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February 18, 2009


Well actually my sister found them, but all the same-remind me not to store things in the blackhole that is our garage.


So today I wore my Ray-Bans with a mega-sized frog belt and vintage gold chain necklaces.
Here is a non-webcam picture, haha.

I love wearing this Prada skirt with my big red crinoline underneith-it is my favorite shape of skirt to wear.

And of course these shoes are some of my favorites too-Givenchy Fall 2007. I'm glad this shoe has become one of Givenchy's signatures-the shape of the heel and pitch of the shoe make it look so good. I must admit that the steep pitch makes these shoes quite treacherous to walk in. 

This shoe boot in black lace is fatal:



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Photo of arienette

i have a plastic dinosaur, the exact same one just mini sized. i got it in a christmas cracker, his name's doug.

Photo of christina d

omg those black laced heels are AMAZING

Photo of Brigadeiro

I'm drooling over your 'shoe wall', and that shape skirt is my fave as well, love it 'puffed up' with a crinoline!

Photo of Bambola

This shape is glorious on you! Looks amazing!

Bambola x

Photo of Keren Alshanetsky

Oh, you just look adorable! And I love those Givenchy's, as I do those lace heels. ;)

Photo of StyleCopycat

I love your glasses!
With that outfit you look so 50's!!!



Photo of constanca

the belt is amazing! i love the outfit and the glasses make it look better!
...i see you've a lot of shoes! hahaahaah!

Photo of Tale

I read your blog almost every day, and I don't have words to tell you how much I love your style! You are so gorgeous and special, and I would have given my toe to have your closet. Keep on the great work, to make me among others extremely jealus in many years from now. Great work!

Photo of Rebecca

Cute Glasses and I LOVE that skirt - you can't get Crinoline's here and I wish you could (well you can get second hand ones but they are old and worn).

Photo of Sentada Na Lua

I love the shoeees!


Photo of Nicolle

Those a-line skirts look great on you.

Photo of Cat

Jane! What is the style # for the raybans? They look so good and not like the normal wayfarers. Please do tell! XOXO!

Photo of Niki

Man, to have your shoe collection. I think that is what heaven is like. *Sigh*

Photo of Mik

shoe wall--breathtaking. and i see the louboutins you posted about a while ago, i don't think i've seen them in action yet!

Photo of Vale (:

Hate you for having the glasses I wanted :(

(Lace Boots will be the it thing next fall!)

Photo of Saree Elias

this is just perfect love the givenchy lace shoes, your nails look like lego and i love yor glasses, i got purple ones:) hihi Kisses jane!

Photo of Thumbelina Fashionista

I love the use of color here. I must say that I'm tired of seeing black, black, black. This outfit is fresh, springy, and flattering. You are gorgeous!

Photo of Thumbelina Fashionista

I love the use of color here. I must say that I'm tired of seeing black, black, black. This outfit is fresh, springy, and flattering. You are gorgeous!

Photo of TamZ

ohmy. this is just GORGEOUS!

Photo of Tara

Definitely one of my favourite outfits of yours, you look gorgeous!

Photo of Jennifer

This outfit is absolutely amazing! You are brilliant! I am in love with your style and your blog! I look forward to new posts! XOXO

Photo of Selly

you look so tiny and gorgeus on this outfit.. i love you style.. and i love your blog...

Photo of Alice

Wow, one of my favorite outfits!

Photo of Gail

You look incredible- I love the skirt. I also love how you have all those beautiful shoes and then a dinosaur, it's so sweet!
I love the shoeboots, if I had that kind of money it wouldn't last long! I am so envious of your shoe collection! x

Photo of lilix

i love the glasses!!! Beautiful as usual!

Photo of Shen-Shen

I love the colors together, and that shape of skirt is my favorite to wear too. I need to get a better crinoline!

Also, cute nail polish, I think that makes the look! :P

Photo of Mandi

I love those boots in lace - do you own them / plan on owning them?
i really want someone to do a black patent boot with a black lace panel over the ankle... would be amazing!


Photo of coin-operated ninja

you look so adorkable! heehee gotta love this look :D

Photo of Hui

I always love the way you combine your colours - and that little teal peeking out from the yellow top is so pretty and fun!

Looking great, as usual. ;)

Photo of sd

i love the skirt it especially the bottowm part :]

Photo of farren

I absolutely love this skirt. I was browsing ebay for similar skirts and I had this skirt exactly in mind. It's awesome. =)

Photo of ashley

gorgeous skirt and that frog is KERAZY!

Photo of Wendy Ma

wow! lace ones are amazing!
i have leather ones, they are quite comfy after a while :D

love the wall of shoes, might need one of those library ladders soon

check out my blog sometime

x panache-halloweentown.blogspot.com/

Photo of najeema

I love this outfit. It's like all of the elements of spring thrown into a colorful, happy, delicate package. The toenails are a great touch.


Photo of oensh

wow! your ray ban eyeglasses is so cool..

and i like the 2nd picture.. it looks pretty..

Photo of ava

Hello Jane,I love this! I love everything about it. ***AVA**

Photo of Lyndsay

Hi! I just found your blog, all thanks to Teen Vogue. Your collection of shoes is amaaaazing. How can you afford them all?

Photo of The Six Six Sick Girls

wow, Christina has those Givenchy shoes in black, and I've always been jealous. The lace ones are truly spectacular though....


Photo of Megan

Hi Jane, Once I saw that outfit I just had to tell you how awesome it is :). I would have never of thought of putting together such a great outfit. Every time I read your blog it makes me want to have your closet and especially your shoes I would kill to have your shoes :P

Photo of chauss

the frog just rocks...

Photo of Megan

Hi! OMG I LOVE THIS OUTFIT!I could never think of such a awesome outfit! Everytime I read your blog it makes me want to have your closet and especially your shoes :)

(P.S. love the glasses :P)

Photo of Sol

So colorful and fun! I love it!!

Photo of Parisgirl2013

I have to say I love how you mix both vintage pieces and vintage style with modern style...

Photo of valentine...val-ehn-TEEN!
valentine...val-ehn-TEEN! February 18, 2009 at 09:35 PM

MY God...id say i envy u but that would insinuate ur way of life is unattainable...ill settle with "admire."

A) ive been trying to get my hands on a crinoline for some time but i hav no money so ...yeaaaah

B) how do u feel about westswood? u look like someone who would like her.

C) HOW DO U HAV TIME FOR THIS?!!!! i want my life to be entirely submerged in fashion when im older but when i look at someone like u i feel totally overwhelmed

Photo of Nubby

So much brightness and cuteness!

Photo of D

GREAT colors! all of it!


Photo of Megan

It's the teal tank top that really MAKES this outfit! Good call! Note to self- more clashing, less matching.

Photo of Lauren

I love the black version of the shoes, lacy and to die for :)

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