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21 posts from February 2009

February 06, 2009

They're here!!

Today I was so excited because at long last (the wait was killin' me...okay Browns ships really fast but still...) my MARTIN MARGIELA CUT OUT BOOTS arrived!

These. are. so. special. Aren't they even prettier on?
Obviously I had to wear them right away...even if it was just to eat mexican food with mom.
My outfit nothing too special but...American Apparel tee, Joie satin pants, Richard Chai shearling and suede aviator jacket.

^I covet these jeans my mom is wearing...they are some of my all time favorites. Oh and also her Miu Mius.

Well it's Friday night and I think I'm just going to stay in and watch movies...with my Margiela boots...we're so tight now.
I have bought way too many shoes :( I am bad at managing my money....but more on the other shoes later.

February 05, 2009

kind of gothic today?

Wearing jeans from VOD, Balenciaga booties, shearling and suede Richard Chai jacket, a Junya Watanabe shirt I'm borrowing from mom, and major bedhead...

These jeans are so boss! I cannot remember the name of the designer-it is a friend of Jackie's from VOD who does these insanely cool rock & roll leather jackets and skirts and jeans like these.

I have gotten a crazy amount of email from new readers (and old readers) this week-I'm sorry if I don't get back to all of them. But thank you so much to everyone who has written such sweet emails + Facebook messages-you guys are unbelievably kind!

xox Jane

February 04, 2009

unparalled coolness


This outfit exudes such a timeless, trendless, unattainable coolness that I feel compelled to post it.
The kind of outfit that makes me want to get to know the personality of the girl wearing it.

*note to self.....add Y-3 sweatpants to mental shopping list...
TAGS: Inspiration

February 03, 2009

horrible, bad, lazy picture day

This is me being really lazy-these photos were taken last Friday (went to see Slumdog Millionaire and it was AMAZING) and didn't really turn out. So I employed my amazing Photoshop skills to make them a little more intersting....not.
Sometime I will have to take a proper picture of this coat. I got it when I was in New York. Somehow it has yet to make it's way into an outfit post.
I can't remember the name of the store where I got this amazing shaggy faux fur coat but the label says New York Laundry.
Worn with Levi's jeans, Chloe boots, Prada bag, and that old scarf...

February 02, 2009

Thank you, Teen Vogue!


First Second

Third  Last
Click for full size pictures.
(sorry my scans turned out kind of contrast-y)

I'm very honored for Sea of Shoes to be featured in Teen Vogue's March Issue for their fashion bloggers feature-especially since I'm along side an ALL-STAR CAST!

Camille, Bryanboy, Rumi, Julia, Arabelle, Karla, and Tavi are in there too!

What an amazing honor.

Thank you very much Teen Vogue-I am so, so glad you like Sea of Shoes.

xx Jane


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