August 15, 2012


I came home to a very touching gift when I got back to Texas. My sweet mom had surprised me with a dazzling revamp on my half-lived in apartment. I always say it, but I have the best mom ever. I couldn't hold back my tears, it was a pretty special moment.

I remember the last time she surprised me like this...she redid my bedroom in our old house while I was at a conference in Italy. My mom has never been very good at keeping secrets. She tweeted right before I arrived "I surprised Jane with a makeover on her room!" I had wifi on that flight. Haha! Well, you really got me this time. I'm beyond lucky to have a mom with impeccable taste who loves to surprise her family! Here is my old room in Rue Magazine...I sure do miss it :)

I'm on the go a lot, and my place looked pretty much the same as it did the first week I moved in six months ago. I had this extra room that was supposed to be an entertaining room/guest room, but it became a scary hiding place for things I didn't want my guests to see. Unpacked bags, unused rugs, unhung paintings....yikes. Now it's my favorite part of my place! This is just a sneak preview, I will definitely shoot more of my place very soon. Stay tuned!

Psst...I have to share these shoes with you. These are my new Prada brogues that came while I was away in Brazi last week. They are my new favorite thing ever. I've become a big flats person over the last few months. Can't wait to wear these with cuffed up skinnies and a tweed blazer!

You can get them here on Saks.

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