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July 19, 2009

Featured in the August issue of Vogue

The last time we were in New York my mom and I had the opportunity to do a shoot with Vogue-needless to say it was an amazing experience and ridiculously exciting!

Vogue august

There was a mistake though: I must note that my mom and I are NOT from Austin, TX but from Dallas, TX. Whoops ;)

Here are some pictures we snapped behind the scenes during the shoot...

The crew was really awesome and it was lovely meeting some of Vogue's editors! 

Very excited to share this with our readers-hope you enjoy!
xx Jane


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Photo of Fitz

i cant believe i actually bought amreican vogue. Sigh, the things I do to support badass bloggers in the press...

Photo of Fitz

pst i'd tell you how amazing you look, but I have a feeling there are going to be 1469 other comments saying exactly that and im a radical noncomformist. But yeah, you look good. Love that Marc Jacobs dress.

Photo of Nadia

oh my god darlin you are amazizng oh hey i have link to a song you might like called JANE
click here http://rcrdlbl.com/artists/Golden_Isles/track/Jane
to listen click STREAM .
hope you listen to it lol

Photo of alana

austin texas?

Photo of Stella

I think that it is really amazing that both you and your mom got the chance to do something so unique and exciting. You both have really amazing style and AMAZING SHOES!


Photo of S.Elisabeth

AMAZING!! Insanely jealous, congrats =) I think I might pick up a Vogue now....

Photo of Mckenzie Dowler

I was so excited for you guys when I got my VOGUE this month! Congrats and keep it up girl you are gonna go FAR!

Photo of Fanny Trijayanti

Ahh.. gorgeus as always both of you.. please send my warm regards to ur family.

Photo of Sylvia

This is so fantastic! My favorite outfits for both of you was the first. You both brought your own something to it, but they were equally fabulous. I'm looking at my copy right now. Who knew when it came in the mail that you would be in it? So cool.


Photo of Style Scientist

Congratulations! You and your mom have become celebrities. You look smashing in that Marc Jacob dress.

Photo of Olga

congrats sweetie, it was definitely a plus to see that surprise when I skimmed through my issue...u guys are awesome!

Photo of Cruz

Congrats Jane! I saw that mistake too and I was like uh what

Photo of chicmuse

great. of vogue.did great outfits.


Photo of Grace

Luckiest girl in the world! A vogue shoot is fantastic!


Photo of MaeGal

Wow. Congratulations.
It's AMAZING how well you have done for yourself with everything. Your blog, your shoes, being feautred in magazines and in store fronts.
I would die to have just one part of your success. I'll just have to keep dreaming...

Congrats and keep up the great work!


Photo of Nnea

congrats on being featured in the magazine.!

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

congrats jane and judy!
i'm your #1 fahion fan lol!


Photo of Francisca

super kewl ! uve got HR window's n the VOGUE - have I mentioned --- VOGUE ^^
congrats !

Photo of Fashion Luvr

Congats. That is very awesome and inspirational for up & coming bloggers and fashionistas from everywhere!

Photo of mrjyn

i'm happy you scooped yourself. i had it, and with all the tabloids i've been reading lately, i almost...nah, the park shot makes me homesick.

Photo of duskin

congrats jane! so exciting!

Photo of Kelly

congratulations!!! beautiful photos!


Photo of blackbook

wow wow so amazing!!!

Photo of Flora

That is amazing to be in vogue...

Photo of ...love Maegan

how adorable and amazing! with your mom ..the cutest ever!

Photo of Thomas E.K.

Saw this on your moms blog yesterday and it's hella cool. Congrats!

Photo of Nahal

Even though I don't personally know you I feel so proud of you!

Congratulations! Soon we'll be hearing your name everywhere!



Photo of Maddy V

That is so exciting, congrats Jane! :)

Photo of candice chu

i love this post. congrats on making it into vogue!! that is freaking amazing. u deserve it.
u two are such a cute team.


Photo of Christine

Aww I saw this on your mom's blog, congratulations!!!

Photo of sune

seriously you and your mum have suck good style...

Photo of robby

oh dang i just saw this in vogue this morning! wow you guys did an amazing job. that's definitely one of the top things on my list of things to do before i die - to be in vogue!

Photo of The Shoe Girl

Oh BARF. As if we weren't jealous enough already.

seriously though- congrats. What a tremendous honor. You and your mom deserve it. :)

>always green with envy,

Photo of Emma

You know you've made it when you're in Vogue.

Photo of Victoria

Congratulations to you and your mom for being featured in Vogue! You both look amazing in your outfits and I love the way they are styled!



Photo of Amy (Fancy Find)

Good for you, Jane! Glad to see a fellow blogger rising in the ranks of the fashion world. Love the Marc Jacobs dress, by the way! You are fierce.

Photo of Jade Bath

Wow thats incredible that you were in vogue!
every single outfit is amazing, as usual.

You two are inspiration :)

Photo of Michelle Elford

that is so cool! and such an awesome article too!! did you do all the styling yourselves then? or sort of work with a styler.

I have an idea for you and your mom - I think you should do another shoe challenge - for longer this time! that was such a cool thing last time!

Photo of dana

your mom is so beautiful! i love this

Photo of thesil

Congrats Jane! you and your mom are almost celebrities!

Photo of samantha clark

i have to say i used to really like you now im im not so sure! my fondness is turning into jealously! good for you! love your blog!

Photo of eleanor

What an amazing achievement, congratulations! You look gorgeous.

Photo of catherine_sr.

What a fantasy mother-daughter outing! I'm looking forward to the August issue of Vogue... it looks like it has some good features in it.

Photo of Lucy

How surreal! I saw your pictures and I was like WOW she really did get famous xD

Photo of Brigadeiro

CONGRATULATIONS! Saw this on your mom's blog, and was amazed! Love that the pics are bigger here! :) You both look amazing! Can't wait to get my hands on this issue ;)

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