June 11, 2009



Wearing vintage silk pants, sheer tank top, YSL cage booties, and Proenza Schouler sunglasses

So last night I was taking these pictures in my dad's front yard when he comes running out of the house telling me to get in the car and find shelter because a tornado was on its way towards us. 
I think everyone who has lived in north Texas is used to tornado scares but this one came pretty close. Our houses and dogs were fine though. Waiting out storms is so boring-even more boring when they knock out your power for a long time.

I didn't get to take any pictures of the storm-bummer! 

Shelley was a little traumatized by it all, poor baby.

Well, in other news....eye love my YSL cage heels.


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Photo of MM

One of your simpler looks , absolutely stunning...
and the cage booties are gorgeouuuss..


Photo of Leia

I love the ribbon that you've tied in your shoes! So creative and pretty. And you look fab - those trousers are to die for!

Photo of ShoeZq

Ugh, I D.I.E. over those shoes!

Photo of EMILIE

I love your shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great look!
Classy, fabulous!

Photo of Penny

INSANE shoes!!! In my eyes, ribbon is NEVER wrong!! :)
--and that's scary with the tornado! I live in Houston, and we don't have them as much as farther north, but my next door neighbors shed was picked us and MOVED about 8 years ago--It's was scary, and it's still sitting in the new local-close to the back of the property. :)

Photo of Hannah

Ha, eye love them too. You look stunning here. I'm in love with those silk pants, they're such a great fit! Were they an ebay purchase?

Photo of Ava

That's definitely one of my favorite iterations of the cage boot-- sure to become a classic!


Photo of sd

i have to tell you the truth
i'm not that in love w/the cage heel
i think it's the heel that i don't like that much

Photo of Nadia

perfect top and heels

iam dying over them

Photo of Victoire

if a tornado came to vienna, the last thing i'd think about would be taking a picture of it (or maybe not? I am asian after all), because vienna's so small it'd all be wiped out :P
I really love the pants. very classically skinny. your hair looks especially nice! did you change something?

Photo of Lucie

wonderful shoes !!

Photo of Georgia

Nothing like a pair of cage heels to keep you entertained during a storm! Lovely sheer tank top also

It would be mine

Photo of Audrey

I love this outfit.
One of your simplest and one of you best.

As for the storm, I know exactly what you mean.
Lightning almost struck my backyard here in Southlake.
I've been waking up to the sound of thunder.

Photo of Carlijn

i've been looking for a pants exactly like yours for a while but can't find it!
yours is perfect

Photo of Aline

oh ! these are the pants of my dreams !
And the YSL sandals are fabulous.

Photo of Isabel

Jane, this outfit is FANTASTIC. You never cease to amaze.

Photo of Cad

Gorgeous outfit, beautiful shots too.
I work at H&M and we have similar pants for sale there,
I tried them on and they look more Super Saiyan on me,
And less amazing like they do on you,
But just to let you all know...
We've got some similar ones :)

Photo of fashion roadkill

Beautiful beautiful YSLs!!!! Very chic outfit.
Shelly is so adorable! I hope she's ok after the storm, poor baby.


Photo of Yves Martini

I just ADOOOORE my namesake's cage velvet-bowed shoes!
The color palette of nude & black is just my thing.
Really the shoes are the stunners in your outfit ;)


Photo of Dana

I love that last picture! Very artistic! Keep going with that! It looks like you've got a knack for it.

Photo of Miss Red

Your shoes are so amazing. they look really good with the white/black combo you wore with them. your dog does look a little frightened. i hope nobody else was hurt by the tornado.

Photo of Punkie

MY GOD! this sandals! I'm jelous! great look and the last pic.... it's stunning!

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

i love that little ribbon that comes around the shoe. it really makes it.
tornadoes are scary!! but im more familiar w/ hurricanes, atleast you have advanced warning with those.
is the garage the shelter?

Photo of Profashionelle

You look gorgeous, love that first picture and the YSL shoes look absolutely amazing!

Photo of Sarah

good gosh, those YSLs are to die for!

I have to ask, what do you products do you use in your hair? It's gorgeous!

Photo of Suzanne

A-MA-ZING shoes!

Photo of Mariëlle

Being from the Netherlands it is really hard to image what it must be like to wait out a storm, we never get tornados here. Your outfit is stunning, especially the shoes. Love the YSL's your mum has too though!

Photo of Stephhh

i love everything about this outfit! especially the shoes! :)


Photo of iole

this look is absolutely faboulous

Photo of colourscientist
colourscientist June 11, 2009 at 12:34 PM

looking at the pictures and realizing how you and those shoes belong together actually made me melt.

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

the YSL shoes are so heaven!
you always look fabulous, jane!

Photo of Bisou-joue

this is such a great outfit, and your silk pants are so beautiful ! I love your YSL caged heels, these shoes are so gorgeous !

Photo of tm

kansas here, what a joy to live in tornado alley. :\

Photo of Sara

those shoes look like actual magic.

they are amazing.

your face looks like a dolls, the make up is cool.

Photo of Robby D

It was pretty bad, it woke me up! Love you in the second pic. You dress so sophis for your age, I like it. =)

Photo of Lene

I love those shoes !!

Photo of Fashion CHALET

The ribbon on the YSL's is the icing on the cake !!!
My grandmother has the exact same dog, his name is "brownie"

Glad you're all safe and looking CHIC as ever. :)


Photo of StyleAntagonist.wordpress.com

Those shoe reminds me of a 3D-blueprint shoes :D Love it, though its not my favorite. Your outfit's ok, for the first time i'm seeing you putting on something simple and not diva-ish. Keep it up, for variety purposes. ;)

Photo of Hannah

My mom LOVES tornadoes - she'll spend an hour on youtube watching clips of them. We never get them in VA though. I love the simplicity of your outfit - very refined.

Photo of ava

Hi Jane, The cage sandals are beautiful and perfect. <3 Ava

Photo of Hanne Lekven

love all you outfits! great blog!

Photo of Nell

Seems so scary with tornados.
Love your blog! :D

Photo of is

what shoes!!!! i love the black ribbon

Photo of Vi

I thought I wasn't going to be able to leave the house today because of that tornado watch. Did you hear the massive thunder this morning?! Texas has the most random weather. Tomorrow it's supposed to be really hot.

Photo of Christine

I love how you were non-chalantly taking photos
right before a tornado!!! Glad you made it safe!

You look SIX FEET TALL in those pics, love the outfit!

Especially the shoes.

Photo of m

i love this more refined and sophisticated outfit, but i think the sunglasses really ruin it!! the shape does not fit your face at all and they kind of look like alien eyes

Photo of KD

Wow, scary!! But on a lighter note, I LOVE the outfit and the shoes! The ribbon is such an amazing touch. Imagine how awesome it would be with those whit circular SS08(?) Preonza sunglasses . . .

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