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June 17, 2009


This would be my last day in Los Angeles, tomorrow afternoon my mom and I are flying to Tokyo. I'm sooo tired from running around LA for three days.
We're staying in Santa Monica-am very happy to see a beach. We have a great view at the restaurant at the top of our hotel.


One of my favorite stops here in LA was at Maxfield.   
I love the sculptures outside the store.

Really windy and kinda chilly in LA this weekend.

Hence the dumb poses in these pictures! Wearing thrifted vintage leather shorts, YSL cage heels, Lillith blouse, and Prada bag.

Carol fondling my mom's Natalia Brilli leather-covered amp chord. 
Kinda looks like she has my mom on a leash. Not a bad idea considering some of her antics here in LA ;)

My mom (and I) are in love with her yellow Margiela clutch.

The Nolex by Natalia Brilli and her usual Omega Seamaster watch.

Hanging out at Betsey Johnson while my sister tried on some v. cute dresses.

We had a nice lunch at Sur on Monday.


The whole time we were here my younger sister wouldn't let me take her picture-she had all these cute outfits on, but she'd pull some weirdo face like this whenever the camera came out. What a jerk! Hahaha.
when we were driving around we kept seeing this poster for a new Jack Black movie and me, my mom, and my dad all agreed that Carol's crazy facial expressions made her look like Jack Black's would-be, could-be daughter. 

I did get one normal picture of her though-so pretty when she doesn't stick her tongue out at me ;) that isn't to say I don't love the pictures I get of her funny faces.

I didn't bring my camera out today but I was very happy to see Lucrecia (of Fashion is Poison)-had so much fun.
About to fall asleep at the keyboard at this point-goodnight and next time you hear from me, I'll be in Tokyo!
xo Jane

June 13, 2009



As I prepare for a very long trip I can't help but start to feel homesick already. Summer had only just started and I was enjoying myself at home.

I love waking up early and having tea in bed with a book.
It's even nicer when my puppies join me.



We just planted our garden too! I hope that the July heat doesn't make them droopy while we're gone.

Anyway, after enjoying my last morning in Texas I headed into Dallas with my mom to grab some lunch and look around Forty Five Ten.

So much pretty Dries.

Mom's outfit today 

Her signature stack of silver, along with an Omega Seamaster men's watch. 

Her equestrian Givenchy ankle boots-mom and I both flipped for these. Worn with waxed Levi's jeans. 


I didn't get too dressed up today-wearing a thrifted lace shirt, Miu Miu skirt, and my beloved new Chanel bow-tie booties.

More pics....


Are there words for how incredibly sweet these shoes are? Nope. They're kind of punky and cheeky at the same time though. I need to do a post about these shoes! I couldn't stop staring at my feet today.

Had a tasty lunch at the T Room at Forty Five Ten.
(Good iced tea is another thing I'll miss when I'm in Tokyo. Does anybody love iced tea like Texans do?)

My panini with brie and cranberries.

Mom's pear salad, tortilla, and vegetable panini.


After lunch we stopped at Grange Hall-while I was there I snapped a picture of these pretty flowers inside the store.

If you live near Dallas/in Dallas and haven't visited Grange Hall yet, you have to. It's like a very morbid and beautiful apothecary...not to mention they carry Natalia Brilli (!)

I snapped this picture of an old grain silo on our way into town. 
It reminded me of japanese boro textiles.


I'm going to miss seeing sights like this when I'm in Tokyo...I love the deserted landscapes of Texas. I want to take a road trip to Marfa when I get back from Tokyo!

Better start packing. I'm going to spend three days in Los Angeles with my family and then on Wednesday my mom and I are flying to Tokyo. We'll come back to Texas July 10th. 
I already miss my dogs so much. It's so hard to leave them. But I'm so excited I can barely stand it!

xo Jane

June 11, 2009



Wearing vintage silk pants, sheer tank top, YSL cage booties, and Proenza Schouler sunglasses

So last night I was taking these pictures in my dad's front yard when he comes running out of the house telling me to get in the car and find shelter because a tornado was on its way towards us. 
I think everyone who has lived in north Texas is used to tornado scares but this one came pretty close. Our houses and dogs were fine though. Waiting out storms is so boring-even more boring when they knock out your power for a long time.

I didn't get to take any pictures of the storm-bummer! 

Shelley was a little traumatized by it all, poor baby.

Well, in other news....eye love my YSL cage heels.

June 10, 2009


June 06, 2009


My mom and I went on outing this morning to do some research for our upcoming trip to Tokyo. It's only a week away!
We started out at Corner Bakery then made a run to the bookstore to get inspired.

You may wonder why I'm wearing a leopard faux-fur at the beginning of summer-because a) I felt like it and b) people crank up their air conditioning at full blast during the summer. It's freezing inside! I'm lying in bed wearing it. I may sleep in it.

Mom picked up this necklace from some dude's garage this morning, along with a couple of other treasures. Its a 'key to my heart necklace-kinda lame but actually really cool!!


Mom's Pamela Love claw & some other random beads.

Today I wore silk Dries van Noten boxing shorts, an American Apparel tank, thrifted sunglasses, Stella Mccartney sandals along with the vintage faux-fur and necklace. And my dinosaur Prada bag, as always!
Mom wore a vintage flannel, Donna Karan blazer, Gucci sunglasses, vintage jeans, and Alejandro Ingelmo ankle boots.

Counting the days until we get to Tokyo-we're going to be staying there for three weeks. I've been anticipating all year. I'll definitely be keeping you guys updated through the blog. 
xo Jane

June 05, 2009


Today I hung out with my mom, my sister, and my cousin at Northpark to have some lunch and do some shopping. Yesterday was our last day of school, so we were sort of celebrating the beginning of summer...I almost wimped out and stayed home (because I got like, three hours of sleep last night!) but I'm glad I didn't because it was one of the funnest times I've had in a long time-they make me laugh so hard.  

Mom and I picked out outfits together this morning...she has been eager to debut a breathtaking Christopher Kane dress. 
 It's a total collector's piece-I'm in awe of it. It feels incredible too! She says she'll let me borrow it sometime. Obviously not an offer I'm going to resist!!

The genius of this dress is that such a compellingly bizarre and barbarous statement has been put on such a conservative canvas....such dichotomy allows for some pretty reckless styling! This dress could seriously go with everything.
Today Mom paired it with vintage Levi's and Yves Saint Laurent cage booties today. (and her usual Ray Ban aviators and Prada tote)

After gassing up, we had a tasty lunch at La Duni.

My cousin Sidney on the left and sister Carol on the right!

After lunch...shoe shopping....lots of shoe shopping. There is more where this came from, but sadly my camera battery ran out...!

These Yves Saint Laurent cage heels are mine-I'm in love with them! I much prefer these to the mid-calf cage ankle boot. The velvet bow is genius.

Another shoe purchase...I've been lusting after these since day one! I can't seem to resist anything western-inspired. Guess it's just my undying appreciation for Texas...I've always had a thing for cowboy boots.

These are next level, though. The clean lines of this shoe, the double platform, that industrial-strength zipper-these Givenchys mean business....they're total shit-kicking shoes. Not to mention they are very comfortable for walking.

Today I wore a new dress I picked up at Seven in New York. The dress is Henrik Vibskov. I grabbed it because it was a total steal....and because I couldn't resist the hypnotizing print. I'm not even kidding, staring at this dress made my eyes hurt after a while today.

My headphones are from Eskuche for those who have asked!

And because everyday needs a soundtrack-today I choose Logic System's 1982 LP Venus.


Have a great summer everyone.
xo Jane

June 02, 2009




anja rubik 4 self service mag




Loving all three of these shots.


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