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July 15, 2013

DIY Diorama Bookends


My sister Carol was so inspired by Anthropologie's creative wood block bookends that she used her DIY talent to create her own version. Didn't they turn out great? Follow along for her instructions!

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July 09, 2013

Teen Vogue's Tour of My Home





A few months ago, Teen Vogue came over for a tour of my place. I had a blast with them here in Texas. I'm so excited the feature has gone live and I can share with you all.

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June 12, 2013






My mom and I were inspired by dreamy 70's Biba style when we shot this...it fits the vibe of her place right now. I have been in love with Equipment's pajama sets for ages now, I had fun dressing mine up with a mega-belt, patent platforms, and flowers in my hair.

Wearing Equipment's Avery Pajama set in Citronelle (c/o) with a vintage Christopher Ross belt, patent Prada platforms and wooly socks.

April 25, 2013


Jane and Judy Aldridge for the Outnet x The Coveteur


I am excited to announce that the OUTNET and the Coveteur have endeavoured to take on Texas! I was glad that they made Dallas their first stop. I got to show their teams the city and we had way too much fun along the way. The best part was that we got to play dress up in the fabulous clothes the OUTNET brought along when the Coveteur shot this story at my mom's house. It definitely made me sad to say goodbye to the the Michael van der Ham dress I'm wearing above.

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Jane and Judy Aldridge for the Outnet x The Coveteur

Jane and Judy Aldridge for the Outnet x The Coveteur

Jane and Judy Aldridge for the Outnet x The Coveteur

January 16, 2013











Warby Parker is on a nation-wide class trip, and their most recent stop is Dallas! We got together at my mom's house on a rainy afternoon to hang out and try on glasses. We had so much fun with their team and I can't wait to follow the rest of their adventures on the class trip!

Wearing both J. Brand Vera split jeans (thank you to J Brand for them!) and my Chimala denim ankle pants.

The beautiful satin pumps I'm wearing are from Emy Mack, who actually has some roots in Dallas herself! I am obsessed with all her shoes right now!

Photos by Collin Hughes

October 18, 2012

Dressing Room Hijinks and More

Ahh, what a week! Yesterday I was so happy to get out of my work cave and go spend some time with my family. We had so much fun taking my sister to the mall and watching movies all night  now that she is home. I tried on a few things myself...I have fall fashion fever, someone cure me!! All items available at Neiman Marcus.

My followers on Instagram voted the little black A.L.C. dress a clear winner.

  I tried on THAT Isabel Marant dress!! So Texas.

My actual outfit I wore. Patchwork jeans by Maison Scotch and Vince knit sweater.

The graphic leather panels on these Rag & Bone pants were very 70's racer cartoon--I like with the sneakers!

This Alice & Olivia groupie coat--had to  just slip it on. Cha cha!

I snagged these Golden Goose sneakers on sale a while ago and I am so happy I did. This version of them is next on my want list.

A shot from inside my apartment yesterday morning. I'm kind of a brass & gold person.

Sweet Melanie, she hates to get out of bed in the morning, poor thing.

A delicious chocolate mousse from La Fiorentina on Sunday! It tasted as good as it looks!

Haha--okay, this is an oldie but a goody. Townsend checking out my portrait of him as a dog celebrity.

I have had so many questions about who designed these boots, and I hate to break it to you guys, but they are vintage. Got them in Austin! Boots of a lifetime, for sure.


Another thing I've had a lot of emails about: this faux fur is by DKNY, and you can still get it here! It's super cute for layering, and the perfect weight for schizophrenic Texas winters.

Till next time!

August 18, 2012






Photos by Manny Rodriguez

I am so honored to have my place featured in Rue Magazine's Texas issue! I love how Manny's photos turned out. We had so much fun working on my place for Rue last time and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to do it again!

P.S. I have to add this photo that Manny took of Kim. She always sits on her behind and begs like that, and she turned her head toward the camera just at the perfect moment!


August 15, 2012


I came home to a very touching gift when I got back to Texas. My sweet mom had surprised me with a dazzling revamp on my half-lived in apartment. I always say it, but I have the best mom ever. I couldn't hold back my tears, it was a pretty special moment.

I remember the last time she surprised me like this...she redid my bedroom in our old house while I was at a conference in Italy. My mom has never been very good at keeping secrets. She tweeted right before I arrived "I surprised Jane with a makeover on her room!" I had wifi on that flight. Haha! Well, you really got me this time. I'm beyond lucky to have a mom with impeccable taste who loves to surprise her family! Here is my old room in Rue Magazine...I sure do miss it :)

I'm on the go a lot, and my place looked pretty much the same as it did the first week I moved in six months ago. I had this extra room that was supposed to be an entertaining room/guest room, but it became a scary hiding place for things I didn't want my guests to see. Unpacked bags, unused rugs, unhung paintings....yikes. Now it's my favorite part of my place! This is just a sneak preview, I will definitely shoot more of my place very soon. Stay tuned!

Psst...I have to share these shoes with you. These are my new Prada brogues that came while I was away in Brazi last week. They are my new favorite thing ever. I've become a big flats person over the last few months. Can't wait to wear these with cuffed up skinnies and a tweed blazer!

You can get them here on Saks.

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