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December 10, 2008

ALL ABOUT ANN//regarding the ann d. boots from spring 09

Since the second the first pictures from the Ann Demeulemeester Spring 2009 show leak, I have been in love with these lace-up sandal boots. Making a spring/summer version of the indispensable lace-up boots from Winter 2008 was an amazing idea and I'm loving the new colors-particularly the white, and I rarely ever like white shoes!
Much to my frustration, I have not been able to find a good up-close detail picture of them until today. You may remember this post I made about the Ann D collection a while ago. Even though you can see the totally amazing lace-up action in the front, it's difficult to tell what is really going on with this shoe.

Because I was never able to find a good, up-close picture of this boot, I pictured it in my mind as having the same curved talon-like wooden heel as the high-heeled lace up boots from Winter 08.

Since I was sick of waiting for a decent up-close picture of these shoes to emerge, I had sketched up my own interpretation of how this shoe would look up close and personal.

(excuse my poor drawing skills-I am a shabby sketcher, I know)

But today when I was browsing Ann Demeulemeester Spring 2009 thread at the Fashion Spot...I was both elated to find the first close-up picture of this shoe....and sorely disappointed to see that the heel was not the 'talon'. The sleekly curved, awkwardly jutting, claw-like wooden heel I have been that imagining on this shoe was in fact a neat little tapered wooden stub.

Pictures are from Why-Lip

In any case, these shoes are still absolutely gorgeous-talon heel or not
I would be thrilled to have these shoes in my closet-and I'm very happy to see Ann Demeulemeester offering up some colors we wouldn't normally expect from her (in shoes and clothing).
It's just that for me, the talon heel takes this boot from 'bad ass' to down-right predatory.
I can only hope that there is a variation of this boot that has the 'talon heel'-I'll start doing some research to find out.

xox Jane


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Photo of SarahKyera

Whoa... They're so beautiful, I love them anyway... Even in white !

Photo of simone

I loved the way you imagined it better . . . but I still love them. I just picked up two Ann D Boots at the saks sale -- the single lace mid calf flat and a simple two zipper stiletto with a combat boot front (similar to looks from 2006 and 2007). I still flip back to your discussions of the Ann boots. I love your shoe taste! But show some more Alaia!!

Photo of Patti

Wow! I actually never thought these were heels! I was sure they were flats (I never saw pictures of them from the side). I don't know if I like them as much but I agree I think the talon heel would look super cool.

Photo of Patti

Wow! I actually never thought these were heels! I was sure they were flats (I never saw pictures of them from the side). I don't know if I like them as much but I agree I think the talon heel would look super cool.

Photo of oh lady e

Ooooh love these! I just got myself a purple ankle-length pair from the Fall '08 season. I would love the spring ones with the talon heel, too. Keep us updated! :)

Photo of Annie Spandex

They're still hot, and I like how you can see more detail with the grommets on the white ones.

Photo of Jennifer

Awww, what a shame they didn't turn out to have talon heels. I think they would have looked so nice and sleek with them, being different from the usual boot silhouette. They still look amazing though. :)

Photo of anne

great post. and ... have you seen the fall 08 plum STILETTO triple-lace ANKLE boot? I just about died when I saw it. the profile is stunning. but the tall "talon" heel plum triple-lace version is still my ideal.


Photo of jills

That last photo makes them look like the more grown up cousin of the Chuck Taylor!

Photo of Juley

Talon heel or not, you made me drool for these!

Photo of Prêt à Porter P

what are you talking about, you're an amazing sketcher!!!!

Photo of Adrianna

Those shoes are beyond wicked. The last pair.

Photo of Kendall Green

i think it was clear from the photo on the far left this was not the talon heel but a shorter,more traditionally solid heel. never the less they are gorgeous.

Photo of chauss

jane, those shoes have your name on them.

Photo of v

are you kidding? your sketch is great! I actually prefer yours to the actual ones..

Photo of ashley

they would be great as flats please Ann

Photo of lisa

ohhhh...they are so lovely, and i love your sketch too!!
xoxo from las vegas

Photo of ...love Maegan

I'm so lusting after the 3 lace up flat black ones ...oh, so bad. Nice sketch!

Photo of Jeunesse

The talon heels gave the winter 2008 boots the commanding presence it deserve. I agree with you, Jane, that these boots would've been bad ass if made with talon heels. And yeah, they are still awesome though. I love them still...

Photo of Anna

Girl!You have so many pairs of really cool shoes but this one is really ugly. I love your style but you buy shoes only because brands. Even if Comme Des Garcons will make gum boots you will buy it...

Photo of Sunshine

I'm completely stunned by the little white ensemble!
Very un-Ann Demeulemeester, but so beautiful!

Photo of izh

i'm so wanting those! haha :) well you're right, talon heel or not, it's still very nice. btw i was just wondering, is there any difference when you walk in like, normal heels and talon heels?

Photo of Frida

Your sketch is very clear and it has personality. A good sketch is all about communicating and yours does that.

Photo of Erman

awww!! Love the shoes!! and love your blog too!! It`s such an inspiration to my own little blog!!

Photo of Miss Glitzy

I agree with you they would have been much more interesting with the "talon heel".

Photo of modejunkie

not at all shabby, your illustration. i love it! i agree with everybody that your talon heels look better. they are indeed badass with the talons! i hope you get your hands on these.

Photo of boubou

Jane your just a gorgeous sketcher dont worry about it ! You can have a look at mu last Post i made an inspiration board i was really happy to do that ! And i wanted to make an inspiration board with ann ANN demeulemeester :) have a nice day !!

Photo of boubou

Jane your just a gorgeous sketcher dont worry about it ! You can have a look at mu last Post i made an inspiration board i was really happy to do that ! And i wanted to make an inspiration board with ann ANN demeulemeester :) have a nice day !!

Photo of Elle

Aaaah! Your sketch is so the cool! Lol.

Are you a TFS member? This is awfully forward of me but do you reckon you can invite me to be a member? I would so love to!! Please! Thank you!

Photo of Blood Roses

those shoes are perfect, im going to try find a budget version! and you are an ace sketcher too

Photo of modedamour

love those Ann Demeulemeester shoes! theyre gorgeous

Photo of andrea

Love the Ann sandal boots! Do you know who will be carrying them and when they are expected? I have found my new obsession! Also, do you have to be invited to The Fashion Spot?

Photo of Linn

Those shoes are gorgeous ! I love them ! You're right it's an amazing idea to creat them for the summer too ! And don't worried your sketche is so good !

Photo of Diane

Don't you think those laces would chafe your feet after a while?

Photo of Michelle E.

Very nice post! love the progression haha. i hadn't realized your boots had that talon-heel - i like them so much more now!!

Photo of Sara

I read your blog and like it! Never commented tough.
Just to say that nobody maybe noticed but painted the zip in the wrong side of your lovely sketch (the sandals look even better than reality).
If you ever get tired of any pair of your shoes... send them to me!

Photo of sophia K.

I love these so much. I am in the process of reconstructing a pair of my old boots to have the open front and lace up the sides but I need a gromitt punch before I continue. Jane you are a really good illustrator I had no idea

Photo of Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts

When I first saw the triple lace Ann D boots I didn't like them at all... but they grew on me slowly and now I LOVE them desperately. I don't think I would have fallen so much for them though without your constant promotion! Is that a blessing or a curse?!


Photo of Emilie

Lovely shoes! God, I am so jealous of your style.
You've got really good taste.

Photo of whitelightning

the brown. the light brown. must. actually. try. ANYTHING POSSIBLE to make them MINE. i neeeed to stomp around new york city in these, imperative.

Photo of Fashion Tidbits

it's a pretty sweet shoe. talon heel or not

Photo of Corli

oh my god, but those shoes are so ugly

Photo of Sylvia

Forget the heel, I LOVE those boots!!!!

Photo of S

I love your shoes !

Photo of Pretty Girl

If you really thought your drawing was shabby then you wouldn't have posted it. You don't have to put yourself down in order to get compliments from your readers. It seems like you only said that so your readers could be like "No, no the drawing is great" or whatever. Love your style though!

Photo of Míriam

Those boots are stunning! Nice drawing, I like it :D

Photo of Kris


I thought of you and your love of talon-like heels when I first saw the shoes on the above website. The designer's name is Ginta Siceva; you should definitely check her out.

Photo of songy

They are pretty cool. So already sold out in Japan, eh? Can't wait to see you sporting those.

Photo of letslivefast

gorgeous shoes!

and your sketch is actually pretty good :)
so multitalented hahaha



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