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January 03, 2009

SLEEVES!//glorious sleeves!

This shirt was thrifted but it's very new I think-it's by Alice + Olivia.
Kinda feel like Stevie Nicks with my big hair and big sleeves in this photo...
I was googling her and came across this page, and it has a few of quotes from her about her style-funny read.

Skirt from Anthropologie.
Belt from my mom's old store.
Miu Miu dragonfly pumps
Multi charm necklace from Urban Outfitters.


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Photo of arienette

i actually really like this look, hopefully your feet are feeling better!

Photo of DUSKIN

gorgeous. the most perfect colors.

Photo of rita

The skirt is really cute.

Those sleeves are a blast from the past for me- I loved them when I was a freshman in high school, it'd be fun to see them make a come back.

Photo of Heather

This shirt is amazing, I really like it. I do have a question about a different shirt, the Commes des Garcons glove shirt you wear every now and then. How on earth did you find one and where did you go? I recently saw one in pink and it just made me covet those shirts even more than before!

Photo of Alisha

You have such a great eye for volume-- and what better inspiration than Stevie Nicks? Gorgeous outfit.

- Alisha


Photo of Natalie

Your legs look great in skirts! I love how they're tanned. Haha. I love this outfit! Esp the skirt.

Photo of belle fantaisie

oh wow this outfit looks amazing, and you are beautiful! you have gorgeous hair too!

Photo of Sunset

Simply. LOVE IT. And your hair is amazing. Seriously. Holy craaap.

Photo of Quynh

Wow...I so had a shir with flowy sleeve just like that!
This is probably my most favorite outfit i've seen on you yet!

Photo of Siska

I like your skirt!

Photo of karina

I love this outfit!

Photo of Tara

Is your hair naturally that color? It's gorgeous! I'm inspired to grow mine out again.

Photo of lisa

oh, did you dye your hair red or is it the lighting??

Photo of La Condesa

WOW lovely shirt. I didn't know the brand, will have a look at them


Photo of juliet

Lovely shoes.

juliet xxx

Photo of Siri

How come your legs are so tanned?

Photo of gasireu

fantastic colours, just perfect, well done J!

Photo of ava

I love Stevie Nicks! She inspired my halloween costume. You look so beautiful.I hope you have the happiest New Year. *Ava

Photo of claire

jane, did you get a manicure? i think the shorter nails look much cleaner!

Photo of Amber

I love this outfit so much! =)

Photo of cindy

this outfit is too gorgeous! i love the sleeves very much.

Photo of Francesca

I love your hair in this photo and the color of your skirt. lovely.

Photo of Danielle

LOVE this! That skirt is gorgeous!

Photo of emily

your waist is so tiny here wow!
you are tiny
do you exercise/eat healthily? tell us your ways! haha

Photo of Soul Tanggg

you're too adorable!

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

good outfit. interesting stevie nicks quotes. i like how she references tale of two cities.

ps did you change your hair color?

Photo of amy

that skirt makes your waist look so tiny and i love the color/cut of the skirt too

Photo of moonique

nice! everything is perfect from the shirt to the accessories you picked. the shoes are beautiful:)

Photo of prettypretty

This is one of my favorite outfits of yours :)

Photo of WAX

glorious sleeves, indeed!

Photo of CH

Hi girl :)
Those sleeves are amazing and I really love that skirt!
You've a great taste on clothes.
Check out my blog!

Photo of carlotta

good god! you look stunning here i love this outfit. I especially love the belt, will it be available to buy when your mom gets the store up and running?

Photo of Mademoisselle Chic

you look beautiful! i love your pumps and that skirt is adorable!

Photo of Catherine

This one's really lovely, Jane. It's modern art-nouveau, like Mucha's muse in 2009. And I love that dark yellow-brown, I just bought a wristlet that color & it goes with more than I expected.

Photo of Robbie

I can't believe that necklace is from Urban? I work there and we never get things that cool in store?!

Photo of Katlin

Don't mean to gush, but your hair looks amazing! :)

Photo of Saree Elias

kisses, Saree


Photo of connie

This, by far, is the best outfit I've seen yet! I LOVE the skirt! It's something I've been looking for a long time now, but everything from Antro always seems to fit me wrong. I LOVE IT ALL!

Photo of Frida

I think this is my favorite outfit of the ones I've seen on your blog. I love everything about it!

Photo of helen

lovely outfit!

oh and i saw this guy on dropsnap with your jyunya watanabe jacket (:


Photo of I don't eat bread.

The skirt looks so good with your hair. You're style is so unique, I love it.

x x x

Photo of Kristin

Love it!
You look almost lika a cute pirate.
I could die for your hair by the way :)
// a reader from sweden

Photo of bex

you look beautiful! the colours are gorgeous!



Photo of Nika

They are glorious, indeed!

Photo of nathalie

you look like a little fairy with those sleees and shoes!

Photo of cdg

this reminds me of oscar de la renta's ss08 i think (esp the colour pallete and tanned legs) lol interesting outfit 10/10

Photo of bluejayintokyo

The shoes are perfect for that anthropologie skirt. Another gorgeous outfit! In love.

Photo of Is'

Wooooow, you look SO good !!

Photo of Linn

Just gorgeous !

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