem to remember, Natalia Brilli amp cord neckalce and Nolex watch, and Martin Margiela cowboy boots.


Mom wears Hysteric Glamour jeans, Nakkna dress, and orange flip flops

Did some shooting in Harjuku again yesterday-it's nice to shoot here because no one ever says 'no' to having their picture taken.



We've found that Nao causes a scene wherever she goes...it's hilarious, people cannot keep their shit together when they see this cat!! Flocks of old ladies were attacking us yesterday...a chorus of 'kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii's followed Nao wherever she went. A group of girls even started doing a totally hysterical imitation of Nao's floppy arms when we were walking down the street with her.

Nao and I posed for a streetstyle blog.

Nao has made many friends since we freed her from the Crayon House. 

Keiko from Anniversaire Cafe with Nao. 

Here is Kohta again, posing with Nao!

It's raining again today-I think my mom and I are going to take Nao to the aquarium. C ya later.


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Photo of julia

I think I'm gonna go to japan just to flirt with that waiter... And then marry him and kids and live happily ever after...ahh a girl can dream anyways.

Photo of Brigadeiro

Ooh! Nao is too cute! She looks beautiful perched in your mom's Prada! Love your outfit, especially those degrade MM boots, and your mom looks fab as well, of course! :) Man, your pics are amazing! What camera are you using?

Photo of sd

haha! wow that's too cute!
lol Nao should get his own blog! haha

Photo of mieke

Nao is the twin of my siamese, Rama! what a wonderful trip you are having. thanks so much for all the info. can't wait to see more.

Photo of Kallie

Nao is so adorable, great post... (I've been a follower of your blog for a bit, love it!)

Photo of Zarna

i really love that skirt - it looks wonderful on you!

also, what kind of camera are you using? im looking to buy a digital slr and i love your photos :)


Photo of ava

Hi Jane, I LOVE the skirt with the boots. I adore the boots and all the dynamite pics! <3 Ava

Photo of Gabriela

love Nao ^.^

love the outfit too!
i'd like to know more about that skirt, it's magnificent, I can't figure what's the fabric, and the construction of it just by the pic... =/

Photo of Gabriela

also Nao means 'No' in portuguese..

Photo of KAMI

NAO is adorable!!!! XOXOXO

Photo of Belle

ah ha ha TOO FUNNY! love the photos! everyone seems to be smiling and laughing in them, i guess it's the power of nao!
also that skirt is awesome. i must have it.

Photo of the fashion kiwi

So so so so funny. You are so lucky to be able to visit this amazing place and do these things!

So awesome you were featured on a street style blog as well with your kitty.

love the fashion kiwi


Photo of kate

I was smiling and half-laughing at times when I read this post. It's very entertaining. Thank you for sharing with us your adventures in Tokyo! Keep posting! :)

Kate from http://www.theleftlook.com

Photo of Christine

Oh my gosh, Nao is such a great pet!

I love that skirt, great outfit.

These Japan posts are the best :D

Photo of PlanBVintage

i think you just started a new trend - catcessories! that is too funny and too kawaiiii!

Photo of JHE'ANELL


Photo of fashion roadkill

I loved this post! Tons of eye candy!! I love that people are so cool about getting their pics taken in Harajuku. Nao is so adorbs.


Photo of jem

Nao is so cute... i love reading about your adventures in tokyo, i'm quite envious! please check out my blog at http://framestheworld.blogspot.com/ thanks!

Photo of soph (owl vs. dove)

This post is so full of happiness! Love the photos of Nao + everyone. So freakin' cute!

Photo of Vanessa

Nao is such a cutie! I'm sure she's glad you freed her from the Crayon House and that she gets to enjoy fame and adventure. Your outfit is so cute, too-- it's no surprise you got your picture taken for a street style blog.

Photo of Mercury

Is Nao suppose to be a girl or a boy? I guess the title of this post should have been: "Responsible Pet Ownership"....LOL....because you have such ardent compassion for animals. bE sAFe!

Mercury ;)

Photo of Gaby

omg! Nao is so cute, i just want to hug it :), i love your outfit, especially the boots they are soo. . texas! lol, i'm from Mexico, but i live near texas, and i just love those boots they remind me a lot of the cowboys i see walking the streets nearly every day.

Photo of ann

haha, you and your mom are so funny. Nao looks so real. (:

Photo of Libby

It's so amazing how in all these pictures everyone has humongous wide smiles... Nao is definitely a charmer!

Photo of chelsea

Great pictures, although I laughed at the thought of you taking the belt/crotch street snap.
Also I agree with the comment above, cat carrying shall definately become a trend :)

Photo of The Beauty File

I think you and your mom are cheeky & glamorous at the same time! You two make a great pair! So stylish & clever! I hope Nao has fun at the aquarium! {tell her to leave those fish alone!} Your blog is totally great, you guys are truly talented!

Photo of Zilla

Ha, that cat is awesome!! For the best green tea I've ever had in my life go to The Westin in Ebisu. I wasn't much of a green tea fan until I had it there. Now I've been looking all over Australia to find just as good!

Photo of Annie

you guys are too cute! i love how you and your mom are the best of friends and go childishly delightful with toys!


The title of the satan book is something like "crying red devil"- but my Japanese is not so hot.

Photo of Crystal

I'm dying! That is too funny about Nao...

Photo of Margarita

It looks like you're having the greatest time!! Love Nao - so cute :)

Photo of quelle

what a cute kitty. ^.^ also wondering what you're wearing in the first photo of you with nao..?

Photo of piglet

Aww its so cute how you took Nao everywhere!

Photo of ragil mega

I LOVE your ensemble here.. I want your skirt!!
and I'm officially in love with the boots!

Photo of Nicole Then

omg!! he is so cute and funny too! thanks for making me laugh and smile. lol

Photo of Ke

You know, I scrolled down and saw "Satan Rides the Big Queef" and promptly lost it. Too funny! That will be stuck in my mind all night! Enjoyed the post. :)

Photo of Dana

I had a friend who had a similar concept to Nao
He bought a stuffed giraffe in southern Argentina while backpacking, named it Fernando
all his ensuing facebook albums featured Fernando in exotic locations throughout south america, it was hilarious

Photo of Kathlene

I really don't understand the fascination with Nao and stuffed animals in general. Lol this post just made me laugh because I thought that was so weird. I'm at a loss for words...maybe its just me. Great streetstyle pictures.

Photo of H.

(new reader here)

love the shots of your adventures in Japan! Amazing how Nao is bridging you with the locals, as well as the common ground you share with all the fashionable Harajuku/Omotesando strollers. I was in Japan during late May and I wanted to get more stylish shots of everyone here but left after barely two weeks - your shots take me back and put a smile on my face.

Photo of dani

i've been following your blog for a while but never commented (i don't think... maybe once, can't remember), but i just had to say something. this is hilarious, i am laughing so hard. you have a great sense of humor with your description of the children's books and toting around Nao. your blog is great. keep up the good work! oh and also, your outfit went in my inspiration folder... thanks!

Photo of majo

nao is so cool!
ive got a frog (kermit from the muppets) that i take with me everywhere i travel, and i take him pictures as well like in the coliseum in rome or the eiffel tower, i dont know if u had watch the film "Amelie" that she gets pictures from the neightbours garden gnome everywhere in the world. well i do that with coco, thats how i call kermit. maybe sometime they are going to meet up. great shoes btw.
bests regards

M, from argentina

Photo of alyse

i love the Nao, she is so cute :)

xx. A

Photo of macky styledump.com

this was so fun! I'm enjoying your trip as if i'm with you guys! hahaha such fun!

Photo of caitie

hahah that's HILARIOUS!! i don't how you can find so many people willing and WANTING to share the joy of a stuffed animal.
look fabulous, by the way!

Photo of Hanh, Life-in-travel

how fun!!!

I Love all the pics of Japanese people.

And love your outfit with MMM cowboy boots!!!


Photo of daphne

What a beautiful little kitty! I love her friend pics. What a popular girl. And you look stunning in blue!!

Photo of anN

I Love this post:) Meet the Nao :D

Photo of Cruz

AW Nao! Hahah that's so adorable! Ahh the style there is amazingg. :p

Photo of mari

Love your shirt and skirt ;)

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