June 13, 2009



As I prepare for a very long trip I can't help but start to feel homesick already. Summer had only just started and I was enjoying myself at home.

I love waking up early and having tea in bed with a book.
It's even nicer when my puppies join me.



We just planted our garden too! I hope that the July heat doesn't make them droopy while we're gone.

Anyway, after enjoying my last morning in Texas I headed into Dallas with my mom to grab some lunch and look around Forty Five Ten.

So much pretty Dries.

Mom's outfit today 

Her signature stack of silver, along with an Omega Seamaster men's watch. 

Her equestrian Givenchy ankle boots-mom and I both flipped for these. Worn with waxed Levi's jeans. 


I didn't get too dressed up today-wearing a thrifted lace shirt, Miu Miu skirt, and my beloved new Chanel bow-tie booties.

More pics....


Are there words for how incredibly sweet these shoes are? Nope. They're kind of punky and cheeky at the same time though. I need to do a post about these shoes! I couldn't stop staring at my feet today.

Had a tasty lunch at the T Room at Forty Five Ten.
(Good iced tea is another thing I'll miss when I'm in Tokyo. Does anybody love iced tea like Texans do?)

My panini with brie and cranberries.

Mom's pear salad, tortilla, and vegetable panini.


After lunch we stopped at Grange Hall-while I was there I snapped a picture of these pretty flowers inside the store.

If you live near Dallas/in Dallas and haven't visited Grange Hall yet, you have to. It's like a very morbid and beautiful apothecary...not to mention they carry Natalia Brilli (!)

I snapped this picture of an old grain silo on our way into town. 
It reminded me of japanese boro textiles.


I'm going to miss seeing sights like this when I'm in Tokyo...I love the deserted landscapes of Texas. I want to take a road trip to Marfa when I get back from Tokyo!

Better start packing. I'm going to spend three days in Los Angeles with my family and then on Wednesday my mom and I are flying to Tokyo. We'll come back to Texas July 10th. 
I already miss my dogs so much. It's so hard to leave them. But I'm so excited I can barely stand it!

xo Jane


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Photo of Ming Min

Those Chanel shoes are beautiful and the food that you ate looks sooooo good. Have fun in Tokyo and its great when you fly over Japan like I did because you can see Mt. Fuji coming out from the clouds
Please check out my fashion blog
Ming Min

Photo of tara

i have the all black satin versions but i have been dying for the sheer booties! where did yo find them??

Photo of KD

Oh my, you seem to have such an idyllic life! Have fun in Tokyo. :-)

Photo of Ming Min

One more thing Jane, when you fly to Tokyo make sure to get at least 6 hrs of sleep on the plane because the jetlag really gets to you when you land and when you get back to the United States. When I went to China I almost fell asleep in my food from the plane ride
Ming Min

Photo of nikki

have fun in tokyo!!! it seems like a lot of fun!!! your shoes are sooo incredibly beautiful i cant even stand it!!! america will miss its 2 best dressed bloggers (if you didnt know already... its you and your mom lol)!

Photo of Jennifer

You are absolutely adorable. And your blog is so fab. :)
I love the Chanel shoes and your skirt.
Have fun in Japan!

Photo of Rebecca

Oh, I love those shoes on the book. :)

Photo of alison

have fun! your Chanel shoes are incredible - they deserve their own post!!! you need to take those to Tokyo with you!!

when you're in LA, stop by my boutique Faire Frou Frou for some designer lingerie. i love how you layered the sheer blouse over the black bra!



Photo of Daria

Best Chanel shoes ever!

Photo of Ebony

Love the Chanel shoes, to die for and those bows set the off perfectly. I'm proud to call Texas home to and no matter where I may travel I always long to return, have fun in Toyko.

Photo of fickle red riding hood

Those chanel booties are so beautiful. I love the shoes in the first 2 photos as well, who are they by?


Photo of londoner

jane! please take PLENTY of photos in TOKYO!!!! and post them all! bon journee!

Photo of xAZD

Wow. The booties are just the definition of punky, lovely, sweet....ahh. I do hope you have the greatest time!

Photo of Nahal

Can you update your site while in Los Angeles?
I live in LA and I would love to see what you wear here!

Photo of Cruz

Wow have an amazing time in LA and Tokyo! You guys look great, as always I'm smitten by both of your guys' sense of style. I reallly love your mom's Givenchys. Shoot me an email if you need any LA shopping tips okay? haha ;-) And PS I drink iced tea like water, aka all the time. Unsweetened ftw.

Photo of stllptrc

Those shoes are insane in the best way. Are they from a recent season? They look like they could be vintage or new. Iced tea is my beverage of choice! In Japan I bet you can find my favorite, rose green. Enjoy your trip.

Photo of Mira

This is one of my favorite posts youve EVER made! Wow. Thanks for the beautiful photos. Makes me yearn for a day like that.

Photo of Maelis

Ooh I live in Tokyo (one of my homes), but I won't be there when you visit. It would've been interesting if I'd bumped into you! Lovelovelove the white strappy shoes in the first pics, where are they from? And your camera, I'm interested to know what make and model : ) But I hate the booties, sorry, I find them really ugly even if they are Chanel. And a black bra under a sheer shirt - really? It's not attractive.

Photo of gennie

both of your shoes in this post are AMAZING!!! not that they aren't always ;)

cranberry and brie panini sounds deeeelish. I should make that at home pronto. Have a safe flight! can't wait to see what you two are up to in japan.

Photo of James V.

Hope you have a blast in Tokyo! Charge the battery for your camera!

Photo of adrian

Chanel boots, expensive meals and you are depressed about leaving your already perfect existence to go to Japan...I wish I could sympathize.

Photo of Amee

Jane, thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures with us! The food at the T Room looks scrumptious and I am drooling over your Chanel shoes and your mom's Givenchys. And OH GOSH I am obsessed with iced tea. I also thought it was a Texan thing as well :P Anyway, hope you and your mom have a safe trip to LA and Tokyo!! Keep us updated :)

Photo of Karolina.

You are incedible gorgeous... :) Simple look but i can't stop thinking of chanel shoes and white blouse. Ou and your mother is beautiful... I'm so jalouse :)

Photo of nikky

enjoy japan!
your chanel shoes are great...

Photo of Sofia

I read The Magus whilst travelling through India...a great book, but such a repugnant protagonist! Enjoy your time in Tokyo.

Photo of S.Elisabeth

I cannot believe you get to do all this traveling!! So jealous =)
Have a lot of fun and take a TON of pictures!! The street style there is nuts in a good way from what I've seen.

Photo of fashion roadkill

There are so many amazing shoes in this post I almost peed my pants. The Givenchys are stunning and the Chanels are so beautiful!!!


Photo of Wale

Love those shoes!! they look better on your pictures than on the actual magazine!.....What type of clothes/shoes are you packing for Tokyo? Is your sister going too?.... Try to keep us posted.... Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo of Karen

Since you are super rich and can afford to drop cash-ole on $1000 shoes, what charity work are you doing? It's nice to spend but have you decided to give back to your surrounding poor communities? I mean its nice to be rich (well I guess its nice) but I don't see what you are contributing, especially in these financially trying times.

Photo of nontard

^karen u are a pressumptuous bitch

Photo of Style Scientist

I just saw those Chanel booties at Nieman Marcus to day and I was thinking how they would look on. There I saw them on you! They look lovely, Jane! Great choice.
Have a great trip!

Photo of Libby

Ah, those chanel shoes are darling. I love the bows and the classc little symbols! Have fun, Tokyo will be great!

Photo of Lidia

I've been following your posts for a while now, and i really like them :D seeing you want to go to marfa made me bug, because i live in brussels - belgium (dries van noten, martin margiela, ann demeulemeester & co homeland ;D), and i went to see some family in texas in april (stayed in austin -omg, this city is so amazing!), and we actually made a road trip to marfa :D this place is so.. don't what to say x). it's so..marfa!
if you go there, just try Eve's Garden, in Marathon for the night :) > http://www.evesgarden.org/bandb/?link=nav it's really a interesting place :)

anyway, keep doing so great posts,

ps: where do you get the money for all these clothes? :O

Photo of maria

Love your blog!! Those Chanel booties are too amazing. I hope you have a wonderful time in Tokyo!!

Photo of styledrop

Oh, those Chanel booties are amazing! So chic. have a fun trip in Tokio!

Photo of Nat

Who makes your mom's V-neck t-shirt? I love it!

Photo of Jordan

Mmmmm The Magus. So worth the extra five pounds it adds to your bag.

Have fun in Tokyo!



Photo of mr. freddy's mom

i'm almost fainted when i see your chanel shoes! lol!
the chanel shoes are so beautiful!
your mom does look glamourous!

Photo of DPL

One of my favorite posts yet.

Photo of ava

Hi Jane, I love this. <3 Ava

Photo of Lactose Intoler-Art

Just got back from Tokyo 4 days ago and am already missing it. I hope to see lots of cool posts from you while you are there! Take pictures with people from the backstreets of Harajuku, they're totally up for it! I even met some people I'd seen online from blogs, dropsnap, etc..

Photo of Anon

The Magus is a crazy, messed up book. (in a good way)
Can't believe your mom already has those Givenchy boots! LVR just got those in taupe a few days ago!


Photo of Amalia

She's going to Tokyo
with a penchant for raw, fishy meals.
But climbing Mount Fuji
May prove tricky in heels.

Photo of veronika

gorgeous pictures - your pups are so sweet!


Photo of Bron Williams

I have been following your blog a while now and I think this is a really beautiful post. Stunning actually! Well done and good luck in Tokyo. P.S can you tell us what you are doing there?

Best, Bron from New Zealand

Photo of Brigadeiro

Ooh! Fortyfiveten looks amazing! The Dries, the Dries! :)

Your outfit is absolute P E R F E C T I O N ! ! !

LOVE the whole look, and the Chanel booties are too cute! Your mom's outfit's casual/elegant perfection as always!

Hope you have a fantastic time in Tokyo!

Photo of Miss Red

your shoes are absolutely fabulous. i like the sheer fabric with the logo on it. and the bows are very very sweet.
i also really like your skirt. really pretty pleat details. love the stack of silver on your mom's wrist. especially the watch. and her shoes are soooo great. they're punky and goth and chic all at once. and i really like the shoes of yours in the first few pictures. really cute.

Photo of Ann

Wonderful post Jane!! Love the atmosphere in your room, and those pink strappy shoes are 2D4. The Chanel shoes are very cute,i noticed the small number 5 :P
Have a safe trip, hope you update soon!!

Photo of kirstine

those chanel shoes are to die for.
I love how I get to see your moms
great outfits as well as yours.
two for one deal! Have fun!

Photo of Robby D

TAKE ME WITH YOU!.. Im right outside Arlington ,up the street! Lol .
Have fun =)

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