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15 posts from December 2008

December 13, 2008

TWO OUTFITS//one day

Because I change clothes a lot!!!
How many times do people normally change in one day? I'm pretty sure I change more than the average person.
I change clothes about three times per day.
Because how else can you spread the love
 to everything in your closet??

A Hussein Chalayn jacket
*the deal with this jacket was, I would share my Ann Sofie Back sweater with my mom if she shared her Hussein Chalayan jacket with me...sweet deal right??*
Kill City jeans
Dries van Noten strappy sandals (!!!)
Bag found at thrift store

A sweater by Tulsa desginer Terasa Fadem with enormous sleeves
A nylon transparent CDG skirt
Martin Margiela sandal booties

December 10, 2008

ALL ABOUT ANN//regarding the ann d. boots from spring 09

Since the second the first pictures from the Ann Demeulemeester Spring 2009 show leak, I have been in love with these lace-up sandal boots. Making a spring/summer version of the indispensable lace-up boots from Winter 2008 was an amazing idea and I'm loving the new colors-particularly the white, and I rarely ever like white shoes!
Much to my frustration, I have not been able to find a good up-close detail picture of them until today. You may remember this post I made about the Ann D collection a while ago. Even though you can see the totally amazing lace-up action in the front, it's difficult to tell what is really going on with this shoe.

Because I was never able to find a good, up-close picture of this boot, I pictured it in my mind as having the same curved talon-like wooden heel as the high-heeled lace up boots from Winter 08.

Since I was sick of waiting for a decent up-close picture of these shoes to emerge, I had sketched up my own interpretation of how this shoe would look up close and personal.

(excuse my poor drawing skills-I am a shabby sketcher, I know)

But today when I was browsing Ann Demeulemeester Spring 2009 thread at the Fashion Spot...I was both elated to find the first close-up picture of this shoe....and sorely disappointed to see that the heel was not the 'talon'. The sleekly curved, awkwardly jutting, claw-like wooden heel I have been that imagining on this shoe was in fact a neat little tapered wooden stub.

Pictures are from Why-Lip

In any case, these shoes are still absolutely gorgeous-talon heel or not
I would be thrilled to have these shoes in my closet-and I'm very happy to see Ann Demeulemeester offering up some colors we wouldn't normally expect from her (in shoes and clothing).
It's just that for me, the talon heel takes this boot from 'bad ass' to down-right predatory.
I can only hope that there is a variation of this boot that has the 'talon heel'-I'll start doing some research to find out.

xox Jane

December 08, 2008

DROPSNAP.JP//so obsessed

I know I'm not alone when I say that one of the first things I do in the morning is check my favorite streetstyle blogs. Garance Dore, The Sartorialist, Jak & Jil, AltamiraNYC, etc...I live for their updates!

But lately a new style blog I've discovered via Luluandyourmom has become my #1 destination for style inspiration. It's the only site where I can find girls using teddy bears as outfit acessories, boys wearing orange fur trimmed jeans, and the only streetstyle site where the word 'chic' is rarely appicable (and that is a good thing!!)

I imagine this guy's vintage Levi's overalls did not come cheap-authentic vintage Levi's fetch extremely high prices in Japan-great color scheme here and those overalls are amazing. The girl works for a magazine-check out her itty bitty tuxedo blazer, sequin bowtie, pointy patent boots, suspenders, and pigtails. Lesson learned, it's all in the details.

Lucky girl!! She has a tutu from Comme des Garcons Fall 2007 and the spiked Junya Watanabe boots from Fall 2006...!

^HILARIOUS, this chick on the right must be so down..this could just be a passing fad but this girl has inspired me and I am desperately seeking a 'cleavage shirt' for myself. Here is a dream outfit I have in my mind right now: Leather Martin Margiela blazer, an awesome cleavage shirt similar to this girl's, skinny black denim, basket weave Givenchy wedges.

Look at all these kids-they're constructing their own personal universes out of clothing!


December 06, 2008

A BAND JACKET OF MY OWN//via archive vintage


Two weeks ago I spotted this band jacket at Archive Vintage (an amazing boutique here in Dallas run by the talented Kerry Bonnell) whilst shopping there with Jackie from V.O.D. But I didn't buy it until this Wednesday! It's soo fun to style, I've been playing with a ton of different outfits with it.

It's vintage Perry Ellis and it's ultra-suede with this grey industrial cord-like trim and eppaulettes.

I am wearing them with a bib from the Urban Outfitters Andersend & Lauth collaboration, a red silk miniskirt from a label called Mischen, Betsey Johnson tights, and Balenciaga Fall 2006 ankle boots.

I see Garance Dore and Refinery 29 are doing features on band/military jackets too-check them out!

***I am also very excited to announce that I (and many other bloggers-including That's Just My Vibe, the respective Queens of Style, and Mademoiselle Robot) are working together on a top secret project for Vice-can;t say much now but I'll let you in on the details as soon as I get the go-ahead!***

QUICK INSPIRATION BOARD//theme:slightly primitive

December 04, 2008


Zara jacket, thrifted satin tuxedo shirt, shorts from Lark & Wolff by Steven Alan (Urban Otfitters collaboration) , Ann Demeulemeester triple lace up boots

These are my first ever pair of shorts-
besides my Levi's cutoffs I sometimes wear and the ones I wear to the gym!
Theyre a few sizes too big for me on purpose for a more relaxed fit.

December 01, 2008




Our house is all decked out for Christmas, you guys, can you tell we take Christmas pretty seriousely in our house?!! Gifts are already being wrapped and my sister is baking our special Christmas cookie recipe right now. Even Townsend and Shelley are feeling the Christmas spirit.

All the Christmas spirit has me kinda thinking about these Pradas from Spring 08...

I'm not crazy about the shoe itself, but the color combo is to die for. Red and green are a great color combination all year round. I would totally be wearing these all month long if they were mine.

Mmkay, my email inbox is totally insane right now, people are asking me a ton of questions about a ton of different things and I honestly don't have time to get to them all! So, inspired by Camille, I will be doing a Question and Answer post.

Before a ton of people ask the same question, here are some of the most common questions I am asked.

1) Where do I find the Ann Demeulemeester boots? Do they run true to size?
I would suggest getting in contact with the sales department at Ann Demeulemeester via email (see the Ann D website) and yes, they do run true to size.

2) Where do you shop on eBay? How do I find good vintage online?
Please see the eBay post. It's all about using the right search terms, believe me! Oh, and finding your favorite vintage designers (and I don't mean YSL and Chanel, those tend to get snapped up quickly and go for mega $$$$, find obscure vintage designers by running searches on vintage dresses or based on the label of a great thrift store find. For instance, my mom picked up a Flora Kung dress at a thrift store and then ran an eBay search on Flora Kung, and pulled up two more dresses that she loved and got them for under $30)

3) What program do you use to make your graphics?
I use Corel Paint Shop Pro X2 for everything on Sea of Shoes.

Oh and some people have the notion that I'm eighteen years old....I'm not (even though it says 18 on my Facebook, haha), I am sixteen years old. but not for much longer!! My birthday is two days before Christmas ;-P

Feel free to ask questions about sizing, where to find stuff, whatever. I'll be happy to answer as many as I can in an upcoming post.


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