February 27, 2009

Wearing Ann D sandal-boots

I've been spending some quality time with my Ann Demeulemeester sandal-boots since they arrived last weekend!

I ordered this floppy black hat from American Apparel after I did my hat post. I'm very happy with it, it can be so hard to find floppy hats.

Today I am also wearing a lace slip from Anthropologie (purchased years ago), a mohair Prada cardigan from F/W 07, a wrap scarf purchased in Tokyo, Alex and Chloe deer horn necklace

It's time for me to go to the meetup at Rugby! I am so excited, I can't wait to meet some of my readers.

xx jane


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Photo of keren

Great shoes! Personally, they're a little too open for me but you rock them well. Wicked outfit, too. Have fun at Rugby ! :)

Photo of Jen

Stunning as always! Have fun at the meetup, wish I was there!

Photo of Account Deleted

*Shrieeeekkkk!!* They are stunning...

RosiePop x

Photo of Ashton

you are sooo lucky.
love those shoes.

Photo of athena

Great outfit! Wish I could go and meet you tonight, but the hubby and I have box tickets to the Dallas Mavericks game. Have fun!

Photo of Fashion Is Poison

THEY'RE PERFECT JANE! I'm sooooo anxious to get mine already!!! Your lace slip is A+

Photo of Amee

They look sooo good! I love how perfectly laced up they are in the first two pictures! Have fun at Rugby! It would have been awesome to meet you. Houston is so close yet so far away from Dallas :P

Photo of Ava

Hi Jane! I love these shoes. I am memorizing them. ****Ava*** Oh, I love your outfits on the Rugby Blog too.

Photo of Karen

those shoes look awesome on you, not many can pull them off that well! and i love the floppy hat. looks great. have fun at rugby!

Photo of Cafe Fashionista

I've wanted a floppy hat forever. I think I'm going to purchase this one from American Apparel as well - it's just perfect. And, as you said, it is hard to find a decent floppy hat!

Photo of suzy

OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE THE SHOES. They look much better on than just on the pictures!!!!

Plz More posts with the boots!!!

Also could you tell me whether they wil look good with skinny jeans d u think, im not a big fan of dresses mostly a jeans person but would these boots go with jeans?????

Photo of Annie

How hard are those Ann D. shoes to walk in? The laces look a little painful, like they should be pinching into your skin or something.

BTW, I love your blog!

Photo of Niki

Those boots are wicked. I adore them.

Photo of Nadja

Love your shoes!! I want to have them too. Like the dress also very much.

Photo of Naina

You look totaly gorgeous! :)

Photo of Kaylene

I love them so much!!! The perfect combination of simultaneously open and closed.

Photo of brigadeiro

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! Love the shoes, love the hat, love the outfit, did I mention I love the shoes?!?

Photo of constanca

great outfit! great shoes!

Photo of farren

ah! the shoes look amazing/ =) and i want a hat like that!

Photo of Camilla

These shoes are GORGEOUS.
Beautiful pictures.

Photo of Hoa

those shoes are the sexiest of them al!!!! I LOVE EM!!!

Photo of Gnarlitude Jen


Photo of amanda

those shoes look so great on you. i like them much better on your feet than on the models

Photo of william shatner

some people really can't wear hats, you really can! the mirror shot says i'm right. =)

Photo of Gina

One of my favorite outfits.

Photo of moder antoinette

I'm so jealous of the boots and the slip. I love how delicate the outfit is mixed with the black of the hat and the boots.


Photo of Gigi

Ahhh!!! I LOVE YOUR HAT!!!!!

Photo of mr. freddy's mom

how i envied you with the boots and you look great in your whole outfit!


Photo of The Six Six Sick Girls

Those A.D. lace ups look amazing on, especially with your pedicure! I've also been wearing a big floppy black hat ever since it landed in my showroom, and now I can't live without it...

Photo of gennie

omg the shoes look amaaaaazing on!!!!!!! you seriously should've come up to new york for the barneys warehouse sale for the shoes!! they had so many things I know you and your mom would've loved :D

Photo of erika

omg those sandals are to die for... you paired them so well with the slip and cardi. as always, loving everything you are wearing. the hat is so you!

Photo of gin

i wanted to order that hat but was slightly unsure about the quality of it. i'm glad you like it, and i'm gonna be sure to order one soon. ;)

Photo of Account Deleted

love the hat...I may have to get it myself! The shoes look amazing on you as always!!

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

Absolutely beautiful. The floppy hat and of course the sandals are beauties.

I always love when you wear cream/beige/nude. And i like how you anchor it with black. always amazing. i hope your rugby event goes well!

Photo of Juliet

Absolutely LOVEEE THE SHOES!!!
I love the outfit too, very well worn!!
Newly love with your blog!


Photo of Camelia

wowee! i feel very obsessed with the boots. and you look so cute with the floppy hat! it brings so much of your personality into the whole outfit :)
xxx, love ur blog!

Photo of prism and pendulum

This is definitely one of my favorite looks of yours. I love all the creamy neutrals with the pop of the black hat and boots.


Photo of Jane

You look like a washed-up whore.

Photo of Twin

Oh my, those shoes are wonderful, as your entire outfit is! Hope your meet-up is fantastic!

Photo of jennifer

i think they look kinda gross to be honest, gross as in it almost makes me queasy. the boots are much easier on the eyes.

Photo of Alice

Lucky you ! You can wear sandals !! Here in quebec , canada forget that lol !!


Photo of Avital

I am in love with these boots.

Photo of Ziling

You look stunning, thats for sure.

Photo of Gem

That photo of you in the mirror is stunning Jane - WOW. The hat really highlights your beautiful bone structure!

Photo of emily

karla has that same hat but in gray it looks better on her but you look pretty too

Photo of karin


Photo of home health medical supplies

WOW!!! i very like your boots. and your look so nice!

keep posting more new pictures with new fashion styles. would like to comeback and see your new post.

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