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July 15, 2013

DIY Diorama Bookends


My sister Carol was so inspired by Anthropologie's creative wood block bookends that she used her DIY talent to create her own version. Didn't they turn out great? Follow along for her instructions!

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May 28, 2013

Romantic Retro Ponytail Tutorial

Romantic Retro Ponytail Tutorial seaofshoes.com
A couple of readers emailed me and commented on my Instagram asking for a tutorial for this style, so I put together this step-by-step demonstration that shows you see how I created this look! I hope if this hairstyle strikes your fancy that you find the instructions helpful. I find it to be a quick and easy style and for that reason I am wearing it a lot lately!

Romantic Retro Ponytail Tutorial seaofshoes.com
To start this hairstyle, I set my hair in hot rollers. Curling the hair in the direction that you are going to style later makes the pompadour and faux-victory rolls much easier to form. You could just as easily use a curling wand, I just have always preferred hot rollers! I rolled the bang and crown sections of my hair going backwards and away from my face. I rolled the side sections of hair under and down. Once I released my hair from the hot rollers I combed it smooth with a brush.

Next you would section off the bang portion of your hair. This will become your pompadour. Section off a chunk of hair above your ears to become the faux-victory rolls. (I say faux because these are not the technical 40s victory roll, but a quick and easy alternative that looks just as good, in my opinion) Before you begin to form the pompadour, tease the base of the section and hairspray it liberally. This will give your roll a steady base to nestle into. To make the roll, form a loop at the end of the section by loosely wrapping the strand around two fingers. Hold onto this loop very firmly, and never letting it go, roll the loop towards the base of your head. When you've reached your scalp, carefully pin the roll in place with bobby pins. Repeat this same technique with the victory roll sections. There is no right way to do it, so just keep playing until you find a shape you like! Just remember, hairspray is your best friend here!

Once you've made your pompadour and victory rolls, you can gather the rest of your hair in a low ponytail slightly off to the side. Accessorize it with a flower or ribbon to finish it off!

I hope this guide helps! Please feel free to tweet me or email me if you have any questions, and if you want to show me your version of it, I would love that!

December 05, 2012

Hair Tutorial: The Pin-Up Ponytail

Hair Tutorial: The-Pin-Up-Ponytail

How To Fake A Fuller Ponytail, by Sea of Shoes
1. Section off a triangular chunk of hair in the front before you start. This will make your swirly gig later!

2. Put the top half of your hair up with an elastic, like you are doing a half up half down hairstyle. Make sure its pretty tight.

3. Make a ponytail with the bottom half of your hair, but before you secure it with an elastic, add a section of hair from the top pony to make the ponies look more 'joined together'.

5. Tada! Shake it out and fluff it a bit with a teasing comb. This trick makes your ponytail look MUCH longer!

How To: The Swirl, by Sea of Shoes

1. Take the chunk of hair you sectioned off at the front and start back-combing it section by section. Pull the section of hair firmly upward and press the bristles of a teasing comb down into the roots. A Spornette teasing comb is best for this! It is what I used.

2. Spray generously with a firm hold hairspray. I used Kevin Murphy Session Spray and it was perfect for creating this style. Thank you to Kevin Murphy team for sending it to me!

3. Smooth down the fly-aways created by back-combing but be careful not to break down the back-combing itself. Grab some bobby pins and get ready to do the swirl.

4. Gently twist the section of hair and make a loop at the end of the section as I am showing. Carefully roll this section up on itself, like a cinnamon roll. This may take a few tries. You may find it helpful to use a gel product to keep the section together if you have layers. It took me a little practice!

5. Once you have rolled the section up completely, fasten it into place with sneaky bobby pin placement. Spray it very generously with your hairspray to make sure it stays in place.

Hope you enjoyed and I hope my instructions were coherent! Hope to share more tutorials soon!

October 04, 2012


My mom did a story on shopping for fall essentials at the thrift store over on her blog--go over to Atlantis Home and check it out! We had fun shooting this. I am totally going to steal this Armani jacket from her from time to time!
The circle sunnies were a recent purchase....they are Tory Burch. Round sunnies are so good for people with round faces! The jeans are Rag & Bone & I wear them everyday!

September 04, 2012


I have just arrived in New York and planned most of my outfits around my new favorite basic--a big sloppy sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off.  Went to Salvation Army and picked up a few sweatshirts to do this to. In day to day life I pretty much wear jeans and tees every day, glad I have these to switch up my lazy outfit repertoire!
Worn with an ASOS pencil skirt, a RRL d-ring belt borrowed from my mom, a Rugby hat, and Marsell ankle boots.


Can't wait to share more of New York!! I am so excited to be here for while.

August 29, 2012



Recently Scotch Duct Tape asked me to collaborate on REALLY cool project--combining my love of vintage clothing and thrift store shopping with their product--Duct tape!  What an incredible idea!  Duct tape is no longer just silver, Scotch makes duct tape in every color imaginable, prints as well.  You can get it at Target! Check out their selection and other DIY projects.

I chose to combine colored duct tape with  a vintage leather biker jacket for the project.  The jacket was a  very lucky find at a local thrift store for $19.99.  
I decided to do a rainbow of colors on the sleeve.  I wanted something simple, and not too complicated.  I was inspired by a rainbow jacket done by Thierry Muegler in the 80's.
First I chose my colors, then cut individual pieces to wrap around the sleeves--don't worry about length too much, you can let it overlap.  Next, apply tape to sleeves of jacket by applying to top of sleeve, then flip jacket over and apply tape to the other side being very careful to smooth the tape as you go.  It sounds easy, but the you really have to let the tape be it's own guide, otherwise it may get too wrinkly.  Let the tape lay the way it wants to naturally and make it's own design.  

Hope you enjoyed! Tweet me a pic if you try it out :) BTW--didn't chop my hair off. It's what the wig I used a while back was for!

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July 26, 2012


I was honored to be asked by Barneys New York to style this Narciso Rodriguez boot five different ways to celebrate the launch of Narciso's signature shoe collection. I love this particular pair of suede & ostrich color blocked boots, but all of his shoes this season are to die for! The collection reflects Narciso's design sensibility and unique vision. The complete collection is available at Barneys stores nationwide and online at Barneys.com.

View the full story on the Window!

Worn here with a Narciso Rodriguez blouse and bag and a vintage Thierry Mugler skirt.

Worn here with a borrowed leather vest and Style Nanda dress.

Worn here with a Style Nanda blouse and ASOS pencil skirt.

Worn here with an Opening Ceremony smocked dress and Meredith Wendell purse.

Worn here with a Cheap Monday blouse, Madewell jeans, and my favorite Lucky belt.

July 06, 2012


Fail safe formula: black shirt//white pants, white shirt//black pants. With a red lip!

White jeans: Madewell skinny skinny jeans
Black blouse: Cheap Monday
Black pants: Y3
White blouse: My mom's!


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