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November 17, 2008

MANIC MONDAY//this whole week is manic actually

(If I don't update much between now and Friday it's because I have an epic amount of papers, homework, and exams this week-but I'm very excited to leave for New York on Saturday! ;-D)

I am obsessed with this editorial from i-D last year and the image of the girl cutting her hair is from the 2004film Mind Game by Masaaki Yuasa, which I have yet to see but the DVD is on the top of my Christmas wish list...

xox jane


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Photo of Nini Nguyen

Nice shoes Jane...

Photo of KD

I love the outfit BUT don't forget to visit Allan and Suzi's on 81st and Amsterdam on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and remember, Allan loves to haggle and expects you to!!!!!

Photo of Michelle E.

Ooh! I'm excited to see pictures of what you do and see in New York!!

Photo of Sunset

For a moment I thought your jeans were super silvery lamé! But there are just as amazing :)

Photo of Whimsykid

Wow! I just got back from New York... Have fun there!
And I'm really liking the huge woolly socks in that editorial.

Photo of connie

I love this-- I love all of it!
Have fun in New York!

Photo of anon

Wow these jeans are really cool. I like their skinniness matched with the huge coat. But sorry- that editorial is eww

Photo of Kimbra

I know this is no one's business, but I just thought I'd ask: What's your monthly allowance? It's just that I make a *decent* monthly allowance and would love to know how to budget within it. If you don't want to announce it to the world, would you please email me? Thank you doll, Kimbra

Photo of Annie Spandex

OMG, that editorial is amazing...

Photo of brigadeiro

Love it! Good luck with everything this week, and hope you have a ball in NYC! (my favourite American city, despite having lived in LA) Can't wait to 'hear' all about it ;)

Photo of Amy Williams

Love this look, those jeans look so great on you. And I remember that iD editorial, amazing.


Photo of Sophie

I just wanted to say hi and hello. I know that I’m lousy at leaving comments but I want you to know that I really like your blog. So keep up the good work! /Sophie from Sweden♥

Photo of Lorena

Mind Game is my favorite movie of all time, I hope you like it! Nice to see other girls who like anime who are also into fashion! And you look amazing as usual.

Photo of Lisa

Mind Game is great! You should watch it asap!

Photo of boubou

Love the page ...The jean is so awesome...

Photo of caroline

gah i love anything that marni touches. great shoes!


Photo of caroline

gah i love anything that marni touches. great shoes!



Photo of janet

If you want to see "Mind Game" prior to getting the DVD, you can watch it (streamed) at crunchyroll: http://www.crunchyroll.com/library/Mind_Game. :) I've yet to see it myself (I've mainly stayed within the Miyazaki/Ghibli circle), but will check it out once I have free time~

Photo of janet

Ah, the direct link isn't being too friendly....but, in any case, if you just go to crunchyroll.com and type "Mind Game" in the search box, it will come up. :)

Photo of jaime

oh my goodness! i absolutely loove your whole outfit! the coat, jeans, and SHOES! awww i am in love with your blog and you're such a pretty girl :)

Photo of florette

Is all about Williamsburg!
Girls cutting their hairs is one of the most sensual thing in the world. Something between paranoia, glamour and sexiness

Photo of Fashion Tidbits

oh wow! those jeans are totally fantastic

Photo of María

Qué sandalias mas bonitas

Photo of izh

ohh i love the jeans! really i love your mabled jeans and uhm. all your jeans! hahaha :) wish i could find some here in the third world.. :p


Photo of stylenowhere

I love they way you did this post! It looks great!

Photo of Lisa

i LOVE LOVE LOVE your jeans!!!

Photo of rachel

i will be in nyc this weekend too!! so excited!

Photo of Marie-Caroline

we say "fausse fourrure" in french for "false fur"... :) very nice... I like the jeans but maybe it's too stretch for this season... (L) shoes !!

Photo of raquel

hey jane i like your play with proportions and textures!

Photo of Justine

I know you’ve heard it before but i love your style and blog. I have just discovered your blog thanks to a French magasine (i'm French) "Glamour".. NY you're so lucky ;) Enjoy!

Photo of Heena

I love your jeans =) they're my favorite part of this outfit.

Photo of evelina

i also love these jeans ;)

shoes? i'm just speechless...

if you want to check my fashion diary:


i hope you'll enjoy! ;)

(evelina from poland)

Photo of Dexter

Lovely jeans, I love your shoes too; nice picture! Survive this week at school and have fun in NY!

Photo of P@trici@

Me encanta tu estilo! muy wapa


Photo of P@trici@


Photo of MissMagAddict

You look great! Best of luck on your exams & have a blast in NYC. I can't wait to see everything you buy there.

Photo of Christina

I'm going to be in New York this weekend too! I'll look out for you!!

Photo of thechiconomist.celine

Those jeans are gorgeous .... Droooool ....

Photo of Dana

I am in love with those jeans. Got to find some similar pair somewhere...

Photo of Alex from Paris

Hi Jane, I've just find your blog and all I can say is: that's fantastic! I really love your style, Très à la mode, and absolutely not too much!
If you want anything in Paris, I can get them..Just ask me...
Hope you'll answer me

Photo of Pen

Love your top! And the painting on your prev post!! One will NEVER know that you've purchased it from a junk store! Of all places! Your mom's the best!

Photo of rachel

I love those jeans! I've been trying to figure out some different ways to wear my fur jacket this fall--thanks for giving me some inspiration!

Photo of Tavi

Great collage! I wish I was as good at photoshop as you are...
Congrats on Style Caster and thanks for the shoutout!! It really means a lot. <3

Photo of mattie

where did u buy your jeans? please don't say UO because it's not there anymore

just leave a comment about them here if u can


i hope i can get my sister to go to nyc during the holiday away from school. she goes there all the time but never when i'm free to go.

the last time i was in nyc i was shocked when i got home to see that i almost emptied my bank accout. i don't remember any of the names of the stores i visited but i can say soho as so many great shops and you'll find soem great bits here and there in china town

just have fun whatever u do

Photo of dayna

those pants are to die for.


Photo of nimenos

Eres fantástica, simplemente fantástica.....

Photo of Brune

Hey!Im Brune,
Im from France and I saw your page in "GLAMOUR'!
You are amazing!!

NB:Have you got ebay?

Take care darling!

XOXO Brune.

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