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April 23, 2008

Hello again!!

So it's Wednesday and the students from Bilbao aren't here anymore and though it was a lot of fun I am very very tired but happy to get back to blogging. I guess I have some catching up to do...I didn't take a 'what are you wearing today' picture everyday but here's a couple of snaps if anyone cares, haha...

These pictures are from last...Wednesday? On a school trip to the Nasher sculpture museum. Those are my best friends ever Viky and Stefanie. hey you guys!! the trip was fun. I wore Hysteric Glamour jeans (got them at American Rag over spring break in LA!!), vintage tee, Junya Watanabe jacket, and vintage Frye campus boots.

To a party: Catherine Malandrino dress, Mason jacket (with adorable tails in the back), and Miu Miu canvas wedges

Tonight to dinner: Wayfarer glasses, vintage silk Comme Des Garcons shirt, necklace given to me by one of the exchange students, Chloe slingbacks

Also tonight I tried this dress on....I had bought it at Wasteland in San Francisco but it was ripped from the armpit to the waist, but it was too cute to leave behind...my grandma is an expert seamstress though and repaired it for me this weekend. (thanks grandma!) I tried it on with Miu Miu heels and a vintage western belt.





post to come about these beautiful shoes very soon.

till then, its good to be back,


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Photo of camille

great outfits lately, glad to see you're back to blogging. :)
and those margiela boots... GORGEOUS.

Photo of Amy Williams

Such great outfits!! You look especially amazing in the dress with the belt!
And GREAT margiela boots!

Photo of nenuca

Those are the most amazing boots. Love the outfit with the glasses

Photo of mej

awesome boots! love all the outfits. i've been waiting for a new post for some time wheee!

Photo of Saree Elias

i love the shirtt too.. where did you get it?

Photo of Marina

As always-GREAT_GREAT_GREAT!!!!!!
Margiela is awesome!!!
10 points!!!

If you wanna you can see my new shoes collection in my blog


Photo of tindi-rindi

LoVe last two outfits :] You pull off those boots so nicely, and the whole outfit is sooo relaxed yet stylish. I just adore it :)

More pics pls pls pls :]

Photo of anonymous

you really have a great style..it's eclectic yet chic! keep up with the blogging because you have the best one out there!

Photo of Ainsley

JANE. your outfits are so friggin perfect. like. all the time. we need to hang out, like, soon. also, my ray-ban wayfarers should be in this week! i'm so excited!

Photo of sera

love the dress from Wasteland! and you look so elegant with it and the miumiu shoes~

Photo of calista

That vintage dress is so, so amazing. I am in love with that outfit & the one with the Catherine M dress, you put things together so well, and I want that Mason jacket!!

Photo of jessicahaleigh.

now we get to witness some more fabulous style.


Photo of Lana

Love your skirt in the fourth picture!

Photo of reem

so excited to see someone with amazing style in dallas!
even though i live in north dallas (boo frisco lol)

i am green with envy over ur amazing shoe collection
keep rockin it

Photo of Prêt-à-Porter P

the malandrino dress is beautiful

Photo of liz

Ok your shoe collection is beyond amazing. Linking you.

Photo of liz

Ok your shoe collection is beyond amazing. Linking you.

Photo of Ashley

clearly, I'm a newb to your blog, so I've gone back to the earlier archives to catchup. And I could not help but stop and comment. Those boots are precious, and I really am tempted to go ebay a pair right this instance.

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Photo of cheap kamagra

Does anyone remember the bright multi-colored aluminum glasses from the 1950s or so? They came in sets of multiple colors. Are they safe to drink out of?

Photo of Jordan Retro 14

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Photo of Isabelle

My grandma was like yours... I bet she taught you the love of great fabrics, how elegant women used to wear hats like mine did... I'm in love with your miu miu shoes.. the dress is a true gem, looks so delicate... how about vintage pearls to go with it?

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