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May 01, 2009


These shoes are treacherous as hell to walk in...do not attempt to walk in wet grass in these!

Today I wore my silver Antonio Palladino octopus ring!
Worn with Kimchi Blue Ruffle Bandeau top, a random grey thingy I go in Tokyo years ago, and some random dropcrotch sweatpants I picked up at a vintage store in Austin

Sorry if I haven't been updating as frequently lately or if I'm behind on correspondance-things are so crazy with school ending and finals coming up. I never anticipated how much upkeep having a blog involved-it's been overwhelming these past few weeks. It's hard to keep my priorities straight right now with the blog and school!

Must dash-gotta go to a film club meeting...
xo Jane


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Photo of alyse

i love the ring and the top, really i love the whole outfit :)

xx. A

Photo of Fab Brunette

Those shoes are insanely gorgeous. I saw them on a site and had to have them. I can't wait to get them in my hands. Beautiful as always! Love the outfit!

Photo of karina

amazing sanders!

Photo of Courtney

'a random grey thingy I go in Tokyo years ago' haha this made me laugh. i am in love with the octopus rings!

Photo of Zarna


i love the bandeau and ring especially!

check out my blog if you have a chance :)


Photo of Kristina

when i looked at those shoes from the last post, i didnt realize one was different from the other till now. what a great concept, keeps things interesting.

Photo of Ella

jane i absolutely love this!
the whole outfit is perfect :)

Photo of boubou

this is probably my favorite outfit of all the blog ! I really really love the ring ...

the necklace is lovely as well ... and i dont have to talk about the shoes they says : we are awesome !

Bon travail Jane !

Have a nice week end et à très Bientot !

Boubou de Paris

Photo of Brigadeiro

LOVE those pants & shoes! Film club? Sounds like fun! :)

Photo of gennie

aggh my jil sander heels are retarded to walk in too! I can only take those babies out on a "I'm going to cab everywhere" day :( I miss being able to drive in a car and not have to worry about such things...

Love those necklaces!!

Photo of Meghan

can i just have your octopus rings?!? i'm so jealous.

Photo of Danny Roberts

WOW Jane thoses are some sweetttttt trousers! amazing! hope your doing great
-d ;)

Photo of Cruz

LOL I love how you think this is a lazy outfit because it's really genius! I must sound like a broken record swooning over all your looks but, I really can't help it! :p But yeah good luck with finals and stuff!

Photo of Christine

I could imagine, what with the steepness of the heel and
the thong bit that holds your toes in place, that those
shoes would be treacherous to walk in!

Keep you head up, school is almost finished :)

Photo of RikkiLane

Gorgeous! I love that octopus ring!!!

Photo of Style Scientist

Ha..ha..don't we all suffer in the name of fashion? The shoes look fab though.

Photo of Ashley K

Those shoes are hot!! And you are adorable in that ruffled top, love it!


Photo of Nini Nguyen

Wow Jane!!! I think you're the only person can pull off this look. I love the whole look very much, and the shoes is 2d4.
Have a nice weekend,

Photo of rey

ugh... if this is your LAZY outfit then you should be lazy EVERYDAY. you are adorable. amazing outfit.


Photo of kari

Those shoes are so fabulous that I don't even know what to do with myself. AMAZING.

Photo of hanh

I love your Jil sander heels. I wanted to buy and tried on at Barney,but I could not walk on them.*sight*. very nice LAZY outfit!

Photo of Frances

The outfit is cute, however shouldn't the shoes be fairly fitted? It looks uncomfortable to walk in because there's so much room in between the loops.

Photo of Someone

Oo...thanks for the idea of layering the spacey UFO-y fringe necklace (I have 2 of those, one in brushed silver and one in brushed bronzy gold) and always thought they were such a statement by themselves I wouldn't have thought to mix one with something else! Hmm...must try soon...

Photo of iru

who needs to put effort into the outfit with shoes like that?


postscript: the outfit is fabulous anyway! the ruffles are the perfect answer to it getting too serious.

Photo of The Lady

This is gorgeous!!! I love that bandeau....

Photo of The Minx

I'm really in love with this outfit, and your jewelry is RADRADRAD! I adore the necklace :)

Photo of Talk Pretty To Me

Those shoes are beautifully crafted, but I bet its like trying to walk on a tight rope or something because it doesn't look like they are much fun to walk in and I love sky high heels, but I'm not sure if I could walk in those so props to you! love that silver octopus ring, but I think your mom's gold one has my heart! lol.


Photo of Jessica

i am an avid reader of your blog, and this is the best outfit you have ever posted.


congrats, darling, you're lovely.

xx, jessica

Photo of Jessica

even for a lazy outfit, you still look incredible!! love the bandeau and those shoes are absolutely amazing!! :)

Photo of Cari

You are lucky you can get away with a tube top. Loving the silver ring more than the gold :) xo Cari http://isnotfashion.blogspot.com/

Photo of Jozee

As much as we love your blog and wait with bated breath in anticipation of your updates, ACE THOSE FINALS! :D

Love the outfit... and those shoes

Photo of Geri Wu

you are so lucky! i love the shoes!
good luck on the finals :)

xx, Geri

Photo of Jamie

I love ur ring! and your heels too.
finals ugh. mine ends next tuesday.
good luck on ur finals!

Photo of arline Jernigan

I would surly break my neck in those shoes then.

Photo of xAZD

very interesting shoes!

Photo of Marie

That necklese is really nice! And the shoes are taaaall!

Photo of ...love Maegan

oh those octopus rings are to die for

Photo of Amanda

Wow! Great shoes! They look so incredibly gorgeous!
Love your blog btw!:D

Photo of rachel

lazy outift my ASS jane

you know you look so damned good!

i was so fckn awkward in school -

you make me wanna neverbeenkissed the whole thing!

holla at the bandeau and jil's

she is seriously a maniac these past seasons and im following her the whole way to the nuthouse

xoxoxo as always

Photo of sarah

those heels are amazing

Photo of Lara

you look so amazing!
exchange links?
you can join my log, it would be so great!

Photo of c

cute cute cute! just as it's wise to know a good tailor, it's equally important to know a good cobbler. maybe having the loop adjusted on the sandal would make them easier to walk in. also, i love how in real life the octopus ring looks like it has pave diamonds!!!! mmmm luxury!

Photo of kixvix

the shoes look really great! :)

Photo of Hedda B

That outfit doesn't look lazy! it looks great:)

Photo of R

I love those shoes! one of my fave pairs of yours I think, they're so different. Love the ring too.

Photo of Johanna - MyShoebox.se

The shoes are beautiful!

How do you stay so thin?

Photo of ondressingup

You look like perfection, Jane! The Jil Sander shoes are so sinuous the way they snake around the foot. And the crop top. Geddit, gurl!

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