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November 23, 2008




I was very excited to check out the Y-3 store here and was not dissapointed. I took a picture of Ming, who works there because his outfit was so cool-don't you love his coat?




Today I met Chadd, the Senior Sales Assistant the Rick Owens Boutique here in New York. Isn't he amazing?? Jackie from V.O.D. here in Dallas told me to be on the lookout for him when I was in New York-Chadd is from Dallas too!


The Rick Owens store was incredible. My mom and I both attempted to try on those boots but neither of us could get our feet into them. Sigh.

^The boots that were impossible to put on :-(

^Today I'm wearing a Rick Owens coat (it's not new, my mom bought it last year and lent it to me for the trip, none of my coats are warm enough for NY), Y-3 pants, and my triple lace Ann Demeulemeester boots.

I'm leaving late tomorrow night for Philadelphia but I hope to check out some more stores that were on my hit list.
Thanks so much to everyone who reccomended restaurunts/shops!


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Photo of Sunset

I LOVE Ming's coat! So extravagant.

Photo of LisaF

Damn, if I could afford that coat!!
But I'm still saving up for the L'Incognito sunglasses by Margiela you know

Photo of Brigadeiro

Ming looks amazing! As do you, your gorgeous sister & mom (amazing outfits all-round, still cannot get over how amazing your mom's leather jacket is)! Love all the outfits...I agree with Clemence on Chad, haha, cool outfit though!

Your mom's Rick Owens jacket you're borrowing is equally amazing! How I would love to raid all your wardrobes ;)

Photo of carlotta et annie

ming and chad look absolutely smashing although i cant help but think about how hard it would be to get out all that product in chad's hair!
the sea of shoes girls look lovely as per usual enjoy the remainder of your holiday.

Photo of Alyssa

I love your and your family's outfits! It looks very cozy and nice, very NY. Your mom's jacket is absolutely wonderful.

Photo of jess

go to joan shepp in philly...its the best store everrr

Photo of ginnybranch

alright, i better see you and your cute mom at the margiela store where i work. i'm off tuesday but i would love to help y'all when you're here!

Photo of Sabrina

This post is a feast for the eyes! It's too bad those boots didn't fit. But your mom's jacket is amazing! It looks so cozy

Photo of Shen-Shen

I love your mom's jacket!

Ming and Chad both look ridiculously awesome.

Photo of connie

I'm so jealous!
& I totally love Ming's style! I wish guys would dress like that more often.

Photo of Starr

I'm so jealous of your rick owens!
Looks like a fun trip. I'm currently going to school in Philly, hope you have fun <3

Photo of Eden

The first thing that came to mind when I saw Chad is "ANDY WARHOL", haha.

Photo of Katie

that's so awesome! i love ny. i can't wait to see more pictures!

Photo of laura

Your outfit is perfection. You definitely fit into the Rick Owens aesthetic.

Chadd reminds me of Edward scissor hands. Both his and Ming's outfits look superb.

Shame about the boots :( Maybe you would need to put flour all over your legs and feet to help slip into them???

lots of love and admiration,

Laura (pugandpips.blogspot.com)

Photo of Francesca

Oh my god, Chadd is possibly the most frightening/coolest person on the face of the earth. Nice to see you're visitng my neck of the woods, I hope you have a great trip!

Photo of BLAIR


Photo of sara

Check out Buffalo Exchange when you're in Philly!

Photo of Rach

omg i love all you guys outfit!! so cool!! so where is ur sis's coat from? ur mom's are from balenciaga right?? and i lovelovelove that rick owens coat u r wearing.

Photo of christina d

you and your family are very attractive

i'm jealous of your trip to new york..... it's been too long for me.

and your rick owens coat !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo of mattie

nyc is amazing!!!! 95% of the people u see have incredibal style

i can't wait to go thier in march. last time i went i was clueless about what shops to go to as well as where to find them. i kept asking people where i can find this place and that place.

Photo of william

I heard you had a small photoshoot/interview with Teen Vogue.. doesn't come as a surprise to me at all, though I did double take when my informant told me you were styled.

Photo of Fashion Fille

ooh enjoy philly. i'm from there! goodwills and salvation armies are very good, i'll be looking forward to hearing about your time here!!!!

Photo of laura

I'm curious to hear if you could actually walk around the city in those shoes. I love all your shoes but most of them seem like they mesh better with a driving world. That's the rub of nyc...so many great shoes to buy...but you gotta walk a lot of blocks and take a lot of subways to get to them.

Photo of Amy

I hope you love Philly. I live here so e-mail if you need any suggestions!

Photo of Becca

you look fabulous. I love the rick owens coat.

Photo of Prêt à Porter P

i love your mom's grey jacket. ive seen it in person, i didnt try it but i could tell it was like butter.

ming's coat is stunning. and wow!! Chadd!!

Photo of kristin Reiter

you and your mom are so cute -

Photo of Katlin

Ahhh those two guys have amazing style. I would just want to stare at them and inspect their clothes.

Photo of juliet

How cold is it in NY now? I hope you have great time!

juliet xxx

Photo of Kayla

You'll have to tell me all the good places to go to in the Dallas area when I fly there next month to live!

Photo of boubou

i love your shoes :) and the guy outfit are so amazing !
youre lucky to go in ny :)
sorry for my english im from paris lol :)
see you around jane !

Photo of ness

you look great
enjoy ny

Photo of Julie

AAAAAHHHHH THE RICK OWENS BOOTS !! How did you manage to let it in the store ???!!! I could have cut my toes for them !!!

Photo of a la mode

Chadd looks incredible! Wow I am so jealous, New York is my favourite place in the world

Photo of a la mode

Chadd looks incredible! Wow I am so jealous, New York is my favourite place in the world

Photo of Karoline

Hope you are enjoying NY! I feel affraid for Chad, he looks so pale and brittle....
It´s a tad too theatrical and Edward scissorshands for me...Whom i do love, but in real life-not so much. Feels a bit try hardish, wich is never e good thing. The other guy looks much cooler and relaxed!

Photo of erin

I'm excited to see what you find in philly! I love it here and love it see how others like it.

Photo of ainsley

wtfff jane. how can you look so adorable in an AIRPORT? you and carol and your mom are looking like models there haha. i always look hungover or something when i travel.

Photo of Lippa

Luv the grey jacket! And your blog too :)

Photo of Amy Williams

Love this post!
All three of you look great, I just love the RO jacket you wore, the shape looks amazing at the back, and I'll forever be in love with your mum's Balenciaga!

As for the SA's, wow! Chadd looks incredible, so theatrical, just amazing.


Photo of E. David Goltl

Chadd is one of the coolest cats that I know out there in NY. He is a good friend of mine, and has the COOLEST son!(think his son was crushin' on my daughter for a while) Don't let the visuals fool you. Sit down with him for a cuppa and you'll find out. Glad you got to meet him.

Photo of Marian

Ming and Chad are super cool from the looks of it.Love that Rick Owens coat,your mum has great taste.glad that your enjoying your trip Jane.

Photo of Marina

Lovely coat and I love all your family outfits!Your mom's Balenciaga jacket is TDF!
I love colours of your outfit-dark violet-burgundy boots and that coat!Wow!
P.S. Chad looks like Edward scissor hands!very fun!

Photo of mary

i love your Ann Demeulemeester boots !

Photo of Gina

So what did you, your Mom and sis buy in New York? I cannot wait to hear about all your purchases. You hit the city just in time for the great sales.

By the way, note to Amy Williams above -- Chadd has a son? OMG. I wasn't even sure he was entirely human.

Photo of justine

hi, I live france i look you magazine. désolé mai mon anglai est tro nul je voulé juste te dire que tasure sur la mode jespere que te contenre ta fai le tour du monde jen sui la preuve. kiss

Photo of eve

Check out Leehee Fai while you're in Philly. It's about three blocks away from Joan Shepp. You'll be able to get directions there.
If you have time, check out the smaller boutiques in Old City...especially Lost+Found.

Philly is an awesome city. I've lived here my whole life.

Photo of Allie

Ming looks great! Is it weird that I want to meet him?

Photo of Stefania

such a beautiful family!

enjoy your holiday ;-)

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