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January 30, 2009

I'm crushin'...

I can barely catch my breath to make this post you guys!
That is how beautiful these boots are!
Oh my I think I'm in L-O-V-E


These are so totally genius on so many levels.
Such a clean tall shape with that  slight arch and gently rounded toe...and just the right amount of skin showing-but  the foot is never totally exposed!! The seam running up the front of the shoe gives it such a nice lean lineality-and that zip up the back -it's just perfection!!
Honestly I haven't felt this way about a pair of shoes in such a long time...I am dreamin' of the day they make it to my doorstep.
xxx my heart belongs to you, Margiela.


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Photo of Kim

Wow! I want them too!

Photo of luxirare

a showstopper. You must grab these, sale or not.

Photo of brigadeiro

I just saw these too, and they also took my breath away! I do hope you get them so I can live vicariously through you...I don't think my calves would fit these amazing beauties :(

Photo of moonique

those are incredible! the opening reminds me of those loeffler sandals but those brown boots are of course beyond that---those boots are wickedly amazing... i hope you get them because i can't wait to see you wear them:)

Photo of Mrs Gorman

can't wait to see what you do with them...

Photo of mayk

oh sh*t. yeah.


Photo of futurelint

Why oh why must I be too poor to afford these? Boo...

Photo of iole

Great pick!
really cool
xo xo

Photo of zoe

they are soo cool!
i saw your feature in teen vogue! very cool!



Photo of Pip

I live in Paris and actually touched these beautiful boots in the Margiela shop the other day. They are truly beautiful, as is your blog. You have great taste.

Photo of Lola Re

These are fantastic :-O

Photo of minopokanpe

oh! marvellous hells, i love it!I understand your loving!

Photo of Amee

These are quite beautiful. I can definitely see these in your closet! Oh btw, I woke up this morning to check my email and realized today was the last day for free shipping for Urban Outfitters and the email is featuring you and your closet! I just thought that was pretty cool :)

Photo of juliet

I Need them? From where?

juliet xxx

Photo of Jennifer

Congrats on the UO feature!

Photo of Becca

These. Are. STUNNING!
I love them so much! Gorgeous.

Photo of Miss Glitzy

You're right, genius design and I found this rounded toe and curvy lines totally feminine, thrilling and attractive. Hope to see them soon in Margiela's boutique.

Photo of Emily Rose

when I say I'm in love you best believe I'm in luv l-u-v! These boots remind me of that song!

Photo of Taylor

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Those boots are just amazing!! I could never see myself wearing them but they truly are a work of art.

I saw your feature in Teen Vogue by the way. Congradulations!! It was great!

Photo of Ashton

they are pretty cool, i could totally see you in them :)

Photo of nicole

i saw those at forty five ten in Dallas yesterday. they are purty.

Photo of Madeleine

Mmm, I love how they are kind of Mary-Jane-esque on the outside but the inside is cut-out - I'm sure they'd make anyone's feet look gorgeous.

Photo of MsUnreliable

Oooh those are pretty! If only I could walk in stiletto heels :(

Photo of brooke

those are beautiful!

Photo of Camille

Those are so lovely and elegant! The cutout throws you off but then makes you look twice!

Photo of jamie clare

ohhhh my.
those are quite fabulous. i do believe you should purchase them and strut about. they'd be a completely unregrettable buy!

Photo of Tarina

They're perfect, just perfect!

Photo of keren

Wow, I'm sharing in on the love.
And I read the March issue of Teen Vogue today. I literally gasped when I saw your picture, and I went to squeal to my friends about how I read your blog. Truly amazing.

Photo of keren

Wow, I'm sharing in on the love.
And I read the March issue of Teen Vogue today. I literally gasped when I saw your picture, and I went to squeal to my friends about how I read your blog. Truly amazing.

Photo of angel swanson

adore adore adore! i have a pair of round-toe knee high boots with a back zip, though, so it would be hard to splurge nearly $1200 on these! but... i am digging the cut-out bootie version. ;-)

Photo of Kayla

Please buy them so I can live vicariously through you! Wowowow.

Photo of Catherine

Those are hands-down one of the ugliest pairs of shoes I've ever seen.

Photo of Christine

Those shoes are magnificent!

AND! You are featured on Racked today! http://racked.com/ in the "Email Scan" section!

I love when blogs I read intersect.

Keep up the excellent work. Your blog inspires me to take chances and also reminds me that life is beautiful.

Photo of Katie

Wow! I love those boots too! I like how they are simple but still have a chic flare to them.

P.S. This is my favorite blog. Great job Jane!

Photo of Katie

Wow! I love these boots too! They are simple yet have a chic flare to them.

P.S. This is one of my favorite blogs! Great job Jane!


Photo of NASTY GAL

Those boots are amazing. Margiela is perfect!

Photo of http://fashiontrixs.blogspot.com/

You are so adorable, it makes me speechless. You know you are talking about a pair of shoes right? haha, maybe I'm underestimating your love for these particular martin margielas....but.....when I think about a shoe's composition, I think sole, heel, material. It's a practically heartless, inadament object. Of course that is not to say one cannot have "feelings" for a shoe especially one that can evoke such feelings. Maybe that is the reason I'm not giving enough credit--for the reasons of

...shoe sentiments...shoe sentiments.

Still..your passion is inspiration! keep on bloggin!



Photo of Selly

It surely is a beautifull booty.. so cool.. and i llove your blog

Photo of Woohoo

these are amazing.
it'll probably look great on you :]

Photo of Shauna

I just had to tell you that I love your blog and had to link you. Also I would never wear those boots, but they are amazing.

Photo of Dexter

OMG this is hilarious!!!

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