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April 03, 2009


This Alexander Mcqueen suit was about to go on the vintage site but I had to try it on-not normally my kind of thing but timeless nonetheless.

^Can't shoot anything without the help of Staci & Shelley. 
I'm gonna keep this post brief, this has been the craziest week and I'm excited to have a night off.
But check out some of the new stuff on Atlantis Vintage-including these gorgeous necklaces and of course this suit!

xo Jane


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Photo of Kaela

you're not keeping it?!
looks great, as usual.

Photo of Ava

Great suit!! Both the shape and the mix of patterns are very timeless!

Also-- the Givenchy shoes are absolute HEAVEN!



Photo of elle

im not usually one to comment, but jane, you look fierce.

Photo of quelle

ugh that suit is amazing!

Photo of Cruz

Thats a very cool suit, I loved that you wore that awesome fish jewelry with it too.

Photo of lxlloyd (exAONY)

the material!

Tis all in the cut of the cloth, and the cloth itself. Like a good suit should.

Photo of mrjyn

you've either been watchin' too many of my elvis videos, you've been to tv johnny's in houston on a drank run, or you just got a care pckg. from Hawaii. I'll be sending you the Elvis picture shortly, but as for the johnny dang, he's local, and start with flava flav and work down until you find your rapper bling equal. i'm saying start old school first, like ll.

nice suit dress whatever, when you stand up though it's in the shape of an aids rhythm, not a bad thing just needed to share

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

that is quite an amazing suit!

Photo of Rebekka

Oh dear. That's a very timeless suite. Oh, and I loooove those necklaces!
You're not keeping it? Geez.

Photo of Kathleen

that suit - very cool and spacey!


holy crap i LOVE
if it mysteriously disappears from your wardrobe ....


Photo of brigadeiro

Love those basketweave Givenchy's ;)

Photo of ClothingCult

I love the belt (of all the things for me to comment on) and think I'm going to have to try and make something similar because it looks like it can go with so much.

Love the suit, love the Vivienne Tam beaded rose dress on Atlantis. Too bad none of the things I like would even begin to fit me. :(

Photo of Nora

Hi, I love your blog! Everything about it is so great :)

Photo of tasha

that suit is AMAZING. where did you get it? was it your mom's back then?

Photo of ...love Maegan

you maybe should keep it ;)

Photo of cassandra

i love this suit.
im not a suit girl at all, but i really like it.

Photo of cassiopeia

gorgeous! it's great on you! loving that necklace too.



Photo of yilin

the bands of pinstriped fabric really add edge to the suit. i think you accessorized perfectly.

Photo of anna

it's like the suit and the shoes are made for each other


Photo of Ina

The suit is beautiful, but I think it's a bit too serious for you. :) I imagine you're very bubbly. :)



Photo of Monica

You look beautiful :)

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

very nice suit, jane!
you can pull off any clothes!
you and your mom are smart-dresser!


Photo of Ines

Hi Jane my name it's Ines and I watch your blog everyday
and I just love your style (and your mum too).
Well I saw an amazing Skirt and Jacket in leither from Claude Montana.
It's a little expensive but it's clothes's collection so if you are
interested in post a comment to my blogspot


Thanks, Bye.

Photo of Geri Wu

I love the suit... though its not usually my kind of thing either
but what i love even more are the accessories!
those are some lovely necklaces you got there :)

Photo of Annie

that suit is absolutely phenomenal. it's so interesting and unexpected, and the colors are amazing.


Photo of mrs.hadi

u looked so different in suits, but still gorgeous nonetheless...n it goes with the givenchy too..

Photo of amy

you work the mcqueen, girl
the colors are good on you

Photo of keren

Oh, it's beautiful! You look really fantastic in it. :)

Photo of thischicksgotstyle

Amazing suit, but I think it's a bit too 'old' for you.
You look very good in it though.
Love how the black line of jacket perfectly goes on in the skirt.

check out my style too at

Photo of Victoria C

what a fierce suit! you look amazing in it, are you sure you wan't to sell? gorgeous shoes too xx

Photo of Marie

I'd just like to say that I posted a message on my blog(which is a new one) about yours. Because he is one of my favorite and besides because I watch it every day !

Photo of Nicole Then

nice ;) this looks like something a fashion editor would wear

Photo of S.I.Q.

ooow one of the dogs is wearing a vintage like shirt! adorable!

-best flats spring 08
-karl lagerfeld quotes

Photo of Cari

I think you'll regret it when you're older and need a suit. http://isnotfashion.blogspot.com

Photo of Tamia

It's fantastic! You'd definitely get any job you interview for wearing that.
You're not keeping it? If not...I'm headed over to the vintage site!

Photo of Style Scientist

The pattern on this suit adds such an interesting twist to the otherwise traditional style of an office skirt suit. It looks great on you, though.


Photo of Sydnie

That is honestly an amazing suit! If it were me, I'd keep it!


Photo of Becca

I can't believe you're willing to part with it! Loving this look.

Photo of Dexter

What an awesome design! I totally love it!

Photo of thedoc

You have such a tiny waist! Say jealous...........!!!!!!!! Looking great as always.

Photo of Ariela

Omg. I wish I had your closet.

Photo of Hannah

Love the colours in the suit.

Photo of Libby

The cut of the suit is fantastic! I love the vintag-y cross necklace looks very victorian. and as always love the shoes!

Photo of Meho

That is one veryy interesting suit.. i love the different patterns and the way it moves from the jacket down to the skirt.. you look amazing in it and way to go for paiing it with those shoes.


Photo of Jessica

wow...amazing alexander mcqueen suit!!! i really love that the diagonal pinstriped lines of the blazer match well with those of the skirt!!

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