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January 06, 2013

























Yes, my end of year round-up is coming a little late. Sorry about that, been sick all week long. I missed New Years Eve and I'm just now catching up! Hope everybody is enjoying a leisurely Sunday.

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November 12, 2012


Last Thursday I was in New York for the launch of my limited edition shoe designs for Schutz! I have been so excited to see the shoes in person, pretty surreal to see them in 3D. Yes, they are ALL leopard...what can I say, at least its a consistent theme! Thank you to those who came out and shopped, those who bought my shoes helped the human rights and women's organization Because I am a Girl.

The pointy pump is my favorite pair!

So happy to be with Aimee and Shea again!! I am wearing Anine Bing jeans, a RRL belt, and blouse c/o Equipment!


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November 10, 2012


October 02, 2012


This weekend I was in Charlottesville, Virginia and I really fell in love with it. It was an especially lucky time to be in Charlottesville with the changes of the seasons starting to happen...the beautiful autumn light and the falling yellow leaves against the quaint Jeffersonian buildings were absolutely picturesque. The above photo was taken in a field of flowers planted by the Boars Head Inn outside of Charlottesville.

In the Court Square in Charlottesville!  

I came to Charlottesville for the Mockingbird Conference. I came to find Mockingbird through the Reverend John Zahl, who I first became acquainted with as a DJ through his fantastic cosmic disco mixes. DJ Jaz is absolutely a musical hero of mine and it was really special to meet the disco disciple himself in person. It's an odd story, but how I came to find Mockingbird speaks a lot to what Mockingbird aims to do itself, which is to connect the Gospel with contemporary culture in  down-to-earth and sometimes very suprising ways. Definitely a fascinating read, regardless of your spiritual standing. Can't wait till the next conference!

The spread of disco records pictured above were very generously gifted to me by DJ JAZ himself. It's such a special memory to me now, sitting in the trunk of a rented car on a rainy night with my boyfriend and our favorite DJ, going through these cosmic gems and talking disco. Wow! Thank you JAZ, I hope I can repay your generosity some day very soon!

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September 26, 2012



I wanted to share some shots I didn't post from my trip to San Miguel de Allende in July. Such wonderful memories!!

What a week!! I am so sorry I haven't been updating over the past few days. I got sick, I had pink eye, and the things keep piling up! Yeah, my boyfriend gave me his case of pink eye. If I am not looking directly at the camera in my next few posts you know why. The truth is ugly and gross!! Sorry guys. Sunglasses are saving my life right now. I'm actually headed to Charlottesville, Virginia for a conference tomorrow, hope I get to share some shots!

September 17, 2012


This picture brings back wonderful memories. This was at the Mandarin Oriental's beautiful restaurant Asiate, where my boyfriend and I were treated to the best food of our lives! The view from our corner table overlooking Central park was breathtaking. I'm so grateful to have had that experience-I'll never forget it!

I was given a tour of the Mandarin Oriental's presidential suite--just look at the bathroom! The suite dwarves my apartment and the view was something not to be believed.

We did some touristy things this time too--the Natural History Museum was so much fun!


Romeo the long haired Chihuahua was my favorite thing I saw in New York. His dad was so proud to show him off! Haha...so cute.

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September 10, 2012


Above is my favorite snapshot I got in New York--poor babies are all tuckered out. I am too after a whirlwind trip! Here are some Instagrams from the trip, so happy to see so many friends!

We were so fortunate to be hosted by the Mandarin Oriental in New York. What a spectacular view we had!

We were treated to a chef's tasting at the beautiful Asiate restaraunt in the Mandarin Oriental. It was certainly the highlight of the trip, if not the highlight of my life ;) You cannot believe the food we had! I will post more pictures soon.

When I said these were my favorite jeans, I wasn't kidding. I wore them 5 days out of 6. The cap toe pumps are from Schutz! I also got my new favorite pair of shoes from Schutz. More cap-toe perfection below.

Suede black and white cap toe ankle boots! That's what I've been dreaming of. I'll post more of these and of the Schutz opening soon :)

With my beloved Aimee before the Schutz opening <3 ;)

I finally met the Beckerman Bite Plate sisters!! We have been Instagram friends for so long, I feel like I've known them forever! I love the Beckerman family!!

I jumped for joy when I saw these girls!! I wish I could do IRL with my internet friends all the time. Andy and Nicolette are the best.

One of the highlights of the trip was when I got to DJ the ASOS Rewardstyle party on Saturday night. Here I am with Leigh Lezark who DJed after me and Amber of Rewardstyle. So great to meet so many bloggers that night!! I will be posting a mix of what I played soon--keep your eyes peeled.

August 14, 2012


I got back from Brazil on Sunday morning, I have been so excited to share it with you! We were so lucky to be given such an incredible tour from the Schutz team. Everyone I met in Brazil was so fun and easy going! Can I move to Rio?? We spent our first two days in Sao Paulo, where we met many Brazilian bloggers and enjoyed the Schutz collection launch.

I was SO EXCITED to get to Rio, because I've really never been in the ocean. We arrived late at night, so when I opened my curtains in my hotel room the next day, I screamed when I saw the ocean. It is so much more beautiful than any picture.

Above, I am wearing an irridescent shirt that Cris Barros kindly gave me after we did a photoshoot for Elle Brazil in their store. So sweet! Worn with a Zara blazer, shorts from Coii, a Madewell belt, and Schutz shoes! I am obsessed with see-through shoes now...

This is the pool at the Fasano hotel in Rio. It overlooks the ocean!

Wearing a swimsuit given to me by Skinbiquini (everything they do is amazing, I am so glad to have discovered them in Brazil!)

Look out, here comes the Bikini man!

Schutz gave us the opportunity to design three shoes when we visited their factories. I can't wait to see them in person! Here is the sketch the designer I teamed up with did for a leopard motorcycle boot.

Visiting the factories with Aimee and Shea, being shown around by Alexandre Birman!

Kelly and Shea :)

I miss Brazil, I miss the fun girls I was hanging out with, and I miss the cheese bread! I can't wait to share more about the Schutz opening in New York on September 5th.



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