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November 05, 2008


Today while I was at school my mom and my grandma made this jacket out of a pair of jeans.
It's still in the works: the end goal is for it to be more rock & roll/folky rather than crafty.
Pretty amazing denim engineering going on here!




This jacket from the i-D spread I recently posted was their inspiration:

Sea of Shoes has been denim crazy lately, huh?
I'll give you guys an update when the jacket is tweaked to perfection: if it goes well you might be able to purchase one from my mom's website when it launches!



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Photo of Val

Wow, your mom and grandmother are so extremely talented. It looks amazing so far. I can't wait to see the end result

Photo of jocelyne

Go mom and grandma, its gorgeous. I might have to try my hand at something similar. Thanks for the great inspiration

Photo of WendyB

Love the lace trim. The back is kind of hilarious.

Photo of alice

oh my! that denim jacket is definatly something. so i just started a blog and i was just wondering ifyou could link me? www.tea-andscones.blogspot.com XO

Photo of steph

It looks wicked so far!
love the outfit

Photo of Anne

I have to try DYI something like it!!!

Thanks for posting!

Photo of Trish

Wow, this is very cool. Godd job for your mom and your grandma. ;)

Photo of Brigadeiro

Wow, what a funky cool grandma! We already know your mom is incredibly stylish, funky & talented), but a mother/daughter team effort for the daughter/grandaughter? How sweet! The jacket's coming along beautifully, can't wait for the finished result! :)

Photo of Jazzy

the construction thus far is nothing short of beautiful. I'm not sure if I'm head over heels for it, but then again, Ive never been a fan of denim jackets.

Photo of Stella

wow, it's fabulous!

i "discovered" this blog today when a friend posted a link on her page. And I am amazed! Are you really only 16?

Also, what's your height? I really love how you put on stuff and look great, but I'm not sure if it would look that good on me cos I'm diminutive.
Keep posting! xoxo

Photo of Stella

wow, it's fabulous!

i "discovered" this blog today when a friend posted a link on her page. And I am amazed! Are you really only 16?

Also, what's your height? I really love how you put on stuff and look great, but I'm not sure if it would look that good on me cos I'm diminutive.
Keep posting! xoxo

Photo of Zori

This jacket is already looking great, I can not wait to see how will it look when its finished!

Photo of missmagaddict

Fabulous! I love the lace. I'd add some pearls to it too. Can't wait to see it finished. Looks great on you.

Photo of Jamie

Cool. I love the pockets in the back. Creative.

Photo of Amy Williams

The lace trimming looks great, can't wait to see it when its totally finished!


Photo of saray

wow they did a great job!

Photo of Podszewka

OMG This jacket is sssoo amazing !!!! Y have wonderfull mom and grandma !!! Have a nice day !! Podszewka

Photo of modejunkie

you are so lucky to have a mom and a grandma that can make all these fabulous stuff. my mom can't even sew. hihih.

Photo of Desiree

I want that!

Photo of blair

LOVE the lace! I'd love to see your grandma's style, she sounds just as amazing as you and your mom!

Photo of little_lj

That is awesome, I love that, and the generational DIY-ing is lovely!

Photo of hippiegirl

love this!

maybe i'll try this too :)

aaaand i love your blog! great style!

Photo of E

thumbs up for the great idea! I'm not that into the lace trimming, but I'm LOVING the denim.

Photo of milly

its looks great already

Photo of Cara

Awesome jacket. I love the lace detail on the cuffs!

Photo of cheryl

i love the layered skirt you have on! where is it from if you don't mind sharing?

love your style! xxx

Photo of Mel

Very cool, so rock and roll.

Photo of J

_Love_ the idea, but the lace is hideous. Makes it look cheap.

Photo of Stefania

i need that jacket in the fiercest way!!!!


Photo of G & S

So creative! I Love your blog.

Photo of G & S

So creative! I love this blog so much!

Photo of Heather

I love this! I think my favorite part is the back pockets.

Photo of Thedoc

Nice work! What type of sawing machine does your mom use? mine doesn't work well on denim and I was thinking of buying a new one, any recomendation??

Photo of Eper

First of all, allow me to say that I'm a big fan of your and your mom's fashion sense. However, I'm not liking the back of the jacket - at all...quite nasty looking...I hope the final product looks better...

Photo of clairegrenade


awright it's official

you seriously can rock anything
gotta love it!

great blog

Photo of irene

terrifffic! i'd like to see it in a darker shade =D

Photo of A

It would work better without the lace..

Photo of barbara.

Great and Hip Grandma,I live in Dallas and never miss your posts! You are amazing!

Photo of Miss Cavendish

Fantastic work. It kind of reminds me of a Gees Bend quilt . . . (which is absolutely lovely).

Photo of :I

the only good thing you and your mom have is that you have a lot of money.

because neither of you have style.

money does not equal style. money equals name brands which is all you care about.

Photo of Rachel

cool jacket! you mom and grandma sound so cool to me making something like that :) and luuv those marni platforms i see in the background! ;)

♥ R

Photo of Annie

hmmm, very Chris Kanke/Chanel! Karl would be proud of his daughter lol. anyway, I totally have that shoot on my wall.

Photo of Lola

hello! I am frech and I arived on your blog by a magazine.I like very much what you made.very original.I wishes you good continuance.

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