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July 27, 2009

Gorilla Girl

Sorry for the recent slowdown in updates! There has been a computer tragedy and I am currently without laptop. Other than that I have been pretty busy these last few days working on some exciting projects-I was in New York earlier this week and it was a blast! I can't wait for NY fashion week.

Here are some pictures taken a month or two ago by Bret Sano-I borrowed my mom's Christopher Kane gorilla dress for this shoot :) Thanks, Mom!








Wearing Christoper Kane dress with Givenchy patent leather bondage wedges, vintage belt, and a Cassette Playa jacket.
I am OBSESSED with the flame jacket. Obsessed!! Such a good purchase.

Hopefully my computer situation is resolved soon! Until then.
xo Jane


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Photo of iyam

aaaah love that dress!!! :) you look great!!


Photo of versastyle

love the givenchy wedges pic...

Photo of Sophia

I LOVE christopher kane he is so talented you totally rock the look as well love the Givenchys as well they are killer.

Photo of Little Clementine

That dress is incredible, I give your mom major props.
Oh and I like your hair a bit darker. It looks awesome!

Photo of Kristen

Gorgeous shots! Lovelovelove the shoes!

Photo of ...love Maegan

cute ...I love the third from the bottom!!! it's great on both you and your mom

Photo of Charlotte Drene

You are as cute as a button!

Photo of Karen

the shoes are fantastic!

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

it sounds exciting, jane!
i can't wait to see your pics from NY!

nice outft!


Photo of Ava

Those Givenchy wedges get me every time-- FABULOUS, DARLING!! ...and that Christopher Kane dress is OK, too, I guess ;)


Photo of Stylecrusader

I will always love that Christopher Kane dress! Great pictures

Photo of Nini's Style

Hi Jane,
Love the dress on you. You're just a beautiful girl :)

Photo of Victoria

What I love about you is that you really take risks and you aren't afraid about what people will say about your fashion choices. Although I won't personally choose that Christopher Kane Gorilla dress for myself, you really pull it off! Nothing screams more "I am fashionista, hear me roar!" than this dress. It really works for you, and I'm digging the gold mouse belt! Very adorable. I like how you offset your cute ensemble with those patent leather Givenchy bondage heels--very unexpected, yet styled very well!

Hope your computer gets fixed! I love reading your posts!!


Photo of Cinthoa

I love your shoes!!

Photo of ava

Hi Jane!!!! A new post! I LOVE everything. <3 <3 Ava

Photo of xAZD

these are such great pictures! i remember when you bought those shoes from yoox..uhh stalker, sorry :) it's a fabulous dress.

Photo of carlyjcais

The wedges are fantastic and I love the dress...I'm working on a DIY of it so hopefully I'll post some pictures soon!

Fantastic, as always!


Photo of Christine

That dress is SOOO amazing, definitely a collector's item!


Photo of Jen

That flame jacket is badasssss. Loving it. Especially with the Christopher Kane.


Photo of Emma

Ahhhh christopher kane! I love it

Photo of Kelly

amazing photos! It's crazy how the shirt looks 3D!


Photo of Jennifer

I love your little mouse belt, too cute!



Photo of lisa from london

this outfit is great. good luck with the computer stuff. i know how annoying that can be! awesome dress x

check out my blog at

Photo of nicole

babe that dress suits you waayy more than you mom. perfect length!

Photo of Bisou-joue

Great outfit, this dress is so great !!! You look so beautiftul on those pictures !
I 'll kill for these givenchy wedges : so great !!

Photo of Annabel

i LOVE LOVE LOVE those wedges! and the badass gorilla dress, d'oh. you wear it too well :)


Photo of Carla

Hello Jane!!! I'm Carla from Italy!!! I <3 your blog!!! and I'd like to talk about you in my blog called "Confessioni di una fashion victim incompresa" in english is "Confessions of a misunderstood fashion victim"...
Let me know what you think!!!


Photo of zana

I'm moving to NYC TOMORROW MORNING. See you there? ;-)


Photo of Julia

i hate to sound like a stalker but were you at JFK on saturday? because i was and i kept staring at this one girl thinking it could be you but i wasn't sure
and it was in the security line and i was staring hahaha
but i couldnt tell if it was u or not

Photo of Suzanne

love the wedges and belt!

Photo of Kim

I love the pic of the wedges, they're great!

Photo of Somewhere Here

You look amazing! The dress looks wonderful on you.


Photo of amanda

fingers crossed that the title of this post is a reference to the guerrilla girls!

Photo of Dominika

I'm totally in LOVE with your heels, top and the belt.

I couldn't find any top with gorilla in my city but I got one with a tiger ^^. It's really cool is well.

Photo of Brigadeiro

Such amazing pics! LOVE LOVE LOVE your Givenchy's...

Photo of T

the christopher kane gorilla dress looks great on you! the third picture looks unreal!


Photo of thischicksgotstyle

You look great and the pictures are very good!

Photo of Isabel

oommmgg, it's the Christopher Kane dress. I'm actually in love with it.
((So Jealous))
The photos look unbelievable.



Photo of Pearl Westwood

Great photos Jane, I adore that dress, its nice to see how differently you and your mum work items, I got the gorilla Tshirt and love it soooooo much x

Photo of Miriam

very beatfiul, so very beatfiul :)

Photo of heleen

I love the darkness of the dress combined with the luminous jacket - purrrfect mix!

Photo of Ewa - playwithfashion

Lovely outfit! U look amazing!

Photo of h

LOVE everything.

That Kane dress is stunning, as are those Givenchy shoes and I LOVE how you mixed in some Cassette Playa too - great stuff.


Photo of Lily

Adore the christopher kane dress with the black skirt and those givenchy wedges are to DIE for!x


Photo of Isabel

You are seriously rocking that gorilla dress! I love how it looks with the belt.

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