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April 09, 2013


Blue Skies

Blue Skies

Blue Skies

Blue Skies
Can you believe that sky? The white sands made it seem even more blue than it was. This was shot when we were in Marfa. So breathtaking, I miss it so much there! We have not seen the sun in what feels like weeks here in Dallas. The jacket I am wearing is from Junya Watanabe's fall 2006 collection, one of my favorite collections ever.

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March 27, 2013


Dune at Sea of Shoes, photos by Judy Aldridge

Dune at Sea of Shoes, photos by Judy Aldridge

Dune at Sea of Shoes, photos by Judy Aldridge

Dune at Sea of Shoes, photos by Judy Aldridge

Dune at Sea of Shoes, photos by Judy Aldridge
My mom and I headed out to Marfa brimming with inspiration and new ideas and methods we wanted to explore. We were making the long drive to Marfa and took some backroads along the way. Soon we reached a land of brushy sandhills and eery see-sawing oil pumps. It was perfect, we knew it was exactly what we needed. We pulled over on the side of the road, lassoed our chihuahuas to the steering wheel, layed our suitcases out on the side of the dirt road and did an impromptu styling session. It was insane and hilarious, but such a magical moment for us both.

Wearing vintage clothing from Feathers boutique in Austin. That striped sweater is 80s Givenchy Sport and the skirts are 70s.

Photos by Judy Aldridge

March 23, 2013






Wearing shorts c/o Amber Sakai, a vintage fur coat, a Chan Luu sweater, and Prada pumps.

When we arrived in Big Springs, Texas, we had no idea that we were stopping in one of the creepiest towns in America. We spent the night there in the Hotel Settles on our way to Marfa. The hotel has been recently redone, and it is spectacularly beautiful. We enjoyed a nice dinner and spent a while in their Pharmacy bar, where we got to talk to some of the employees and the sheriff. They warned us of all the unsettled spirits that inhabit the hotel and recounted many of their own supernatural experiences! (Flickering lights, apparitions, exploding glasses!) Right after hearing all of this, I checked my instagram. My picture of the hotel lobby was flooded with comments of people claiming to see a 'skull' in the photo! How creepy is that?? Big Spring itself is a pretty spooky place. Paul Harvey has said, "If you want to commit murder and get away with it, go to Big Spring, TX.".

The bad juju in the place was undeniable. My mom and I both woke up at 3 AM, she had felt a huge gust of freezing air come over her and then suddenly there was this weirdly human-sounding tapping in our room. We both heard it! It was as if something was trying to get our attention.

Still, we loved Hotel Settles and want to return some day soon. The beautiful ballroom we shot in was my favorite part. We are now safely in Marfa and have been having the time of our lives. Cannot wait to share more!

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February 09, 2013


Fur Sweatshirt, pleated mini from F21, vintage cowboy boots, YSL glasses, vintage Chanel bag
Fur sweatshirt, pleated mini from F21, vintage cowboy boots, YSL glasses, vintage Chanel bag

Spence coat, Anine Bing jeans, fox collar, vintage cowboy boots

Spence coat, Anine Bing jeans, fox collar, vintage cowboy boots

Zara blouse, Anine Bing jeans, vintage belt, Emy Mack boots

Zara blouse, Anine Bing jeans, vintage belt, my new favorite boots ever gifted to me by Emy Mack

I arrived in New York last night, just barely got in before Nemo hit. I look at the snow piled up outside my window and these pictures seem like they were taken so long ago!

Below is my favorite part of the trip: the Weather Up. A little hard to find, but once you go in you will never want to leave!




This is a Tuxedo #2 and it is my new favorite cocktail!

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February 07, 2013

Sea of Shoes Guide to Austin




Best Austin Vintage Shopping:

Feathers Vintage
1700 S Congress Ave 
Austin, TX 78704

I've been a loyal Feathers customer for years and years. Masha and Emily have an amazing eye for buying. Their store is highly edited and I think that is what sets it apart from a lot of other Austin vintage stores. I found amazing stuff on this trip!

Laced With Romance
1601 S First St
Austin, TX 78704

I've shopped from Laced with Romance's Ebay for a long time so I was really excited when they opened up a physical location! Very Austin, lots of witchy cloaks and velvet.

Prototype Vintage Design
1700 S Congress Ave 
Austin, TX 78704

It's right by Feathers and definitely worth a trip in. Great t-shirts.

Moss Vintage
705 B S Lamar
Austin, TX 78704

I've heard wonderful things about it but regrettably have never been in myself. Apparently it is not to be missed, do stop in if you can!


Record shopping:

Friends of Sound
1704 S Congress Ave 
Austin, TX 78704

End of An Ear Records
2209 S 1st St 
Austin, TX 78704

Waterloo Records
600A N. Lamar
Austin, TX 78703

Waterloo and End of an Ear are pricey but good.



My Favorite Places to Eat:

Blue Dahlia Bistro
1115 E 11th St 
Austin, TX 78702

Blue Dahlia is my favorite place. The tartines are all to die for. I love the atmosphere and the patio, very laid back and cozy. I wish I got to Austin all the time just to eat here!

801 S Lamar Blvd 
Austin, TX 78704

This one is super famous and super obvious, I have to put it on here. People say it's the best sushi in the U.S.

4917 Airport Blvd 
Austin, TX 78751

This is also sushi. My boyfriend and I went here several times last summer and loved it every time! I wish I could remember some of the things we ordered, but rest assured, everything is delicious and you will enjoy yourself.

4710 E 5th St
Austin, TX 78702

I personally have not been to Justine's, but I'm told I have to include it in this guide. French food with a cult following.

301 E 6th St 
Austin, TX 78701
Love this place, the restaurant itself is beautiful, the pizza is delicious, but the sides are the best part! Another place that makes me wish I got to Austin more often.

Thanks to the Austin friends who helped me put this guide together! I can't wait to get back!

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February 06, 2013









We made a point to stop by East Austin Succulents at the recommendation of a friend, and I am so glad we did! The greenhouses and grounds were beautiful. They had a juice bar, a vintage store, and a mysterious botanical potion place in trailers. Definitely worth a trip to work out your green thumb, grab a juice and check out Elphas Maximus Vintage. They also make AMAZING breakfast tacos at the juice bar. I walked away stuffed.

Wearing a random tunic and petticoat from a trip to Japan, a fleece poncho (similar here), plaid scarf, wool thigh high socks from Free People, and vintage ankle boots.

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February 04, 2013








The Paige denim party hosted at Austin's Co-Star boutique on Thursday was such a blast. Such a fun crowd and a great turnout! Thank you to everyone who took the time to come say hi. You can see from the photos that we had some very cute dogs stop in too!

There are so many photos of the rest of my trip to post. I can't wait to share! Austin is one of my very favorite places to visit, eat, and shop.




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January 31, 2013



Above: wearing We Are Handsome leggings (c/o), and an Equipment cashmere v-neck

If you've been following my blog for a while you might be familiar with my dog crew (Melanie and Jimmy) and my mom's dogs (Kim, Shelly, Miss Figgerbubbles, Townsend, and Staci). Life feels very dog-centric these days. We've just arrived in Austin with Miss Figgerbubbles and Jimmy (pictured above) in tow. The rest are safe with their respective babysitters. We love to stay at the W because they are so dog friendly!

I have to show you Shelly's pretty new haircut below. My mom loves to get her groomed like a princess as it is such a hilarious contrast to her tomboy personality.





Wearing an H&M skirt (similar here and here), red sweater, and the shoes I designed for Schutz.


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